Buck Angel's Black Party Story

The Hornet gay dating app Stories blog just posted a great piece in anticipation of the 40th annual, infamously sex, fetish-mad Black Party happening this weekend in NYC.

Our very own Buck Angel®, of The Buck Angel® FTM Line by Perfect Fit Brand (and so much more) gave Hornet a particularly fun quote. Below is Buck as he was featured on the 2006 The Black Party® poster and his quote:

Buck Angel Black Party 2006 poster

"I performed at the Black Party in 2007. No one had ever seen a man with a pussy before, and they were losing their shit! Some were super awesome about it, and some were total assholes. But that’s how it always is when you are pushing boundaries and ideas.  So many horny men in one place and I could not believe I was there. But as I cruised the dance floor naked and only in my thigh-high work boots, the men started coming at me. Trying to touch my pussy as if it was not real. Eventually I got caught in a group of men who surrounded me. Started to push against me. Pushing me up in the air. About 30 men all grabbing at me like I was a piece of candy. They all wanted it. It was just about that time when I was literally up in the air with my arms and legs held by many and my legs spread and I thought so many scary thoughts.

"Then a producer of the show came out of nowhere and said, “Buck! We’ve been looking for you. It’s your time onstage!” Basically saved by the bell! Who knows what would have happened, but the moral of this story is even if you are a gay man, do not underestimate the power of my pussy!”

Read other quotes by filmmaker Leo Herrera, "gay porn mama," Mr. Pam, Black Party photographer BunnyZ, Casey Spooner and Michael Musto here.

Below the NSFW teaser video for Rites XL: The Black Party® CALIGULA The Last Party Got to www.theblackparty.com for more info, video, photos, FAQs.