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  1. "The Best Sex Toy You Didn't Know You Needed" – Dr. Dick

    "The Best Sex Toy You Didn't Know You Needed" – Dr. Dick

    ball stimulatorsThe frisky boys over at Dr. Dick's Sex Toy Reviews take our Bull Bag Buzz for a spin and love it. Check out what you've been missing:

    Glenn: “When Dr Dick announced that he was gonna revive this review effort I told him that Hank and I would gladly return. But I made one stipulation. ‘You had better give us first dibs on any new products from The Perfect Fit Brand.’”

    Hank: “You can say that again! The Perfect Fit Brand consistently cranks out the world’s most innovative toys for men. Each year they outdo themselves and they have the awards, from over the globe, to prove it. If you’ve got a cock and balls and/or an asshole, and you don’t have at least a couple of their products, I can assure you that you are missing out on a ton of fun.”

    Bull Bag Buzz by Perfect Fit Brand

    Glenn: “So what is this Bull Bag Buzz thing, you might be asking yourself. Well guys, I’ll tell ya. It’s probably the best sex toy you didn’t know you needed. It’s a stretchy encasement that fits around your nut sack. It cradles your balls a bit. It stretches your sack a bit. And the fuckin’ thing vibrates! ... continue reading here. Get your Bull Bag Buzz here.

    Bull Bag line of ball stimulators, Glenn had this to say:

    “I fuckin’ want to see Steve Callow model the Bull Bag Buzz, not just talk about it. He is one HOT daddy.”



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  2. Penis Way Too Big? There’s A New Sex Toy For That

    Penis Way Too Big? There’s A New Sex Toy For That

    Anka's back on the Perfect Fit Brand case. She previous talked to our Steve Callow about our Play Zone Kit (9 cockrings on a mini traffic cone!).

    Here, she give her readers a preview of a rad, but necessary new innovation from the Perfect Fit Brand arsenal of sexual pleasure: The Bumper.

    Let 'er rip, Anka:

    Sexpert Anka Radakovich

    "For anyone who has ever been with someone with a penis so freaking huge you can barely “get it in there”, a new device has come to the rescue! The innovative sex toy company Perfect Fit has invented what they call “The Bumper”. The silicone device fits snugly around the base of the Johnson and the boys, and provides “more cushion for the pushin’.”

    The Bumper by Perfect Fit Brand

    According to the company “The Bumper is composed of two parts that can be used independently or together to create a protective layer of padding when the thrusts get deep. The bumper acts like a cushion between two partners to absorb some of the bumping while providing a sensation of maximum depth for the penis.”

    The Bumper by Perfect Fit Brand

    The device can be used for women having a hard time having rigorous intercourse because their vagina is too small for their man’s massive organ. The company says that “For women, it serves as a sexual health aid to lessen the chances of a bruised cervix.” You know you have a donkey dick when…" ...continue reading here.

    Like we said, this is a sneak peek. The Bumper will be released soon. Follow Perfect Fit Brand on Twitter @PerfectFitBrand for latest news and release dates.


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  3. Cosmo Girls Pick the Zoro®!

    Cosmo Girls Pick the Zoro®!

    A wee throwback to September. Check out our Zoro® as recommeded by @carinahsieh at Cosmopolitan. Thanks to Babeland for the nudge. Read the full list here. Get your Zoro here.

    Cosmopolitan article The 12 Newest Sex Toys For September


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  4. Jenny McCarthy & Her "Dirty Sexy Funny" Posse Unbox Our Zoro® Strap-On

    Jenny McCarthy & Her "Dirty Sexy Funny" Posse Unbox Our Zoro® Strap-On

    Last July favorite funny girl Jenny McCarthy and her "Dirty Sexy Funny" posse unboxed the original purple version of our Zoro on her Siriuz XM radio show. And they loved it. Check out this clip from the show. And snap up your own Zoro®--now in sleek black models--here.


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