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  1. WRAP Ring 101: Innovative New Cock Rings introduced by Steve Callow

    WRAP Ring 101: Innovative New Cock Rings introduced by Steve Callow

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO and inventor Steve Callow introduces his fantastic, elastic, innovative new cock rings

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow

     XPLAY® Wrap Ring™s are the first of their kind. Flexible, comfortable, and fun, the two models—SilaSkin™ or Silicone—are great for a little (or a lot of) you time, as well as a hot new sex toy for couples, throuples, groups and parties. All you need is your junk and imagination.

    Below, Perfect Fit Brand CEO, award-winning inventor, and sex toy lover Steve Callow (above) introduces and answers 8 novice-minded questions about his innovative new Wrap Ring™s. And, if after reading this post, you want to moan, “Wrap it up, I’ll take it,” you’re in the right place!

    XPLAY® Ultra Wrap Ring

    What inspired, what is the basic concept behind the wrap ring? The idea for the Wrap Ring™ was inspired by our customers!

    Reading customer reviews for over 10 years informs my understanding of how each product is performing and how customers are using them. I am often happy to discover that Perfect Fit Brand customers are using a product in ways I had never even considered. Customers told us that they were taking our Cruiser ring and wrapping it twice around their penis/balls to make it a tighter fitting cock ring. I've also learned that customers prefer to use an elastic band instead of a more rigid cock ring. It became obvious to me that there was a need to create a product that could work like an elastic band but be far more comfortable and higher quality than typical cock ring, so the Wrap Ring™ was born.

    How is the wrap-ring different from a cock ring?

    The primary difference is versatility of the Wrap Ring™. Cock rings generally either fit or they don’t, which makes finding the perfect fit a challenge, because there are thousands of cock rings on the market to choose from. The Wrap Ring™ allows guys to produce the perfect level of tension by simply changing the number of times the ring is wrapped or by wrapping once at the desired tension and then wrapping the rest of the ring around the shaft or balls. This flexibility is unique to the Wrap Ring™ and has made it a customer favorite.

    <img title="XPLAY® Ultra Wrap Ring 6" "="" src="" alt="XPLAY® Ultra Wrap Ring 6" width="942" height="1200">

    Why the two different models, the thick Ultra Wrap Ring™, and the Silicone Thin Wrap Ring™?

    It's about stretch and appearance. With the first version of the Wrap Wring, which I designed for the Rocco line, the ring was thick and bulky. After seeing it on some guys, I noticed that a thick ring could make the penis look smaller than it actually is. I wanted to create a ring with a lower profile, hence the “Thin.” The Ultra Wrap Ring™ is made from SilaSkin™, our proprietary blend of TPR and Silicone, we developed to provide superior stretch, comfort, and durability. The material is ultra-soft and very forgiving when it comes to stretching and wrapping. It also becomes thinner the more times it stretched and wrapped.

    The Silicone Thin Wrap Ring™ is made from our premium silicone material, finished with an ultra-premium silicone spray finish to reduces hair-grab. The Thin version is more streamlined and tidier, with its smaller cross section and ability to be more restrictive with fewer wraps. Both of these new offerings achieve my goal on showing off nicely showcasing a guy’s package when worn, with the Thin taking up less “real estate.”

    XPLAY® Silicone Thin Wrap Rings (3)

    The Ultra comes in 6, 9, and 12” sizes. The Thin in 9, 12, and 18” sizes and surely there are myriad ways to wrap all, but what are some Wrap Ring™ 101 examples of how to wrap each model ring and the effect, feeling each method produces?

    This is one of the areas the Wrap Ring™ is superior to other rings: it can be used in many combinations to achieve very customized tensions. You can use the wraps wherever you want, so we consider it to be a triple ring–cock ring, shaft ring and ball-ring or ball-stretcher. The longer rings were designed to have more wraps for users who want a combination use and intend to wrap it several times in each function. So, I designed the SilaSkin 12" and silicone 15" for guys who like to use a Wrap Ring™ as a cock ring AND ball-stretcher: 5 wraps around the balls with and two wraps around the clock and balls, is one example.

    Any tips for novice users of the Wrap Ring™s? Advice on which model to try first or how to decide between the two?

    The Wrap Ring™s are very user-friendly. I’d recommend starting with the most common way to use a cock ring, which is to wrap it around the cock and (behind the) balls so it is flush with your groin. This method creates a very effective restriction, which makes your erection super hard. In terms of a first purchase, I’d start with one of the 3-packs, mostly because it such good value, but also because with three rings, you’ll have a lot of fun experimenting.

    The SilaSkin models are the popular choice right now, but the Silicone models are close behind. SilaSkin will give you more flexibility and a softer feel because of it’s amazing stretch factor and cushy feel. The Silicone rings are a bit firmer, but still very flexible and stretchy.

    XPLAY® Ultra Wrap Ring 3-Pack

    What are some of the most unusual uses you’ve heard of for the Wrap Ring™?

    I've heard some great ones! Women have been using it around the breasts as a tie and people have been using the rings as a bracelet! There is no reason you can't use this product wherever you used to use a rubber band, but a Wrap Ring™ will be stronger, more stretchy, more comfortable, better looking and basically, more fun!

    Can it be used with other toys?

    The silicone version is safe with all toys. It is finished with a non-stick coating to prevent grabbing of hair, but this also makes it very slippery when lubed, which I imagine is a good thing in many cases.

    Are there any new iterations of the Wrap Ring™ on the horizon?

    Perfect Fit Brand will soon be launching a thicker version of the silicone Wrap Ring™s, which will be beefier, but the least stretchy model, for guys seeking a tight-fitting ring. Because of its bulk, the longer models will wrap fewer times, which will be great for guys who want a beefier looking ring, or more ball stretching per wrap, tighter fitting ring around the cock and balls, etc.

    The XPLAY® Ultra Wrap Ring™ comes in 6”, 9” and 12” circumference size. XPLAY® Silicone Thing Wrap Ring™s are available in 9”, 12”, 15” and a whopping 18” circumference size (below). 3-pack sets of both are available. See the full line XPLAY® here

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  2. Perfect Fit's Wellington Nascimento Earns 2022 XBIZ Exec Awards Nomination

    Perfect Fit's Wellington Nascimento Earns 2022 XBIZ Exec Awards Nomination


    Nominees were selected based on several success factors, including leadership, business acumen, community influence, and overall career achievement, as submitted by adult industry members via

    Voting for the 2022 XBIZ Exec Awards is now open; industry members may cast their votes here.

    "I'm humbled and honored to receive this nomination. It has been an immense pleasure to work for an award-winning company and be a key player in bringing awareness to Perfect Fit and delivering the amazing standard factor that our loyal customers deserve," Nascimento said.

    "Thanks to all my industry peers for this nomination and recognition. It means the world to me because I love what I do," he added.

    The XBIZ Exec Awards will be presented as part of the annual XBIZ Honors ceremonies, with the online industry edition hosted on Jan. 5 in conjunction with the XBIZ L.A. conference and the retail edition on Jan. 11 during the ANME/XBIZ Show.


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