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Hump Gear Butt plugs

Anal Toys - We Love Butt Plugs and Anything Anal!

You won’t find anything ordinary at Perfect fit when it comes to butt plugs and anal toys. We consider ourselves experts in butt plugs and anything anal. We have invented new categories in anal butt plugs - so popular now that every major manufacturer has added them to their lineups. Copying is the ultimate form of flattery they say.

Two of these revolutionary concepts are the anal Tunnel Plug™ and our Patented Hump Gear (aka “Raw Dawg” rebranded with our permission and sold by a major gay retailer). The Tunnel Plug is molded butt plug with a tunnel through it. The tunnel opens your butt to all kinds of fun and kinky things. The Hump Gear, one of our biggest selling anal products over the last three years, is a soft butt plug intended to be used for anal intercourse. It provides a soft cushion for anal intercourse, while reducing friction in the sphincter and providing a (non-FDA approved) barrier against anything smelly. A real confidence builder!

Wearing a Hump Gear butt plug is the most satisfying experience, as it as perhaps the softest butt plug on the market. It conforms to your body unlike other butt plugs. We’ve had many reviewers say how they love to simply wear it for that full feeling a butt plug should deliver whilst still being open and ready for good old butt sex without having to remove the plug.

We also engineered what may be one of the most complex to manufacture butt plugs on the market – the Master Plug. But all the effort was for one reason – so when your butt is plugged you have no excuses to want to take it out. Masterfully designed to keep you plugged. With an ultra-thin stem for comfort and secure anchoring, and curved low profile flat base for sitting and strap holes if you want to strap it in.

Whether you are just starting with anal play or an experienced butt player we have an exceptional Best Butt Plugs for you.