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  1. The Kiss-X FTM Stroker Gets a Rave Review

    The Kiss-X FTM Stroker Gets a Rave Review

    The Kiss-X clitoral stroker is the second toy from the Buck Angel FTM Line by Perfect Fit Brand. Similar to the Buck-Off™, but smaller and tighter, great for trans guys who are not on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), as well as cis women.

    The Kiss-X recently got a rave review from the trans-YouTube star, Chase Ross. Thanks to FTM Magazine for posting the video and Heart-On Toys for stocking the full Buck Angel FTM line. And thanks to Early To Bed for supplying Chase with the Kiss-X for review.

    Chase Ross reviews the Kiss-X

    Chase, who has over 152,000 subscribers, got over 300 comments about his review of the Kiss-X. Here are just a couple:

    "Even girls can use the Kiss-off. (I got the clear one, can't see anything through it cuz I'm a "innie", but it still works like crazy.) No "hotdogs in the hallway" LOLOL!! – Rochelle

    "I got one of these a couple months ago and OMG! I am an intersex female with some growth. Once I figured out how to use it, just as Chase described, it was life-changing. I had never penetrated anything before I used the Kiss-X and it felt amazing. I honestly felt like a teenage boy losing my virginity for the first time. I don't generally enjoy toys, but this one is definitely a keeper. Now, I want a clear one!" – Mitchelle

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  2. Big Dick Energy: Explained

    Big Dick Energy: Explained

    Big Dick Energy: Explained What is it? Who has it? Who does not?

    What a headline! If you missed this curious, funny, and elightening article by Vice writer Emily Reynolds, here's a a snippet to, um, raise your interest, and link to the full article.

    Fun Boy Packer 6.5 Inch Model

    Meanwhile, mind you, Perfect Fit Brand is serving some pretty serious "big dick energy" in a variety of, um, packages. from our Fat Boy cock extenders to the Zoro strap-ons, the insane Fun Boy Packer (above) and an array of cockrings, to help you radate your own "big dick energy."

    Reynolds writes:

    Everyone is currently talking about "big dick energy." Ariana Grande quite possibly tweeted about Pete Davidson having a ten-inch dick, someone else said he had "big dick energy," and now it’s a thing. These are the times we live in. But what, really, is it? 

    For someone reading the words for the first time, it may seem confusing. But understanding BDE is actually very simple and intuitive. 

    Big dick energy is not mere confidence—though, a true big dick energy-haver is usually quietly confident—nor is it overcompensating. It's a self-assurance that radiates from deep within and can be felt for miles. It's an energy that immediately shifts the dynamic of a room. It is not actively seeking out debauchery or pleasure, but having it gravitate toward you. Big dick energy, as the best sexter I know put it to me last night, is inadvertently seeing yourself in the front-facing camera on your phone and not immediately wanting to die...

    Read the full article on

    Teaser photo: A bollard that kind of looks like a big dick? Photo: VICE



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  3. Slutever Forever

    Slutever Forever

    If you're not hip to sex columnist Karley Sciortino, get into her. Her adventurous, frank, and funny take on sex advice and sexual curiousity is well worth your time, will lift your mood, and quite likely, give you a few sex/dating tips you didn't know you needed.

    Karley Sciortino by Ashley ArmitageKarley Sciortino by Ashley Armitage

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  4. Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Gives THE BUMPER™ a 9/10!

    Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Gives THE BUMPER™ a 9/10!

    Popular UK sex-toy reviewer Cara Sutra, and her dedicated Pleasure Panel recently reviewed The Bumper™ Thrust Buffer™ by Perfect Fit Brand and gave it a whopping score of 9 on a scale of 10!

    The Bumper by Perfect Fit Brand

    The Bumper™ is the newest of our highly innovative, necessary and pleasure-giving sexual health aides/sex toys.

    Literally providing more cushion for the pushin', The Bumper™ is the first-ever adult product that cushions deep thrusts during intercourse, providing an opportunity for more passionate sex without restraint.

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  5. "What Does It Mean To Be Sexually Fluid?"

    "What Does It Mean To Be Sexually Fluid?"

    One hears the term "sexually fluid" a lot these days. For many it is a grey (or beatiful hazy rainbow) area. And that's OK. Sexual fluidity is not something that needs to–or can–be defined in crisp black/white, either/or, is/isn't terms. Bustle recently posted a great article by Eva Taylor Grant addressing six of the most ill-informed misconceptions about sexual fluidity from six sexually fluid people. 

    Contributors from age 22 to 60 discuss 1 Not Everyone Is "Born This Way," 2 You Don't Owe The World An Explanation, 3 You Don't Have To "Look" Like Your Orientation, 4 Sexually Fluid People Don't Exist To Spice Up Your Sex Life, 5 Sexually Fluid People Aren't Attracted To Everyone, and 6 Nothing Is "Missing" When A Fluid Person Settles Down With Someone."

    From Eva Taylor Grant's introduction to the post on

    Sexual fluidity, is, in essence, uncomplicated. It means sexuality isn't stagnant, that it changes over time, and across situations. But still, amid more and more celebrities coming out as sexually fluid, and the increasing visibility of LGBTQI+ individuals signal boosting to the identity, people continue to wonder: what is sexual fluidity? And this confusion, naturally, leads to some pesky myths.  

    "'Sexually fluid' is a chewy term, and I've found it usually takes a lot of mental energy for people to process if they try to process it at all," Logan, 23, tells Bustle. And you may not yet fully understand what it means for someone to identify as sexually fluid, but you likely at least know of someone who does. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Nyle DiMarco, and Nick Tortorella (of Younger) all identify as fluid. In 2016, model Cara Delevigne told Vogue "We're all liquid. We change, we grow."  

    And while it obviously doesn't take a celebrity to validate an identity, it does help to know that sexual fluidity is everywhere. So it's time everyone starts listening to those with differing identities.  

    For starters, Bustle reached out to six individuals who identify as sexually fluid. "At the end of the day, I feel uncomfortable picking one label to describe myself because none of them are accurate since I am always changing," Liv, 22 tells Bustle. "Humans are dynamic beings with beautiful complicated brains, so it only makes sense that sexuality can be fluid as well!" To encourage being dynamic and celebrating others, it's good to start with busting some myths. It's a great first step in understanding people for how they are (and maybe understanding yourself a bit better, too).  

    Here are six myths about sexual fluidity that need to be busted, according to sexually fluid people.

    Read the post here.

    And kudos to Eva Taylor Grant for this great article on and including the voices of sexually fluid people. One suspects that there are many more of us than we think. And what a beautiful thing!

    Teaser photo source: Ashley Batz/Bustle



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  6. PHOTOS: Perfect Fit Brand @ International Mr. Leather

    PHOTOS: Perfect Fit Brand @ International Mr. Leather

    Last weekend (May 24-28), Perfect Fit Brand brought the muscle to the hustle at the 40th annual International Mr. Leather, or IML, in Chicago.

    IML is not only an yearly competition to be the next  International Mr. Leather and International Mr. Bootblack (winners below), but also a giant gear market, where one can pick up everything from a harness, to our Play Zone Kit to a boot shine, all capped of with a weekend of nightly parties.

    IML 2018 Winners

    Above IML 2018 Winners: International Mr. Leather 2018 1st Runner-Up: Sandro Cossero (Mister Leather Belgium 2017), International Mr. Leather 2018: James Lee (Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017), International Mr. Bootblack 2018: Lucky Rebel (Mr. Oregon State Leather 2016), International Mr. Bootblack 2018: 1st Runner-Up: Pup Roke. Lots of photos on

    Loads of frisky fun and brisk sales, kept us too busy to shoot a ton of photos, but here's a little set that should give you an idea of the size and vibe of our booth, staring off with a great shot of our man Buck Angel via Chicago LGBT paper, Windy City Times. We will DEFINITELY be back next year!

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