1. VICE Predicts New Direction for Porn With Audio-Only Version

    VICE Predicts New Direction for Porn With Audio-Only Version

    Social Media Sites Such as Tumblr, Reddit Now Feature Wealth of Audio Erotica 

    AVN News editor MIchael French shares the highlights from a recent post on on Audio Erotica.

    AVN cover


    Social media sites that permit erotic content, such as Tumblr and Reddit, have become treasure troves of a newly popular genre of porn—audio-only porn, according to a report this week by the site, which describes the form as a “guilt-free route to orgasm that doesn’t come with a monthly subscription,” for people who still experience reservations or inhibitions about consuming porn in the more traditional way, visually. 

    “If you swoon over a good phone voice and like a bit of dirty talk, then audio porn is just the ticket,” writes journalist Megan Wallace, in the VICE article. “From audio clips of couples getting nasty, to longer erotic narratives, to ASMR, audio porn has no singular definition—as long as it’s sound-only.” 

    Wallace goes to reccommend her own favorite audio porn sources. 

    “It’s not necessarily a recent invention (I mean, let’s not forget that sex chatlines are a thing) but the way that its spread across pockets of the internet feels fresh, exciting and full of promise,” Wallace writes. “Springing up a couple of years ago across platforms like Tumblr and Reddit, audio-only porn has fostered a vibrant online community.” 

    She goes on to point readers to the Tumblr page Audible Porn, as well as the Reddit forums Pillow Talk Audio,  and Gone Wild Audio.  

    Among the descriptions of audio erotica files in the latter forum: Cosplay Cutie Hidden Slut, Humiliation for Pleasure, A Little Pressure [prostate massage], and Hey Babe, Wanna Fuck my Mom?  

    “Working on a submissions basis, these pages are fed X-rated sound bytes by followers who generously share their own intimate moments, as well as listening to others’,” Wallace explains. “It’s a community-driven genre where there’s currently no money at stake: just genuine sexual enthusiasm.” 

    Though Wallace and er interview subjects praises audio porn for “the way it democratizes porn-making, “ she also predicts that it won’t be long before the for-profit adult industry catches to what remains currently an internet underground phenomenon. 

    “There’s little doubt that the big boys of porn will soon find some way to get in on the action, we can only hope that these tight-knit communities will find a way to weather the storm and keep audio porn’s indie spirit alive,” Wallace writes.

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  2. PrEP and U=U: Two Sides of the Same Bed

    PrEP and U=U: Two Sides of the Same Bed

    This great post titled "Two Sides of the Same Bed," from smart UK blog Mainly Male, looks at how HIV prevention is handled with PREP in an HIV+/HIV- relationship.

    Jason and Hans frank and honest conversation is both frank and informative.

    “I sometimes lied about my status when a hook-up asked, because I feared rejection. I told them that I was ‘negative’ but wanted to use a condom.” – Hans

    “Once negative people are on PrEP they may not think about their partner’s status at all. After I started daily PrEP in 2015 I saw no need to talk about HIV with partners, unless they wanted to.” – Jason

    For guys--or anyone, honestly--who are in or worry about how the dynamic of a relatshionship could change in a similar situation, the short post is well worth taking the the time to read.

    Interview posted by Jason Domino. Photos by Matt Spike.

    Two Sides of the Same Bed - Mainly Male

    Read the full post on



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  3. Perfect Fit Brand Gets 2019 XBIZ Award Nomination

    Perfect Fit Brand Gets 2019 XBIZ Award Nomination

    Perfect Fit Brand is pleased to announce that C.E.O. Steve Callow has been named a nominee for the adult industry’s most prestigious career awards program, the 2019 XBIZ Exec Awards, coinciding with the XBIZ 2019 trade show set for Jan. 14-18.  

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow with XBIZ 2018 "LGBT Pleasure Products Company of the Year" Award
    Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow with XBIZ 2018 "LGBT Pleasure Products Company of the Year" Award

    C.E.O. Steve Callow has been nominated for the award category Businessman of the Year.  

    Nominees were selected based on several factors including leadership, business acumen, community influence and overall career success as submitted by industry members via the adult industry social network 

    Of the nomination, Callow says, “Since day one, Perfect Fit Brand has been committed to enhancing the sex lives of customer across the sexuality spectrum with the most innovative, unique, yet always user-friendly products. As both C.E.O and inventor at Perfect Fit Brand, I take the nomination very seriously and truly appreciate the recognition it bring to our company.” 

    The XBIZ Exec Awards spotlight outstanding business leaders who play key roles in the success of progressive brands. The award categories cover a range of positions that make up the organizational chart of leading enterprises, covering business development, marketing, management and more. 

    To be held at the Andaz Hotel on West Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip, the XBIZ Exec Awards will be presented at an exclusive awards ceremony during XBIZ 2019.  

    See the complete list of 2019 XBIZ Exec Awards Retail Nominees at 

    For more information about XBIZ 2019, visit  



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  4. The Art of Stroking

    The Art of Stroking

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator, is, you guessed it...a Perfect Fit!

    With an eye toward holiday shopping, Perfect Fit Brand presents their latest gift to men, The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator. 

    “We named it so because we feel that this innovative new toy truly does fit perfectly,” says inventor and Perfect Fit Brand CEO, Steve Callow. 

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator w/ Grips

    “This unique masturbator features our proven ribs and nubs design from our Fat Boy line,” says Callow, “but with a larger opening and thicker wall construction to provide a wonderful feeling of “tightness” without needing to be squeezed with your hand.” 

    There are two models, one with “with grips” (handles) and one without, both made from Perfect Fit Brand’s proprietary, super silky feeling SilaSkin™. 

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator w/ GripsAbove: The Perfect Fit Brand Male Masturbator with Grips.

    The model “with grips” is a fat round cylinder that has been molded to include handles on both sides of the toy to insure a controlled grip—perfect for times when the lube gets on the outside of the toy. 

    The model without handles is an octagonally shaped cylinder. 

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator no GripsAbove: Perfect Fit Brand Male Masturbator without grips.

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  5. How to Get Enough Physical Affection if You’re Single

    How to Get Enough Physical Affection if You’re Single

    A recent cartoon series on The New Yorker website put a funny spin on the sad reality that many of us are contact starved. Enough has been writtten about the myriad benefits of positive physical contact, from spooning with your honey to a hug, an arm around your buddy's shoulders or just silently holding hands and enjoying a walk in the park. So, a little levity for you on election day.

    How to Get Enough Physical Affection if You’re Single

    Above is the full image from the homepage teaser cartoon and below, another particularly funny one. See the series at

    New Yorker Physical Affection


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  6. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Meet Leonor Fini, Argentinian artist known for her depictions of powerful women

    For those lucky enought to live in or be visiting the New York City area, check out the new Leonor Fini exhibiton at the city's Museum of Sex.

    Titled "Leonor Fini: Theater of Desire, 1930-1990" and running September 28, 2018 – March 4, 2019, the exhibiton contains pantings, designs and illustrations by the prolific artist.

    Leonor Fini - Museum of Sex exhibitionLeonor Fini - Museum of Sex exhibition

    “I always imagined that I would have a life very different than the one imagined for me, but I understood from a very early age that I would have to revolt in order to make that life.” – Leonor Fini

    From the Museum of Sex webpage on the exhibition:

    The Museum of Sex (MoSEX) presents Leonor Fini: Theatre of Desire, 1930-1990, the first American museum survey of the work of Argentine-Italian artist Leonor Fini (b. 1907, Buenos Aires, Argentina–d. 1996, Paris, France). The exhibition will immerse visitors in Leonor Fini’s life and career from the 1930s to the 1980s. Although Fini exhibited in major Surrealist surveys throughout the 1930s and 40s, and counted Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí as friends, she rejected the invitation to officially join the group, disavowing movement leader André Breton’s traditional view of woman as muse.

    Le carrefour d’hecate, 1977-78Le carrefour d’hecate, 1977-78

    Multi-talented and fearlessly forward thinking, she refused to be categorized in any way, especially through gender norms. Her art explored the masculine and feminine, dominance and submission, eroticism and humor. She also went beyond the medium of painting to embrace theatre, ballet, the illustrated book and costume. She not only rejected tradition and social conventions, she insisted that identity, like artistic expression, is never fixed – it must constantly be open to inspiration and imagination.    

    Leonor Fini  Les Aveugles, 1968Leonor Fini  Les Aveugles, 1968

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  7. When Good Sex Begets Bad Sex

    When Good Sex Begets Bad Sex

    In case you missed it, the fourth single from electroduo Fisherspooner's album "SIR"--"TopBrazil," originally released back in January, is about "the dark side of sexual compulsion and the internet."

    Fischerspooner SIR

    Left, "SIR" album cover. Right, "SIR" album cover as displayed at the album premiere at The Guggenheim Museum in April 2018.

    "Specifically," says Casey Fischer, "it’s about an experience I had in Rome with a super hot Roman college student who snuck me into his home while his parents were sleeping and we had this amazing awesome epic incredible illicit night of sex."

    "And the next day I got greedy and thirsty and hungry and I wanted it again, but with another person. So I went and I hooked up with this guy and his profile name was TopBrazil—and it was a nightmare."

    "He was an awful person, he was weird and awkward and rude. The whole experience was terrible. I don’t know why I stayed and I don’t know why I went through with it."

    "SIR" was produced by Spooner's boyfriend, Michael Stipe of REM. The album, which celebrates sex, queerdom and old school gay decadence, was written for Spooner's "queer family and our special kind of love" and a "statement against the current anti-gay Neo-nazi presidency."

    Casey Spooner and Michael Stipe by Hans Neumann

    Casey Spooner and Michael Stipe by Hans Neumann

    Previous "SIR"  singles include "Have Fun Tonight" and "Togetherness," the video's for which are below.



    #fischerspooner #badsex #topbrazil

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  8. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Get into the gorgeous, gloriously erotic Man Art of renowned fashion illustrator and artist, Richard Vyse

    Man Imagines by Richard Vyse

    Thanks to a recent post on, you're being turned on to the art of Richard Vyse. A former fashion illustrator, he dedicates his time to painting beatiful, vibrant and sensous males nudes.

    by Richard Vyse

    by Richard Vyse

    Wet Dream by Richard Vyse

    Wet Dream by Richard Vyse

    Richard's Man Art has been presented in numerous art publications, including, in order of most recent, Congruence Journal of Literary and Art, Noisy Rain Magazine, Angry Old Man Magazine, Jack the Lad, Advocate, Mascular. (All are interesting, welcome divergences from mainstream gay media, so we've include links in the names of all.)

    by Richard Vyse

    Man Hunk by Richard Vyse

    Man Mood by Richard Vyse

    Man Mood by Richard Vyse

    So, herewith, our first, though brief, Q&A with an artist for our FKIN (A)rt Friday series on Erotic Intent. Meet Richard Vyse and his lush, louche and lovely art, much of which is available purchase. More on that at the end of the post.

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  9. Rachael McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality Gleefully Reviews the Fat Boy Sport

    Rachael McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality Gleefully Reviews the Fat Boy Sport

    One of our favorite video reviews, check out this one for the Fat Boy Sport by award winning UK-based sex & relationship coach, Rachael McCoy (above) of Inspiring Sexuality

    Rachael McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality at XBIZ 2016 UK

    About the Fat Boy Sport, Rachael says,

    “We both actually loved it!”  

    “Even though it was a bit naughty that my man’s cock was so massive, it felt really, really good!”  

    "All in all I think this a great product and it might not be something that you’d originally go for,  but I really enjoyed it, so I highly recommend."

    In additional to being fun to use with your partner, Rachael, being the thorough and inquisitive reviewer that she is, discovered to her pleasure that the Fat Boy Sport is great solo!

    Ladies, watch the video to learn how Rachael turned the Fat Boy Sport into a masturbator that “wasn’t like the standard vibrator or a big hard thing, it has a soft squidgy texture, which made you feel full, which was a completely different sensation, which I really liked.”

    For more info and to purchase the Fat Boy Sport click here or go to, click the dropdown menua and select Fat Boy Extenders.


    @Rachael_ISxpert #rachaelmccoy #inspiringsexuality #sextoys #perfectfitbrand

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  10. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    The Violators exhibition by subversive, thought-provoking, NYC artist, GIO BLACK PETER opens today October 19 and runs through October 12 at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in New York City.

    Gio Black Peter (Giovanni Andrade Paolo Guevara, born 1979 in Guatemala) is a New York-based performance artist as well as an ardent visual artist. He examines text and subject, truth and fakery, rebellion and authority. 

    Gio Black Peter by Bruce La Bruce

    Gio Black Peter byLaBruce.

    His subversive work has quickly earned him a name in the downtown New York scene of young emerging artists who participate in today's dialogue about the deconstruction of high profile, white box presentation and the desire to raise art awareness.

    Communion, Le Loup by Gio Black Peter

    Communion, Le Loup by Gio Black Peter. Acrylic, gold leaf, on wood.

    Gio Black Peter - Communion, Party Boy. Acrylic, gold leaf, on wood

    Communion, Party Boy. Acrylic, gold leaf, on wood. Gio Black Peter.

    Communion, Daniel by Gio Black Peter

    Communion, Daniel by Gio Black Peter. See more from the Communion (glory hole) series at

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