1. Should Muscular Gay Men Stop Talking about Body Issues Online?

    Should Muscular Gay Men Stop Talking about Body Issues Online?

    Body dysmorphia is real – so why don’t we believe people who talk about the ways they see themselves?

    In a recent article for Dazed Digital, writer James Greig says, "For those of us who don’t look like we spend five days a week in the gym, it can be tempting to wish the six-packed gays would shut up."

    He explores body issues that taunt many if not all gay men, but ultimately wishes, "We should try to treat each other with a bit more sympathy, because a majority of us dislike the way we look and we might be waiting a long time for a structural solution to that problem. A friend of mine tells me, “honestly, gay men’s body issues are out of control. Everyone needs a hug… and to not be so fucking cruel.”

    Should muscular gay men stop talking about body issues online? - DAZED

    Screenshot teaser of the article below, with a link to read the full post.

    Read the full post on DAZED Digital here.


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  2. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Feast your eyes on the glamorously erotic art of Ali Franco

    Artwork posted with permission of Ali Franco.

    Anyone who’s followed #gayart on Instagram has surely come across the paintings of Lisbon artist Ali Franco. And surely many more already own a print or several. One fan posted, "[I] have your work in almost every room in my house!!! I’m amazed by your vision."

    The Beau Belle Brothers by Ali Franco

    Above, The Beau Belle Brothers by Ali Franco

    It easy to understand why. Franco's paintings are gorgeous, glamorous, and blazingly erotic fantasies. The men are stunning. Franco pays tribute to actor Colton Haynes and recasts some of the world's most beautiful male models in lusciously debauched scenarios.

    Get on the Bit by Ali Franco

    Above, Get on the Bit by Ali Franco

    Franco’s men cavort in dreamily decadent worlds, often in historically referenced settings and attire. Regardless if its bullfighters, Roman soldiers, or bewigged and lipsticked couples enjoying a little 18th century cosplay, the sex is hot, explicit and beautifully portrayed.

    Your Fight is Over by Ali Franco

    Above, Your Fight is Over by Ali Franco

    Ali Franco's work is sophisticated, witty, entertaining and gloriously queer.

    Birth of the Belle Brothers by Ali Franco

    Above, Birth of the Belle Brothers by Ali Franco

    Below are a few more favorites, but to see much more of Franco's oeuvre visit his Instagram (censored) and Twitter (uncensored) pages. He sells his paintings print to order on canvas for as little as $50. Franco's art is avaiable on a variety of products, from prints, to bags, thow pilows, phone covers and more on Etsy, FineArtAmerica and Society6.

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  3. Why These Gay Men Hate Their Big D*cks?

    Why These Gay Men Hate Their Big D*cks?

    Some of us want to park it on a fire hydrant, while others go into tail spin just thinking about being penetrated. Regardless of your preference, few can ignore the obsession with big dicks in porn, on Twitter and myriad dating apps.

    Ever wonder what it's like totin' around a big ol' cockasaurus? Do dates parachute in? Do daddy's hide their boys? Does it ever get to be a drag, dragging that thing around? In "Why These Gay Men Hate Their Big D*cks," a recent post on Logo TV's NewNowNext blog, sex writer Bobby Box asked hung guys to share their apparent big dick woes. Fascinating article. Take a sniff and tap the link below to read the full post.

    Why These Gay Men Hate Their Big D*cks - NewNowNext

    Read the full post here.


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  4. Meet The “Sides,” Gay Men Who Don’t Like Anal Sex

    Meet The “Sides,” Gay Men Who Don’t Like Anal Sex

    Blow jobs? Check. Hand jobs? Check. Butt play? It’s complicated. – MEL Magazine

    A great and timely article by writer C. Brian Smith for all the guys out there who are tired of sexual tunnel vision, particularly the all or nothing attitude when it comes to anal sex.

    Meet The “Sides,” Gay Men Who Don’t Like Anal Sex - MEL MagazineRead the full article here.

    Don't know MEL? "A lifestyle and culture magazine, we cover sex, relationships, health, money, work and culture from a male point-of-view — even though we’re not all male, and aren’t entirely sure what “male” should mean anymore." More at

    Eddie Cambio with The Boss stroker masturbator by Perfect Fit Brand

    Above: That's Perfect Fit Brand model and porn star Eddie Cambio in the teaser photo. He's enjoying a solo moment with our Boss stroker/masturbator.


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  5. He Wants You!

    He Wants You!

    Spotted on the Instagram page for self-described "sexual cineaste, filmmaker, photographer, writer, artist, pornographer, foot fetishist and unrepentant size queen" Bruce LaBruce:

    Vintate Leatherman please contact us if you are the photographer

    Above: Vintage Leathermen please contact us if you are the photographer. We'd like to feature more!

    "Looking for a few good muscle or muscle bear or muscle-adjacent models or civilians for steamy leather mag cover photo shoot. Message me if interested please. Come on, Toronto! Represent!"

    Vintate Leatherman please contact us if you are the photographer

    Above: Vintage Leatherman please contact us if you are the photographer. We'd like to feature more!

    When asked for details, "...unfortunately I can't disclose the magazine yet. I can only say that it's for a new gay leather/bdsm magazine. If you know of any models in Toronto to recommend, please let me know! I have one already, and I'm looking for a white muscular hairy guy between late twenties and early forties. (I've already cast a black model.)"

    Follow and message Bruce via his instagram page @brucelabruce


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  6. Cock Rings: How to Choose 'Em and How to Use 'Em

    Cock Rings: How to Choose 'Em and How to Use 'Em

    For those who've never used, but are curious about cock rings, starting out can be intimidating--often due to common misconceptions--but also because there are so many types and styles of cock rings.

    So, who better to come to for advice than Perfect Fit Brand CEO and master inventor, Steve Callow. Below, Steve answers questions and gives clear advice on how to choose and use a cock ring. (An edited version of this interview previously appeared on

    JR Bronson Speed Shift cock ring

    Above: The Perfect Fit Brand™ Speed Shift adjustable cock rings

    What are some common misconceptions about cock rings?
    1. That cock rings are a gay thing.  Fact: The vast majority of reviews by customers of our rings are by straight couples.

    2. That a cock ring is used only around the shaft.  Well, this is probably less popular than wearing the ring around cock/balls at the base of your junk. Most of our rings are designed to fit in this manner, around all your junk.

    3. That a stretchy ring is better.  Actually a properly fitted ring should not be stretched on you at all, it should not bind, it should simply be snug. This is why we make 14 sizes of rings, so that you can get one that actually is fitted properly without binding.

    Derek Parker with the Ribbed Ring cock ring

    Above: The Ribbed Ring cock ring

    What are some reasons why a man would use a cock ring? How is it beneficial to him? To his partner?  
    The cock ring has many benefits for a couple.  We ran focus group testing a few years back and we learned that the majority of men wear it to achieve a harder erection.  Certainly, your partner would notice this.  It also a common belief that a cock ring will prolong your orgasm.  It generally will make it a more explosive experience. 

    If your partner enjoys seeing you out and about sporting a nice sized man bulge in your pants, the cock ring is a must-have it will make your junk look bigger always! Others like the way it moves your balls forward and keeps them from retracting into the body – a common thing for some men.      

    What is a cock ring? Looking to know what it is, how it works, the different styles on the market and what they're good for.  
    The term “cock ring” is actually a catchall for many styles of rings. First, let’s consider how it is worn on your junk.  Depending on the audience, some will consider a cock ring a ring that is worn around the shaft of the penis, at the base.  This is a typical way a cock ring is worn for the purposes of helping men with ED and in our company we refer to this as a shaft ring. 

    The other common way, and the way cock rings are usually worn recreationally (meaning for fun not to treat ED), is around the base of the penis and under the scrotum.  We refer to this as a “cock ring” The cock ring essentially allows blood to flow in through the arteries which are deeper inside the penis, but restricts the exit blood flow on the veins on the surface of the penis.  The shaft ring obviously is most effective at this as it completely encircles the penis, the cock ring on the other hand, has a more gentle effect.  

    Drake Jaden with the Armour Tug Lock cock ring buttplug combo

    Above: the Armour Tug Lock cock ring and butt plug combo. Watch the "How Does This Work? Armour Tug Lock 101 w Steve Callow" video here.

    There is plethora of choices for the rings, many choices also include a “bullet” style vibrator for the pleasure of both partners.  We suggest always to keep it simple to begin.  The common decisions you will have to make, even when trying to keep it simple, are the material choice, stretchiness, and size.

    Silicone rings are an excellent choice.  Silicone is very tolerable by people, and is often used in the medical world.  Silicone is less reactive against the skin, hence its prevelance in the medical world.  Right away you can assume you are getting a better product then the three dollar $3 jelly style.  A silicone ring is not going to stretch as much as one of our SilaSkin rings or another brands of TPR rings.  

    Xact-Fit cock rings by Perfect Fit Brand

    Above: Xact-Fit™ cock rings. Available in 14 0.1" incremental sizes.

    So, sizing is more of an issue.  We did the research. From our 4 years spent developing the Xact-Fit rings, which are available in 14 sizes, we know that the 0.1” increment sizing makes a big difference in the comfort and performance of a ring.  In our focus group, we found the 15 of 17 men who had tested our new sizing system had in fact selected their ideal sized ring to be one of the ring sizes no one else even makes.  

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  7. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Hum and diddle to 1880's artist Joseph Apoux's Alphabet Erotic

    Learning your ABCs via the randy illustrations of 1880's French artist, Joseph Apoux is more than, uh, fun-damental, it's a downright encyclopedia of sexual positions!

    Joseph Apoux Alphabet Erotic

    Though there is little biographic information online about Apoux, aside from a bit of info that accompanies a video of his ABCs, he is surely most famous for his "Alphabet Pornographique."

    Joseph Apoux was born in Paris circa 1860. Little is known of the life of this French artist, renowned for for his risqué & titillating etchings. Creator of the erotic " Alphabet Pornographique ". A fantastic group of striking images, which is typical of the "fin de siecle" obsessions with sex, death & the bizarre of the French Aesthetic Arts at the end of the 19th century.Apoux participated in the * L'Exposition Internationale de Blanc et Noir * during 1886 in Paris.This libertine artist, etcher & engraver studied art with Jean-Leon Gerome & exhibited at French Salons circa 1880 - 1910, his date of death unknown.

    (Apoux was a popular during the French Decadent movement in literature and art of the late1800s. It was a crazy time. Read more about it on Wikipedia.)

    We've provided the first 6 letters, or the first line of "The Alphabet Song," but here's a link to large versions of all 26 letters on the always entertaining Dangerous Minds blog, just in case you want to hum and diddle along.

    Joseph Apoux Alphabet Erotic

    Joseph Apoux Alphabet Erotic

    Joseph Apoux Alphabet Erotic

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  8. 9 Reasons There Doesn't Need to be a "Straight Pride"

    9 Reasons There Doesn't Need to be a "Straight Pride"

    Sad that it's needed, but keep this handy for when you run into fools such as those who inspired this list, reformatted here from the @GayTimes (UK) Instagram post.

    More on the Gay Times website: "Brad Pitt threatens to sue ‘Straight Pride’ for using him as their mascot." "Chris Evans had the perfect response to people calling for ‘Straight Pride’" more on "Right-wing bigots are trying to hold their own ‘Straight Pride’ in Boston."

    9 Reasons There Doesn't Need to be a "Straight Pride"

    9 Reasons There Doesn't Need to be a "Straight Pride"

    9 Reasons There Doesn't Need to be a "Straight Pride"

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  9. VIDEO: Cazwell's "Wierdo"

    VIDEO: Cazwell's "Wierdo"

    Just a little reminder this Pride Month. Be your own weird, sexy, geeky, horny, REAL self. There's more of us fun folks out there than they suspect. Many more videos from Cazwell on his YouTube page.

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  10. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Tripped across this brilliant antique Persian erotic art on the intertweb recently. With a description like the following, there's not much one needs to add, really:

    "A man ejaculating, while holding a bird-trap on a bamboo pole to catch flying vaginas. Gouache painting by an Indian painter."

    Full illustration and zoomed detail shots below.

    Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY

    Persian erotic art

    Persian erotic art

    Persian erotic art

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