The Big Daddy of Perfect Fit Brand Talks to New York City's Kinkster MAG

New York City-based Kinkster MAG is an online publication reinventing intellect, culture, music, and sex with articles by providing original interviews and thoughtful commentary for gay men with an edge.

The guys at Kinkster MAG recently chatted with Perfect Brand CEO Steve Callow about the business of sex toys, toy care and how to introduce sex toy use with a partner.

Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow Interview on"Wow, that’s so big! Some estimates value the adult novelty industry at $15 billion while others place it at $21 billion. And by 2020 estimates say it will hit between $29 and $50 billion. (Statistica) (Forbes)

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re alone in using your toy(s), you’re not. Statistic Brain reports that 25 percent of adults globally have used sex toys during sex. If it’s a vibrator, anal plug, apparel and other gear, or sheeths, or penis rings, there is something up your alley (wink) and it’s easily shipped through your Amazon Prime. My recent search for “adult novelties sex” on Amazon resulted in almost 10,500 products. Greater social acceptance and greater availability of “adult” products are driving the industry demand. (IBIS World)

The Kinkster MAG team decided to explore this a bit more so searched for an adult novelty product company to connect with and ask questions. We found Perfect Fit Brand who really resonated with our own brand message, so we got a chance to interview the CEO, Steve Callow shortly after his company was the exclusive toy sponsor for Folsom Street Fair where they gave out over 3,000 product samples..."

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