If you Like it, then you Should have put a Ring on It

The Wrap Ring Is ‘The Cock rings Of The Future!’ the idea of moving to the depth of playtime allowed us to get innovative with the potatoes. No, we didn't just invent a Rubber Band for steaming pleasure, but we did engineer the XPLAY® Ultra wrap ring for one purpose: ‘Ease Of Use And Complete Versatility.’

 Now, for those who have no idea of cock and ball rings, let’s get started!

How did the XPLAY® Wrap rings idea came up?

It wasn’t another Sunday! But, the CEO and brand innovator of Perfect Fit Brand, Steve Callow, already holds a spot for his innovation around penis rings. The Award Winner designer, with a history of wrap rings that were previously launched in 2019, wanted to reach up the peak of satisfaction, and so, the Wrap ring idea comes up!

 The product is engineered using a unique molding process that challenges the definition of a penis ring. The product is prepared with a premium silicone material and complemented with an ultra-premium silicone spray that eliminates any possibility of hair grab. The rings are versatile in their approach, providing both gentle and aggressive levels of restriction. How? Simply reduce or increase the number of wraps

How can you make the best use of our XPLAY® Wrap rings?

The key to finding the best use of our wrap rings is to know your size! To begin with, don’t just pick up any adjustable penis rings from the store. Instead, understand your size whenever you hunt the stores to buy cock rings. Finding your size can be a bit of eye-balling, or maybe a matter of tape or string measure, and some trial and error.

Now, if you’re wondering ‘how tight should a penis ring be’, let’s be clear, you’ll know you’ve found your fit when the ring fits snuggly on your erection, without hurting or making you uncomfortable. The best tip on putting on a penis ring for beginners is to stretch the ring to its maximum girth and then pass it through their penis and testicles (one at a time). Once done, you’re ready for a great erection!

Why should XPlay Wrap Rings be the First choice?

Well, if you don’t believe in our success story and customer reviews, here’s the deal!

  1. XPlay Wrap Rings are known for how they’re engineered. A soft silicone SilaSkin product is manufactured to provide you with nothing but the best of both worlds.
  1. Our proprietary blend of Silicone and TPR helps us develop the best cock rings that are both comfortable and convenient. With such a blend, isn’t it evident that you’ll get the performance you think you deserve?
  1. While the market is flooded with various rings for users of every type, our designs are developed from scratch. We don’t just pick up the top sellers and re-engineer it into a new product but create cock and ball rings that are simple, comfortable, and have the desired stretchiness for every size.

At Perfect Fit Brand, our Xact-Fit Rings have been a great success, thanks to the versatility in sizes that we came up with. From creating rings up to 14 sizes to making them comfortable and not too stretchy, our XPlay Ultra Wrap Ring should be the first choice for customers of every type, from beginners to experienced users. 

The Adjustable Penis Wrap rings

The adjustable penis wrap rings are a product for extreme satisfaction without taking a toll on your penis. These penis rings are an end to your search for ‘how to use a dick ring’ besides giving you a harder erection. 

These cock rings wrap around your penis and testicles without hurting you. The PFblend gives you a convenient and pleasant feeling around the penis, leaving a hold on you. 

Stop your search for the perfect penis ring as it is finally here; the stretchy and firm XPlay Ultra Wrap Rings delivers a proper fit, creating an element of pleasure into your sex life.

Safety tips to consider while using wrap rings

  1. Don’t rush. In the beginning, always go for a stretchy ring that comfortable, flexible, and very soft, and not restrictive for you.
  1. Go for a fitted cock ring for starters:  Don’t overthink the perfect size on your first pick. Instead, start with multiple sizes of wrap rings, and then decide which one fits you the best.
  1. Experiment with variations: Now that you have an idea of the proper size, it is time for you to experiment. Go for the mixed packages, ranging from the torso-fitted cock ring to the combo cock ring with ball-stretcher, or maybe a torso-fitted cock ring that comes with a butt plug.
  1. Stay away from metal cock rings: Stay away from metals (at least until and unless you have no idea of the perfect size).

What are you waiting for? Go, put on the ring, and spice up your sex life!

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