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Ergoflo Family - Next Generation Anal Douching

ergofló™ – Next Generation Cleaning Systems

We didn’t mess around when we designed the ergofló lineup anal douching products for you.  We know how important it is to feel confident after anal cleaning.  We also know you want to get it done as quickly as possible, with as little stress on your system as possible.

Using advanced technologies, ergofló™ products are designed to setup and be ready to use in seconds. With features like pressure conversion, air valve technology, and medical-grade pure silicone, ergofló family of anal douching products and accessories are the next generation in "Anal Douching".

We custom designed all our douches, making our own molds for enema bulbs, nozzles and virtually every part of the douche. Why? Because we wanted better.  Whether it’s our innovative "air valve technology" – first found on our ergoflo™ douches – that virtually reduces all messy back flow; to our amazing 8” flexi-tip silicone nozzle on our Pro and Director models, which is part stiffer plastic with an over mold of our premium soft silicone for the tip. This nozzle will clean you deep simply because it reaches deep.  No longer will do you need to force high pressure water deep inside you only to have to wait for the body to react.

Our Pro system is the ultimate anal cleaning system, paired with our 20” Deep Clean Nozzle and you have a system designed for the fisters, big toy pigs and fetish bottoms. You can clean deeper and faster with the Pro.