1. This Man Will Give You 20% OFF at Sex Expo NYC Sep 22-23

    This Man Will Give You 20% OFF at Sex Expo NYC Sep 22-23

    The Sex Expo is upon us. With over 7000 advance tickets sold, the Brooklyn Expo Center will be host to some one of the best sexual wellness shopping and learning events of the year. Not only will the center floor be a sex bazaar worth melting the chip right out of your credit card, but the demos, speakers, and freebies and samples will surely please this pleasure seeking crowd.

    Perfect Fit Brand will be at Sex Expo this weekend, September 22-23 at the Brooklyn Expo Center and featuring three of our most innovative products: Play Zone Kit (9 Xact-Fit™ cock rings stacked on a bright orangte mini traffic cone), the one-piece Zoro strap on and our Fat Boy Extenders.

    Manning the booth will be Wellington (pictured), and our publicist, Andy Reynolds, of Popular Publicity. Come say hi and enjoy a whopping 20% discount in person or while you shop our website: At checkout, enter coupon code: SEXEXPO18.

    Below is a bit about each of the three featured products:

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  2. “Yiddish James Brown Makes Artsy Gay Porn Film...

    “Yiddish James Brown Makes Artsy Gay Porn Film...

    This from Instinct Magazine. Looks intersting and good. Even with the dream sequence, it's nice to see relatable romance and sex scenes from an equally intersting producer.

    The Housesitter

    Samuel Murrian at Instinct writes:

    Some people would celebrate turning 40 with a nice big party and dinner with family and friends. Some people keep celebrating their 39th birthday over and over again. Openly gay rapper Joshua (“Socalled”) Dolgin marked the milestone by shooting a porn film in his parents’ house. 

    The Canadian hip hop artist whose eclectic style has earned him nicknames like the “Yiddish James Brown and “Gandhi of hip hop,” recently sat down with Vice to discuss his pornographic arthouse endeavor, The Housesitter. 

    The one-hour movie stars porn performers River Wilson (whom Dolgin met on Grindr) and Valentin Braun. The film includes chess-playing, a plot about a neighbor who brings brownies over, dream sequence, and of course, unsimulated sexual intercourse on camera. It premieres at the Pop Montreal cultural festival later this month.

    Read the full story here.

    h/t: Instinct, Pink News, Vice


    #instinctmag #pinknews #vice

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  3. Perfect Fit Brand 20% OFF at Sex Expo Sep 22-23

    Perfect Fit Brand 20% OFF at Sex Expo Sep 22-23

    Perfect Fit Brand will be at Sex Expo this weekend, September 22-23 at the Brooklyn Expo Center. Get your FREE tickets and come say hi and shop with a whopping 20% discount on our top three innovative lines of sexual health products.

    Available will be the Play Zone Kit (9 Xact-Fit™ cock rings stacked on a bright orangte mini traffic cone), the one-piece Zoro strap on and our Fat Boy Extenders (clear model, only).

    Play Zone, Zoro, Fat Boy by Perfect Fit Brand

    Watch the Sex Expo promo video and anticipate a fun weekend. Who knows, maybe you'll bring a new toy home.


    #sexexpo #xbiz #perfectfitbrand

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  4. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    If you're a follower of our FKIN (A)rt Friday posts here on the Perfect Fit Brand Erotic Intent blog, you know we're keen on suppoting erotic art of various stripes and centuries.

    Art by Gio Black Peter

    Gio Black Peter

    We've featured everything from 2000 year old Pompeiian porn, randy 18th century erotica by Willam Hogarth Frederic Schall and contemporary artists like Gio Black Peter and Richard Vyse.

    My Gay Eye

    My Gay Eye BUY THE BOOK

    So it'll come as no surprise that we're excited abouf the forthcoming Eye on Collecting show being presented on October 6 and 7 by the Tom of Finland Foundation at Tom of Finland House (TOM House) in Los Angeles.

    Art by Rinaldo Hopf

    Rinaldo Hopf

    Below is the foundations introduction to the show, along with a few more examples of art from "My Gay Eye," which is continued on TOM's Blog.

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  5. 7 Women Share The Most OMG-Worthy Rebound Sex They've Ever Had

    7 Women Share The Most OMG-Worthy Rebound Sex They've Ever Had

    Quick and cute post from Women's Health. Intro below, link to the full story follows.  Enjoy!

    7 Women Share The Most OMG-Worthy Rebound Sex They've Ever Had - Women's Health

    You know that feeling post-breakup when your sex drive is suddenly out of control? (Just me? Not sorry.) It’s like letting go of all that toxic energy awakens a sexual goddess inside of you—and she's ready to pounce. 

    Then there's that saying: The best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. I'm not saying that's necessarily a good idea, but hey, it could be fun. Just take it from these women. 

    'I hooked up with someone 10 years younger.'

    My hottest rebound, without a doubt, was with a 23-year-old after I got divorced at age 33. We did everything I ever fantasized about. He was gorgeous, fun, and exactly what I needed to remind myself I was still me beyond the wife and mother titles I carried for 10 years." —Liza, 33

    Read the full story on the Women's Health Magazine website.


    #truestory #reboundsex #womenshealthmag

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  6. Communication in Bed is Key, Ask Nicky Minaj!

    Communication in Bed is Key, Ask Nicky Minaj!

    When it comes to great sex, ya gotta talk about it. Unequivocally. Be clear. And if you can be as clear as sex positive diva Nicky Minaj, you'll be set for life. From needing it three times a night to how to rub that clit, Miss Minaj lays down how she likes it. Explicity. Watch!


    #nickyminaj #barbiedreams #goodsex #sexpositive

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  7. FKIN (A)rt FRIDAY


    Meet New York photographer Ron Amato

    All photos: ©Ron Amato

    For respected New York photographer Ron Amato thinking inside "The Box" has proven to be very sexy.  

    The Box by Ron Amato

    Photo from "The Box" ©Ron Amato

    "The Box," in this case, is the title of Amato's monograph of gorgeously sensual male nudes. At 112 pages, in a smart 10”x10” format, "The Box" was released in 2017 following a widly successful Kickstarter campaign to complete production.  

    Focused on themes of isolation, desire, conflict and empowerment, Ron Amato uses a series of boxes to create visual metaphors, echoing his development from adolescence to adulthood through over 100 color, and black and white photographs.  

    Photo from "The Box" ©Ron Amato

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  8. 12 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About the Penis

    12 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About the Penis

    Sex writer, toy maker, and all round sexpert Tracy Cox shares some fascinating tidbits about your manbits on her "Sex. Life. Love." blog.

    Tracey Cox

    In addition to items such as the one that teases with "If you've got large testicles...," she provides a short list of "Quick Fixes" should "You want your penis to look bigger tonight" or "You want quicker, stronger erections."


    "It’s an object of worship yet causes more anxiety than any other body part," says Tracey, introducing the article. "Myths about the male member abound, so let’s dispel a few, shall we? Turns out you can’t really predict the size of his penis by the size or his feet or nose – but there are damn good reasons to be having lots of sex!"

    Read the full article here.

    And to keep your cock in tip-top shape, Perfect Fit Brand has a gym's worth of equipment to make you're your member is getting optimal training.

    The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit Brand

    Still haven't found the perfect cock ring? Try our Play Zone Kit: 9 Xact-Fit™ cock rings stacked on a bright orange mini traffic cone (above).

    Armour Tug Lock by Perfect Fit Brand

    Wanna tone your cock while massaging your prostate? Try the Armour Tug Lock (above).

    Go large, thick and fat with our Fat Boy Extenders. Fun for all, and women love what the girthy Fat Boy Sport does for their orgasms. Rachel McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality gives it an enthusiastic review, above.



    #cockrings #sexfacts #traceycox #lovehoney

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  9. FKIN (A)rt FRIDAY


    Via Jezebel - "A Chat About Empowerment With an Artist Who Embroiders Cum Shots"

    This week's FKIN (Art) Friday was discovered on, so we're just posting a little intro and sending you on to the full story written by Jezebel Senior Staff Writer Tracy Clark-Flory.

    In the fascinating interview you'll meet artist Emma Rose Laughlin who, per the title, meticulously embroiders cum shots, often "facials."

    She talks about discovering embrodery thanks to her grandmother who, no, has NOT seen the fruits of her influence – "I think it would shake her" – her admiration for female porn stars and the power of the blow job and resulting facial, "In a lot of my personal experiences with blow jobs, I’ve felt that it’s pretty cool to make a partner orgasm and then bask in it."

    Emma Rose Laughlin close up of “Marie McCray"

    Below are the first two paragraphs, followed by a link to the full Jezebel story and slideshow.

    "Artist Emma Rose Laughlin is a lover of the traditionally feminine craft of embroidery. Ever since she discovered a box of discarded needlework in her grandma’s basement a few years ago, she has taken to stitching vintage doilies and handkerchiefs with painstaking designs—but she isn’t interested in the typical dainty floral or heart patterns. She prefers what you might call a cross-genre motif: the cum shot."

    "We’re talking meticulously threaded depictions of women porn performers with mouths open wide, tongues arching over their glistening bottom lips, and pearls—actual pearls—of ejaculate dripping down their chins. Sometimes, a raging hard-on enters into the scene, but it’s only ever shown in silhouette. The one constant is the women—either readying their mouths for a dick or wearing a constellation of semen on their faces. There is very rarely any explicit nudity—it’s typically just the white vintage fabric against the few choice lines making up the women’s faces."

    Read the full story and see a great little slideshow of Emma's work on this post. Go to her Instagram page to see many more images.

    Every Friday Erotic Intent will bring you a piece of erotic art history, from ancient Greece and Rome on up to the present day. You can see some good examples of a of erotic art through the ages in our very first post, "Dildos, Strap-ons, and Pegging: An Anal History."



    #EroticIntent #EmmaRoseLaughlin @EmmaRoseLaughlin @PerfectFitBrand #FKINArtFriday

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  10. Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow featured in XBIZ Premiere Magazine

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO  Steve Callow featured in XBIZ Premiere Magazine

    Check out this nice feature on Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow in this month's issue of XBIX Premiere Magazine! Pretty sweet!

    Perfect Fit's head honcho never set out to be a sex toy celebrity. “I was walking down a street in Toronto and somebody I’ve never met came up to me and asked if I was Steve Callow,” remarks the CEO. If Steve had chosen to become a known face, he might not have originally planned his fame to center around an anal douching product. As luck (or rather the niche market) would have it, that's exactly how Callow and his business nabbed a spot on the LGBTQ map. “I said yes, and they then went on to tell me how the douche system I invented had changed their sex life forever and how grateful they were,” recalls Callow. “They didn’t ask for an autograph but I was still touched!”...Read the full story here.

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow on the cover of XBIX Premiere Magazine June 2017 issue

    XBIZ™ is the adult industry's leading publisher of business news and information.


    #xbiz #xbizpremiere #sextoys #perfectfitbrand

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