1. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    The Trashy Erotic Art of Salacious Voyeur Thomas Rowlandson

    If you enjoyed previous FKIN (A)rt Friday posts featuring randy 18th and 19th century artists such as William Hogarth, Jean-Frederic Schall–often known for their political caricatures commenting on the news of the day–or our post of frisky "Colonial Porn" oil paintings by contemporary New York City painter Paula C., you'll appreciate the work of early 1900s British artist Thomas Rowlandson.

    Thomas Rowlandson, pencil sketch by George Henry Harlow, 1814

    Thomas Rowlandson, pencil sketch by George Henry Harlow, 1814

    From Wikipedia/The Tate:

    Thomas Rowlandson (13 July 1756 – 21 April 1827) was an English artist and caricaturist of the Georgian Era, noted for his political satire and social observation. A prolific artist, he also wrote satirical verse under the pen name of Peter Pindar. Like other contemporary pre-Victorian caricaturists like James Gillray, he too depicted characters in bawdy postures and he also produced erotica which was censured by the 1840s. His caricatures included those of people in power such as the Duchess of Devonshire, William Pitt and Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Presented here are a series of illustrations by Rowlandson originally sold in a bound book printed in the mid 1810s titled "Rowlandson Erotiques." All of his work is now in the public domain and available to purchase as fetching wall art for your boudoir, powder room, or in-laws guest room (clutch pearls) from places like

    You can see the orignal versions on the Victoria & Albert Museum's online collections database. The versions here have been slightly tweaked to bring the color back to a casual observer's estimation of their original brilliance. (Gave 'em a little smack on the ass to make 'em pop!)

    Below in no particular order, the "Rowlandson Erotiques."

    Thomas Rowlandson Out Posts of a Camp

    Out Posts of a Camp

    Susanna and the Elders

    Susanna and the Elders

    The Swings

    The Swings



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  2. How Trans Guys Jerk Off

    How Trans Guys Jerk Off

    We LOVE this video! Originally posted last December–just in time for holiday gifting!–its still just as informative, and frankly, charming.

    YouTube and social media star Storm Ryan shows some (self) love for two stellar products from the Buck Angel® FTM Line by Perfect Fit Brand: The Buck-Off and the Kiss-X. En-JO-y!

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  3. FKIN (A)rt FRIDAY


    Meet the lovely, inclusive, LGBTQ loving artist, Felix D'Eon

    Tripping over the glorious queer art of Felix D'Eon whilst in a Twitter hole will stop even the most derailed ADD victim in their tracks. Vintage in feel, gracious and sensuous, D'Eon's art is a welome oasis in a digital world stobing by at seizure-inducing speed. 

    He aptly introduces himself on Twitter,  "I am a Mexican, latinx painter and activist dedicated to the art of queer love, romance, and sensuality." 

    Felix D'Eon

    Caption from his Facebook page: "The famed Edwardian pornographer, Felix d'Eon."

    Sweet, friskly, and lovely, this is feel-good art for everyone, wherever you fall on or near the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

    "The feeling of seeing oneself reflected in art is very important; this is something which I think straight people might take for granted," he told in an interview last year.

    From grand masterpieces (above) to figure painting, to tarot, shunga, and greeting cards, D'Eon's rich catalog is available to view and purchase online at Please do yourself a favor, and visit his website (just paging through the homepage slideshow is a delight), and don't miss the blog, to get a look behind the art. And buy some art!

    Felix D'Eon Love Is Love

    Above: Felix D'Eon "Love Is Love"

    From his website, here is his bio. 

    Felix was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to a French father and a Mexican mother. At a very young age, he and his family moved to Southern California, where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence. He attended college at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, and subsequently lived in San Francisco until 2010, when he returned to his native Mexico.

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  4. A Peek Inside the Adult Novelty (Sex Toy!) Biz

    A Peek Inside the Adult Novelty (Sex Toy!) Biz

    For an insight into the inner workings of the adult novelty (aka sex toy) industry, check two articles in the April issue of leading European erotic trade, EAN.

    Perfect Fit Brand - SHOTS EAN April 2019

    The first is on the landmark Perfect Fit Brand - SHOTS Europe distribution deal, which makes SHOTS the sole distributor or Perfect Fit Brand products for all of Europe.

    Steve Callow interview - SHOTS EAN April 2019

    The second is an interview with our CEO Steve Callow on the history of Perfect Fit Brand, the company philosophy behind the development of new products and the story of how the Buck Angel® FTM Line of products came to be, and what's next, particularly for the LGBTQ market.

    Read them both in the online version of the April 2019 EAN here or download the PDF version here. The story on the distribution deal and what it means starts on page 110. The interview with Steve is on page 168.



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  5. These Are Your 10 Top Gay Porn Stars of 2018

    These Are Your 10 Top Gay Porn Stars of 2018

    While you anticipate the release of the ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand line of toys coming this Spring, check Rocco and his bad self in the slideshow "These Are Your 10 Top Gay Porn Stars of 2018."

    Rocco Steele on

    @roccosteeleofficial @cutlerx_ @armond_rizzo1

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  6. Buck Angel's Black Party Story

    Buck Angel's Black Party Story

    The Hornet gay dating app Stories blog just posted a great piece in anticipation of the 40th annual, infamously sex, fetish-mad Black Party happening this weekend in NYC.

    Our very own Buck Angel®, of The Buck Angel® FTM Line by Perfect Fit Brand (and so much more) gave Hornet a particularly fun quote. Below is Buck as he was featured on the 2006 The Black Party® poster and his quote:

    Buck Angel Black Party 2006 poster

    "I performed at the Black Party in 2007. No one had ever seen a man with a pussy before, and they were losing their shit! Some were super awesome about it, and some were total assholes. But that’s how it always is when you are pushing boundaries and ideas.  So many horny men in one place and I could not believe I was there. But as I cruised the dance floor naked and only in my thigh-high work boots, the men started coming at me. Trying to touch my pussy as if it was not real. Eventually I got caught in a group of men who surrounded me. Started to push against me. Pushing me up in the air. About 30 men all grabbing at me like I was a piece of candy. They all wanted it. It was just about that time when I was literally up in the air with my arms and legs held by many and my legs spread and I thought so many scary thoughts.

    "Then a producer of the show came out of nowhere and said, “Buck! We’ve been looking for you. It’s your time onstage!” Basically saved by the bell! Who knows what would have happened, but the moral of this story is even if you are a gay man, do not underestimate the power of my pussy!”

    Read other quotes by filmmaker Leo Herrera, "gay porn mama," Mr. Pam, Black Party photographer BunnyZ, Casey Spooner and Michael Musto here.

    Below the NSFW teaser video for Rites XL: The Black Party® CALIGULA The Last Party Got to for more info, video, photos, FAQs.


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  7. Mainly Male interviews our CEO Steve Callow

    Mainly Male interviews our CEO Steve Callow

    A wee throwback from December 2018 from our buddies at Mainly Male.

    UK writer and author Gareth Johnson recently interviewed Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow for his entertainement an lifestyle news website. (Thanks, Gareth!) The two discuss Steve as a teen inventing masturbation devices, prostate stimulation, the sex toy biz and what he thinks your first sex toy should be.

    Here's the first Q&A:

    What was the first sex toy you ever used?

    The first toy I ever used, I made myself! I was always a very mechanically-oriented guy. I won science fair awards, and would build things all day long. After puberty, I started playing around making masturbation devices out of bicycle inner tubes and electric motors. I even made a dildo one day out dipping a dowel into melted wax — that’s how they taught me how to make candles in school! For years that dildo was in my closet!

    I was 20 when I bought my first sex toy — it was at the Pink Pussy Cat in NYC, from a lady behind the counter. I was so embarrassed to be in the store. Everything was behind the counter. My eyes were wide open with fascination. Not knowing what to buy, I bought the smallest thing I saw. It was a tiny tiny butt plug — about the size of my finger. The lady kept asking me if I was sure, she said it would be too small. I bought it anyway...

    Read the full interview here.

    About MainlyMale
    "Immerse yourself in the world of gay men as we bring you stories and insights focusing on fashion, lifestyle, film, entertainment, health, and sex."

    Subscribe to Gareth's G-TV weekly newsletter, which gives you a rundown of stories features on MainlyMale.

    Mainly Male Steve Callow Interview



    #mainlymale #gaynews #sextoys

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  8. FKIN A(rt) FRIDAY


    In 1999 this 1st century silver cup depicting men fucking was the most expensive single piece of art ever purchased by the British Museum

    Every Friday Erotic Intent will bring you a piece of erotic art history, from ancient Greece and Rome on up to the present day. You can see some good examples of a of erotic art through the ages in our very first post, "Dildos, Strap-ons, and Pegging: An Anal History."

    Today we present the Warren Cup and its history by way of Wikipedia (quoted text). 

    In 1999 the British Museum paid £1.8 mil ($3,682,147 today) for this 1st century Roman silver drinking cup. At the time it was the most expensive single piece of art ever purchased by the museum. 

    Depictions of gay sex where far more common in ancient Greek and Roman art that one would guess from the dearth of gay erotic art from this period on display today. Much of it was destroyed due to homophobia and ignorance. In fact, the authenticity of the Warren Cup was brought into question due to the gay sex scenes depicted. 

    "The cup is named after its first modern owner, Edward Perry Warren, notable for his art collection, which also included Rodin's The Kiss statue and Cranach's Adam and Eve painting."

    The Warren Cup

    "Illustrated drinking cups, often in pairs, were intended as dinner-party conversation pieces. Roman artwork on pottery, glass and wall-paintings with sexual acts represented were popular and were intended to be seen by all sections of society. The Romans had no word for homosexuality and the images on the Warren Cup provide an important insight into this aspect of their culture."

    FYI: In ancient Rome there were many rules regarding sex, but as the article just noted, no word for or concept of homosexualty, nor did the Romans sort people into categories based on sexual preference. There was not gay or straight. Furthermore, there was no sex-shaming for sex itself. 

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  9. Senior Citizens Are Having the Best Sex of Their Lives

    Senior Citizens Are Having the Best Sex of Their Lives

    Though one has to ask since when did being 50 years old become considered "senior," this informative little article dispels some myths and recognizes some truths.

    The article quotes one of our favorite sexperts, Joan Price, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50: How to Maintain — Or Regain! — a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life” and the voice behind the popular blog Naked At Our Age.

    Seniors are having the best sex of their lives - NY Post

    Read the full story here.

    Speaking of seniors and not-so-senior folks, Perfect Fit Brand makes several toys that may appeal to those like the couples in the article. The Zoro® strap-on is great for pegging, but also for guys with a little erectile dysfunction. The Bumper® Thrust Buffer™ provides some extra cushion for the pushin' for those for whom penetrative sex is too deep or contact with a partner's pelvis is uncomfortable.


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  10. Jay Alexander: a proud "power-vers"

    Jay Alexander: a proud "power-vers"

    We'll be sharing posts from the great UK gay website, Mainly Male on the regular. Whet your appetite with this one, a Q&A the porn babe Jay Alexander. Thanks to writer Gareth Johnson and Nuno Lopes at Mainly Male.

    Mainly Male Jay Alexander

    More Mainly Male:
    IG @mainlymale
    TW: @mainlymale


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