1. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    An interview with the creators of Phile Magazine: The International Journal of Desire and Curiosity

    For the edition of FKIN (A)rt Friday, we are lucky enough ot have an interview with the creators of the fascinating sex/art/culture magazine, Phile.

    They describe Phile as "a biannual journal exploring sexual subcultures, trends, and communities both obscure and well known from an overarching, sociological point of view."

    Phile Issue No. 3 Fall 2018 features Ana Benaroya, Andrew Griffiths, Annie Sprinkle, Ashkan Sepahv and Carlos Saez, D. Alex Pitagora, Ebecho Muslimova, Elizabeth Olear, Elizabeth Stephens, Fan Wu, Gregory Blunt, Huw Lemmey, Ion Birch, João Gabriel, Joseph Kadow, Julian DuFour, Lexi Minoa, Lindsay Dye, Mark Blower, Molly Matalon, Peaches, Prem Sahib, Robert Anthony O’Halloran, Robert Yang, Samantha Sutcliffe, Sholem Krishtalka, Sophia Larigakis, Valeria Herklotz, and Zack Kotzer. That’s a lot of culture! 

    The new issue of Phile is available to order online and shipping now to to cool art/book shops across North America and Europe. Go to to order and view a full list of stockists (bottom of the homepage).

    Now meet the creators of Phile. Images below are spreads from the new issue. ..

    Phile Magazine issues 3 2 and 1

    Some may consider Phile a fetish magazine, but you present its contents sans labels, as more of a buffet of interesting, unusual or just downright curious sexual practices for the pleasure and edification of your readers. Was this the original intention?

    Yes, that was always our intent. Since the subject of sexuality is so expansive and our desires are unique to each one of us, we wanted our content and the flow of the magazine to reflect that range. Our content is by and for everyone. Presenting writing and artwork from an overarching perspective is a crucial part of our practice and identity.

    Who are the people behind Phile and can you tell us a bit about the background of each? 

    The creators and Co-EICs of Phile are Mike Feswick and Erin Reznick. Mike is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in New York. His work explores desire, erotica and sexuality. As mentioned, he ran Up & Coming magazine and has worked in the sex industry in various ways for the past decade. Mike is the art director of Phile. 

    Erin is a producer and curator based between Toronto and Berlin. She has written for various magazines and has worked with an array of artists and musicians to create performances and cultural events around the world. Erin is the managing editor of Phile. 

    We also work closely with our designers Julia Troubetskaia and Tom van Ryzewyk who are also based in Toronto. They work collaboratively with us on the visual identity of Phile and create everything with us including the promotional posters, merchandise and the layout of the publication.

    Spread from Phile Issue No. 3 Fall 2018Spread from Phile Issue No. 3:  Left photo by Handcuffed. Right photo by PP LePoo.

    Spread from Phile Issue No. 3 Fall 2018Spread from Phile Issue No. 3: Carlos Saez - Human Appearance Optional

    How did Phile begin? As an idea? Collection of art you wanted people to see? Was there a manifesto? 

    We started Phile over two years ago after discussing the importance of sharing underrepresented stories. We wanted to create something that explored sexuality in a way that allows people to express themselves more freely. We consider Phile as an evolution of a previous project that Mike started in 2011 called Up & Coming. Up & Coming was a quarterly erotic pan-sexual magazine with the intention of showing various body types, genders and sexual practices. After becoming fast friends, we decided to start Phile as a larger, international publication that explores sexuality from an overarching perspective.

    Spread from Phile Issue No. 3 Fall 2018Spread from Phile Issue No. 3: Molly Matalon - Penny Pincher

    How do you cull and curate the art, content, writers for each issue? Is it a long process?

    The stories we share come from research, personal experience, conversations and submissions. Sometimes we think of a concept for a piece, commission the most appropriate writer and then think of a compatible artist to create work based on the writing. Sometimes the artwork comes first. In any case we commision people to create work based on their own personal experience. This keeps the content fresh and relevant, and allows our contributors to share their authentic stories.

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  2. The Art of Stroking

    The Art of Stroking

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator, is, you guessed it...a Perfect Fit!

    With an eye toward holiday shopping, Perfect Fit Brand presents their latest gift to men, The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator. 

    “We named it so because we feel that this innovative new toy truly does fit perfectly,” says inventor and Perfect Fit Brand CEO, Steve Callow. 

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator w/ Grips

    “This unique masturbator features our proven ribs and nubs design from our Fat Boy line,” says Callow, “but with a larger opening and thicker wall construction to provide a wonderful feeling of “tightness” without needing to be squeezed with your hand.” 

    There are two models, one with “with grips” (handles) and one without, both made from Perfect Fit Brand’s proprietary, super silky feeling SilaSkin™. 

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator w/ GripsAbove: The Perfect Fit Brand Male Masturbator with Grips.

    The model “with grips” is a fat round cylinder that has been molded to include handles on both sides of the toy to insure a controlled grip—perfect for times when the lube gets on the outside of the toy. 

    The model without handles is an octagonally shaped cylinder. 

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator no GripsAbove: Perfect Fit Brand Male Masturbator without grips.

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  3. How to Get Enough Physical Affection if You’re Single

    How to Get Enough Physical Affection if You’re Single

    A recent cartoon series on The New Yorker website put a funny spin on the sad reality that many of us are contact starved. Enough has been writtten about the myriad benefits of positive physical contact, from spooning with your honey to a hug, an arm around your buddy's shoulders or just silently holding hands and enjoying a walk in the park. So, a little levity for you on election day.

    How to Get Enough Physical Affection if You’re Single

    Above is the full image from the homepage teaser cartoon and below, another particularly funny one. See the series at

    New Yorker Physical Affection


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  4. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Meet Leonor Fini, Argentinian artist known for her depictions of powerful women

    For those lucky enought to live in or be visiting the New York City area, check out the new Leonor Fini exhibiton at the city's Museum of Sex.

    Titled "Leonor Fini: Theater of Desire, 1930-1990" and running September 28, 2018 – March 4, 2019, the exhibiton contains pantings, designs and illustrations by the prolific artist.

    Leonor Fini - Museum of Sex exhibitionLeonor Fini - Museum of Sex exhibition

    “I always imagined that I would have a life very different than the one imagined for me, but I understood from a very early age that I would have to revolt in order to make that life.” – Leonor Fini

    From the Museum of Sex webpage on the exhibition:

    The Museum of Sex (MoSEX) presents Leonor Fini: Theatre of Desire, 1930-1990, the first American museum survey of the work of Argentine-Italian artist Leonor Fini (b. 1907, Buenos Aires, Argentina–d. 1996, Paris, France). The exhibition will immerse visitors in Leonor Fini’s life and career from the 1930s to the 1980s. Although Fini exhibited in major Surrealist surveys throughout the 1930s and 40s, and counted Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí as friends, she rejected the invitation to officially join the group, disavowing movement leader André Breton’s traditional view of woman as muse.

    Le carrefour d’hecate, 1977-78Le carrefour d’hecate, 1977-78

    Multi-talented and fearlessly forward thinking, she refused to be categorized in any way, especially through gender norms. Her art explored the masculine and feminine, dominance and submission, eroticism and humor. She also went beyond the medium of painting to embrace theatre, ballet, the illustrated book and costume. She not only rejected tradition and social conventions, she insisted that identity, like artistic expression, is never fixed – it must constantly be open to inspiration and imagination.    

    Leonor Fini  Les Aveugles, 1968Leonor Fini  Les Aveugles, 1968

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  5. When Good Sex Begets Bad Sex

    When Good Sex Begets Bad Sex

    In case you missed it, the fourth single from electroduo Fisherspooner's album "SIR"--"TopBrazil," originally released back in January, is about "the dark side of sexual compulsion and the internet."

    Fischerspooner SIR

    Left, "SIR" album cover. Right, "SIR" album cover as displayed at the album premiere at The Guggenheim Museum in April 2018.

    "Specifically," says Casey Fischer, "it’s about an experience I had in Rome with a super hot Roman college student who snuck me into his home while his parents were sleeping and we had this amazing awesome epic incredible illicit night of sex."

    "And the next day I got greedy and thirsty and hungry and I wanted it again, but with another person. So I went and I hooked up with this guy and his profile name was TopBrazil—and it was a nightmare."

    "He was an awful person, he was weird and awkward and rude. The whole experience was terrible. I don’t know why I stayed and I don’t know why I went through with it."

    "SIR" was produced by Spooner's boyfriend, Michael Stipe of REM. The album, which celebrates sex, queerdom and old school gay decadence, was written for Spooner's "queer family and our special kind of love" and a "statement against the current anti-gay Neo-nazi presidency."

    Casey Spooner and Michael Stipe by Hans Neumann

    Casey Spooner and Michael Stipe by Hans Neumann

    Previous "SIR"  singles include "Have Fun Tonight" and "Togetherness," the video's for which are below.



    #fischerspooner #badsex #topbrazil

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  6. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Get into the gorgeous, gloriously erotic Man Art of renowned fashion illustrator and artist, Richard Vyse

    Man Imagines by Richard Vyse

    Thanks to a recent post on, you're being turned on to the art of Richard Vyse. A former fashion illustrator, he dedicates his time to painting beatiful, vibrant and sensous males nudes.

    by Richard Vyse

    by Richard Vyse

    Wet Dream by Richard Vyse

    Wet Dream by Richard Vyse

    Richard's Man Art has been presented in numerous art publications, including, in order of most recent, Congruence Journal of Literary and Art, Noisy Rain Magazine, Angry Old Man Magazine, Jack the Lad, Advocate, Mascular. (All are interesting, welcome divergences from mainstream gay media, so we've include links in the names of all.)

    by Richard Vyse

    Man Hunk by Richard Vyse

    Man Mood by Richard Vyse

    Man Mood by Richard Vyse

    So, herewith, our first, though brief, Q&A with an artist for our FKIN (A)rt Friday series on Erotic Intent. Meet Richard Vyse and his lush, louche and lovely art, much of which is available purchase. More on that at the end of the post.

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  7. Rachael McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality Gleefully Reviews the Fat Boy Sport

    Rachael McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality Gleefully Reviews the Fat Boy Sport

    One of our favorite video reviews, check out this one for the Fat Boy Sport by award winning UK-based sex & relationship coach, Rachael McCoy (above) of Inspiring Sexuality

    Rachael McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality at XBIZ 2016 UK

    About the Fat Boy Sport, Rachael says,

    “We both actually loved it!”  

    “Even though it was a bit naughty that my man’s cock was so massive, it felt really, really good!”  

    "All in all I think this a great product and it might not be something that you’d originally go for,  but I really enjoyed it, so I highly recommend."

    In additional to being fun to use with your partner, Rachael, being the thorough and inquisitive reviewer that she is, discovered to her pleasure that the Fat Boy Sport is great solo!

    Ladies, watch the video to learn how Rachael turned the Fat Boy Sport into a masturbator that “wasn’t like the standard vibrator or a big hard thing, it has a soft squidgy texture, which made you feel full, which was a completely different sensation, which I really liked.”

    For more info and to purchase the Fat Boy Sport click here or go to, click the dropdown menua and select Fat Boy Extenders.


    @Rachael_ISxpert #rachaelmccoy #inspiringsexuality #sextoys #perfectfitbrand

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  8. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    The Violators exhibition by subversive, thought-provoking, NYC artist, GIO BLACK PETER opens today October 19 and runs through October 12 at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in New York City.

    Gio Black Peter (Giovanni Andrade Paolo Guevara, born 1979 in Guatemala) is a New York-based performance artist as well as an ardent visual artist. He examines text and subject, truth and fakery, rebellion and authority. 

    Gio Black Peter by Bruce La Bruce

    Gio Black Peter byLaBruce.

    His subversive work has quickly earned him a name in the downtown New York scene of young emerging artists who participate in today's dialogue about the deconstruction of high profile, white box presentation and the desire to raise art awareness.

    Communion, Le Loup by Gio Black Peter

    Communion, Le Loup by Gio Black Peter. Acrylic, gold leaf, on wood.

    Gio Black Peter - Communion, Party Boy. Acrylic, gold leaf, on wood

    Communion, Party Boy. Acrylic, gold leaf, on wood. Gio Black Peter.

    Communion, Daniel by Gio Black Peter

    Communion, Daniel by Gio Black Peter. See more from the Communion (glory hole) series at

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  9. 12 Things Every Gay/Bi Man Should Know about Prostate Cancer

    12 Things Every Gay/Bi Man Should Know about Prostate Cancer

    "Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer (from Diagnosis to Recovery)" is the latest book from LGBTQ scholarly publisher Harrington Park Press and like previous titles from the imprint, such as "Transgender Sex Work and Society" and "LGBTQ Hospice and Palliative Care," the book is one of the first of its kind. 

    Gay & Bi Men Living with Prostate Cancer book cover

    The book, edited by Jane M. Ussher, Janette Perz B.R., Simon Rosser was written not only for the medical community treating gay and bi men with prostate cancer, but also as a supportive resource for gay and bi men diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is the most current and comprehensive book on the subject published to date, incorporating the tremendous new developments in cancer treatment from the past ten years. 

    Here, Dr. Simon Rosser and Dr. Bill West, coauthors of several chapters in "Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer,” answer 12 questions and offer advice to gay and bi men facing prostate cancer. Simon and Bill are married, out and living with prostate cancer.

    12 Things Every Gay/Bisexual Man should Know about Prostate Cancer 

    B. R. Simon Rosser and William West

    1. How common is prostate cancer in our community?

    Prostate cancer is the #1 invasive cancer for men and the most common cancer in the gay male community. One in seven gay men will be diagnosed in their lifetimes. Since gay male couples have two prostates, they have twice the risk than heterosexual couples or a one-in-three chance. 

    2. What are the symptoms of prostate cancer? 

    Prostate cancer typically develops without symptoms which is why it needs to be detected through a blood test (the Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA test) and by a doctor feeling for any abnormalities during a digital rectal (or finger up the butt) exam. Two common prostate problems should not be confused with prostate cancer. As we age, our prostates typically get larger which can lead to problems urinating. This is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. Prostatitis refers to when the prostate gets infected or inflamed.  

    3. So, what causes prostate cancer? 

    Older men, men with a family history of prostate cancer, and African American men are at greater risk of diagnosis and/or worse outcomes. Our research indicates that HIV positive men and bisexual-identified men have worse outcomes than HIV negative men and gay-identified men, respectively. Gay “lifestyle” factors – such as being gay versus straight, lots of sex or no sex, amount and rigor of receptive anal sex, smoking, drug and alcohol use, a history of sexually transmitted diseases and long-distance cycling – have not been associated with greater risk or worse outcomes. 

    4. So, why is prostate cancer in gay men an issue? 

    Different prostate cancer treatments have different effects on our sexual functioning. About 20 percent of patients treated with radiation experience radiated bowel, which makes receptive anal sex painful to impossible. Conversely, almost all men treated with surgery (and many with radiation as well) will have erection difficulties, after treatment, making insertive sex very challenging. Treatment can also effect penis size, ability to ejaculate, experience of orgasm, pleasure in receptive sex, and urinary problems during sex or at orgasm. This makes it important to discuss gay sex with your specialist as part of choosing which treatment will have the least side effects for you.

    5.  If I want to be checked for prostate cancer, what should I know?

    The typical test for prostate cancer involves both a blood test and a digital rectal exam. Because massage of the prostate may hypothetically affect the blood results, we recommend you refrain from receptive anal sex or other anal stimulation for 48 hours before the blood is drawn and make sure the blood is drawn before the digital exam.

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  10. "This Photographer Takes Beautiful, Powerful Shots Of "Nude Grandmothers" (NSFW)" - BUST

    "This Photographer Takes Beautiful, Powerful Shots Of "Nude Grandmothers" (NSFW)" - BUST

    In a country and era where agism runs rampant, come this ray of pink sunlight. Bust Magazine recently ran a series of photographs by Natalie Krick that are at once glorious and empowering. Kudos to both Bust and Natalie for celebrating ageless sexuality.

    Bust - Nude Grandmothers

    Bust Arts writer, Lydia Wang @lydiaetc writes:

    The Nude Grandmothers project, a series of nude portraits of older women, began as a collaboration between Krick and photo editor Amanda Gorence. “The impetus was to create a celebratory and liberating piece that explores female sensuality later in life, and how it evolves,” Gorence says of the series. “Women are often ‘aged out’ of conversations around sexuality at a certain point. We wanted to demystify that idea.” 

    Bust - Nude Grandmothers - Judith_02 Natalie Krick

    Krick’s art often challenges perceptions of beauty, femininity, and nudity. The photographer, whose art has been featured everywhere from The New Yorker to Marie Claire South Africa to The Huffington Post, draws a lot of inspiration from fashion media and pin-ups, but she enjoys “playing with these cliches of beauty and sexuality,” she tells BUST.

    “I felt conflicted when I looked at photographs of women in mainstream culture,” Krick says. “I started to think about how these photographs were constructed. How is the body styled and posed to appear female and sexual? How are the photographs retouched to appear beautiful?”

    Read the full article and see many more of Natalie Krick's photos on



    #ageismsucks #nataliekrick #nudegrandmothers #bustmagazine

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