1. How To Enjoy Extreme Orgasms and Satisfaction with Perfect Fit Cock Rings

    How To Enjoy Extreme Orgasms and Satisfaction with Perfect Fit Cock Rings

    Every man wants an orgasm that lasts longer than it usually does, but up until recently, there were very few options available to address this issue. 

    However, times have changed! Today, we have access to something better than fake performance-enhancing drugs and other similar stimulants. Our secret weapon is a PENIS RING. 

    Considerably a new product, we’ve often found people getting shy about addressing their questions such as ‘What does a penis ring do?’ or ‘How to use a cock ring?’. We are here to help you guys once and for all. We will try to answer all of these and many more to get a comprehensive understanding of what cock rings are. 

    What Really is a Cock Ring?

    To avoid any confusion, let us straighten the fact that penis rings have many different names, such as constriction band, cock ring, c-ring, wrap ring and tension ring. No matter what we call it, the main functionality of the ring is to help men keep an erection for a more extended period enabling both user and their partners to have enhanced pleasure. The ring is usually wrapped around the base of the penis; however, some people prefer wearing it around their testicles and penis simultaneously.  

    How does a Penis Ring Works?

    To understand the working principle of a penis ring, one must first understand the penis anatomy. A penis becomes erect when the brain and local nerves emit impulses to the penis muscle to relax, allowing blood to flow and fill the open spaces. The cock ring pressurizes the penis enabling it to hold on to the blood for a longer time. This makes it possible for the penis to become firmer and allows the erection to last longer. Here is the reason why experts are recommending people always buy the best penis rings

    What Should a Newbie Know about Cock Rings?

    The first thing to consider before using a cock ring is to check the material on which the product is manufactured. Next, consider trying our perfect fit cock rings made of our special and unique materials. These penis rings showcase excellent chemical stability and are considered to be safe by many experts. 

    It is best to opt for high-quality rings made of either medical or food-grade silicone. Another essential factor to know is that any authority does not regulate these sex toys. Therefore, it is vital to research how the material used to manufacture these cock rings interacts with our bodies.

    Be Open to Trying out New Things Every Once in a While

    It is understandable to be hesitant about trying out new things, but when it comes to cock rings, we must recognize the benefits associated with them. The advantage might be great for both men and women, creating new experiences and spicing up intimate moments. These benefits include:

    • Erectile dysfunction: Many people find it challenging to keep an erection and cock rings are a great solution for this problem as it holds the blood in the penis making the erection last longer.
    • No more performance anxiety: This problem is common among many men, and using a cock ring can help relax the nerves and boost confidence during sex.
    • More pleasure: Cock rings enhance pleasure as they increase the girth of the penis, resulting in better penetration and benefiting both partners during sex.    

    Using Cock and Ball Play Rings

    Cock and ball play rings are kind of the superstar among cock rings. These innovative rings are designed to go around both the testicles and penis simultaneously. Reviewers prefer this kind of ring as it is easy to put on or take off and easy to clean like any other cock ring.

    Sex Positions with Cock Rings

    There are various sex positions to try out with a penis ring. Experts say that the combination of doggy-style and penis rings is a favorite among users. As a matter of fact, cock rings can be significant even for a solo hand job session as the user can experience an intense orgasm.

    Adjustable Cock Rings Like Wrap Rings is Definitely Worth a Shot

    Many people are fans of the adjustable cock rings that go around the penis and the testicles. These rings can be adjusted to suit the preferences of the wearer, where the tightness of the ring is adjusted to fit the size of the penis perfectly. Furthermore, these rings are easy to use and durable as they last for various sessions. 

    Final Thoughts

    With more and more people looking for ways to spice things up in these stressful times, cock rings are a top choice for many people from almost all demographics. In addition, these rings can be great for people with erectile dysfunction enhancing both pleasure and satisfaction derived from sex.

    However, one must always use lubricants with cock rings and take note of other safety precautions. Most importantly, one must avoid wearing a cock ring for over thirty minutes, leading to further complications.

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  2. If you Like it, then you Should have put a Ring on It

    If you Like it, then you Should have put a Ring on It

    The Wrap Ring Is ‘The Cock rings Of The Future!’ the idea of moving to the depth of playtime allowed us to get innovative with the potatoes. No, we didn't just invent a Rubber Band for steaming pleasure, but we did engineer the XPLAY® Ultra wrap ring for one purpose: ‘Ease Of Use And Complete Versatility.’

     Now, for those who have no idea of cock and ball rings, let’s get started!

    How did the XPLAY® Wrap rings idea came up?

    It wasn’t another Sunday! But, the CEO and brand innovator of Perfect Fit Brand, Steve Callow, already holds a spot for his innovation around penis rings. The Award Winner designer, with a history of wrap rings that were previously launched in 2019, wanted to reach up the peak of satisfaction, and so, the Wrap ring idea comes up!

     The product is engineered using a unique molding process that challenges the definition of a penis ring. The product is prepared with a premium silicone material and complemented with an ultra-premium silicone spray that eliminates any possibility of hair grab. The rings are versatile in their approach, providing both gentle and aggressive levels of restriction. How? Simply reduce or increase the number of wraps

    How can you make the best use of our XPLAY® Wrap rings?

    The key to finding the best use of our wrap rings is to know your size! To begin with, don’t just pick up any adjustable penis rings from the store. Instead, understand your size whenever you hunt the stores to buy cock rings. Finding your size can be a bit of eye-balling, or maybe a matter of tape or string measure, and some trial and error.

    Now, if you’re wondering ‘how tight should a penis ring be’, let’s be clear, you’ll know you’ve found your fit when the ring fits snuggly on your erection, without hurting or making you uncomfortable. The best tip on putting on a penis ring for beginners is to stretch the ring to its maximum girth and then pass it through their penis and testicles (one at a time). Once done, you’re ready for a great erection!

    Why should XPlay Wrap Rings be the First choice?

    Well, if you don’t believe in our success story and customer reviews, here’s the deal!

    1. XPlay Wrap Rings are known for how they’re engineered. A soft silicone SilaSkin product is manufactured to provide you with nothing but the best of both worlds.
    1. Our proprietary blend of Silicone and TPR helps us develop the best cock rings that are both comfortable and convenient. With such a blend, isn’t it evident that you’ll get the performance you think you deserve?
    1. While the market is flooded with various rings for users of every type, our designs are developed from scratch. We don’t just pick up the top sellers and re-engineer it into a new product but create cock and ball rings that are simple, comfortable, and have the desired stretchiness for every size.

    At Perfect Fit Brand, our Xact-Fit Rings have been a great success, thanks to the versatility in sizes that we came up with. From creating rings up to 14 sizes to making them comfortable and not too stretchy, our XPlay Ultra Wrap Ring should be the first choice for customers of every type, from beginners to experienced users. 

    The Adjustable Penis Wrap rings

    The adjustable penis wrap rings are a product for extreme satisfaction without taking a toll on your penis. These penis rings are an end to your search for ‘how to use a dick ring’ besides giving you a harder erection. 

    These cock rings wrap around your penis and testicles without hurting you. The PFblend gives you a convenient and pleasant feeling around the penis, leaving a hold on you. 

    Stop your search for the perfect penis ring as it is finally here; the stretchy and firm XPlay Ultra Wrap Rings delivers a proper fit, creating an element of pleasure into your sex life.

    Safety tips to consider while using wrap rings

    1. Don’t rush. In the beginning, always go for a stretchy ring that comfortable, flexible, and very soft, and not restrictive for you.
    1. Go for a fitted cock ring for starters:  Don’t overthink the perfect size on your first pick. Instead, start with multiple sizes of wrap rings, and then decide which one fits you the best.
    1. Experiment with variations: Now that you have an idea of the proper size, it is time for you to experiment. Go for the mixed packages, ranging from the torso-fitted cock ring to the combo cock ring with ball-stretcher, or maybe a torso-fitted cock ring that comes with a butt plug.
    1. Stay away from metal cock rings: Stay away from metals (at least until and unless you have no idea of the perfect size).

    What are you waiting for? Go, put on the ring, and spice up your sex life!

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  3. You Can Thank Us Gays By Steve Callow, © 2021

    You Can Thank Us Gays By Steve Callow, © 2021

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO, innovator, and inventor Steve Callow shares his perspective on how the gay/lesbian community had a trailblazing effect in the sex toy industry in the past decades. 


    We live in a world where Gay Pride has been marginalized and stolen from the gays as celebration for all minorities who have sought for some level of equality. Do I sound bitter over that? Well, I am, because the impact this event had on today’s acceptance of gays and lesbians deserves its own celebration – it was their courage and decades-long fight that got us to where we are. But this is just one aspect of the importance of Stonewall, as I can make an argument that it’s the gays who can be thanked for much of what has become mainstream today sexually. Though at different times in history, practically every type of sex has been seen as a sin by the religions, it was intentionally the primary method of sex for gay men that was made illegal and remains illegal in many places in the world. It was only within the last 20 years that the supreme court overruled the sodomy law in 14 states, including Texas.  

    Stonewall occurred in ‘69 and started a movement where gay men and women were not going to be put to shame and ostracized for what others called a deviant lifestyle. That lifestyle included anal sex, group sex, sex clubs, S&M and fisting to name a few. For decades, gay men like me grew up being told it was wrong, it was sick, and it was disgusting. But we knew it wasn’t – it was exciting, enjoyable and extremely sexually gratifying. With no possibility of tolerance from the outside world, we sought out safe places to engage in our deviant sex and live our lives as best we could. However, the disgust went so deep in the heterosexual world (by some only of course) that we were still harassed and often even beaten or killed for it. 

    But, in just one generation, all of the above activities have become mainstream, printable in major press, and even taught to young people. What changed? 35 years ago, were men getting pegged by their girlfriends and openly discussing it with their friends? Were straight men going into the sex shop and buying cock rings to make their package bigger when they walked down the street? Were guys asking their girlfriends to rim them? What about light bondage and S&M? Was it considered deviant in the straight community? 

    If I were to ask you how many cock rings were sold from your store 20 years ago to straight men, versus gay men, I’d suspect you’d say not many (by the way I have no data to support that claim). But, when I look at how many cock rings were on the market 20 years ago, it was clearly not the market it has become today. 

    The reality for many cities that had “gaybourhoods” is that they have long since become the heart of yuppy baby slingers. The safe and tolerant environment the gays created and the fixer-upper mentality made these areas cool and fun to live in. The gays are displaced, and although they may have had to start nesting in nearby areas in the last five to 10 years, there really is no need to since gay men and women can safely move anywhere, they want now. Add the demise of cruising at bars as a result of the explosion of online hook up sites – started in 2001 with launch of – there is no need to seek out a gay area for cruising to meet like-minded individuals. Although was around earlier and I think takes the title of the first online dating site, there was a difference between dating and hooking up at that time. Today, the straight sites like Tinder offer the same easy hook-up platform that Grindr created in 2009. Hooking up is no longer considered taboo – it is mainstream and even desirable. Gays led the path to sexual freedom but more specifically to hooking up without guilt frequently. What continued was a trend of erosion of the differences of accepted values between the gay and straight sexual worlds, and this also led to exploration of sexual practices.    

    If I look at the examples of what was considered deviant or specifically gay/lesbian a few decades ago and what is now considered acceptable and hetero-approved/mainstream, I would say the hetero world owes the gay/lesbian world a big thank you.   

    The men and women who took stand at Stonewall were the first non-visible minority to fight for their sexual beliefs in a newsworthy scale, as these individuals made it clear to the world that what they were naturally driven to do sexually was not going to be suppressed. I say, “Thank you,” for fighting back and staying true to their desires. They set a foundation for allowing the development of products that at first were specifically for the gay man/woman but would eventually become mainstream, like cock-rings, enemas, large dildos, butt plugs and strap-ons. 

    Thank you to the early merchants who recognized that opportunity for developing products specifically for the gay man. There was Doc Johnson who developed a number of products that were very popular among the gay man and some of my personal favorites, and Cal Exotics who developed the Colt range of products and a handful of other vendors. When I first saw these products on the shelf, it was a validation that gay men and women were needing different products then what was being offered in the mainstream at the time. I suspect these adventurous manufacturers didn’t know that most of those specialized products would later become mainstream categories and in fact huge revenue earners from a mainstream placement. Thank you to these manufacturers for taking the time to understand the needs of gay men and women. But we also have to remember those gay men and women who went into the shops; they often had to find the products behind a curtain or from behind the counter as they were not considered “pleasing” to other consumers. These shoppers were brave enough to overcome the shame that followed them when paying at the counter. I doubt anyone feels much shame today about buying a cock ring or large dildo at an adult store.   

    This all happened in the last three decades. Even if I look back at my first sex toy company and the development of a douche system that was going to make life a bit easier for the gay man, that was only 18 years ago, but it immediately sparked a number of other brands to enter the markets, and suddenly, there was an enema/douche category, and stores created a space for a selection of items. This category has since evolved from being a gay man’s category to being an “everyone” category. 

    This movement has opened the new frontier and we have products for transgender and non-binary communities as well as sexual wellness.  Some of these sex toy innovations have even given new breath to medicalized products. 

    Today we still need and want to have stores that appeal to different sexualities and types of interest. But the audience willing to shop at specialized stores is much broader than it was years ago. You will often see heterosexual couples shopping in a “gay” themed store without any hesitation, and the vice versa. Isn’t this wonderful?

    So next time you sell a strap-on to a heterosexual couple, you may fairly be wondering if it is for pegging or for him to wear or both, and it really does not matter because all of these uses are understood today to be completely acceptable, understandably desirable and without any sexual “labelling” implied. 

    And you can thank the gay men and women who stood up at Stonewall for being true to their identity and sexual desires and the vendors who made products for the deviants of the time. Without these first products on the market and the shoppers for them, we may never have had the selection and acceptance of products available today. 

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  4. Boss Talk: Patent Power!

    Boss Talk: Patent Power!

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO, innovator and inventor Steve Callow has a plan to battle intellectual property theft and support innovation in the adult novelty biz.

    XBIZ April 2020 Steve Callow Op-Ed

    The following post by Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow first appeared as an Op-Ed column in the April 2020 issue of adult novelty industry trade XBIZ Premiere. Titled, "Patent Power: Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow Talks Protecting Sex Toy Inventions," it is the lastest in a sereis of XBIZ Premeire Op-Ed pieces by Steve on protecting intellectual property in the adult novelty (sex toy) industry.

    Previous articles include, "Supporting Innovation: Could Creating an Innovation Council Protect Intellectual Property?" and "Protecting Innovation: Why Is Intellectual Property Theft Tollerated?" You can read the both on our Erotic Intent blog by tapping the links.

    XBIZ April 2020 Steve Callow Op-Ed

    Sex Toy Inventor Steve Callow Showa of his Big…500 page Strap-on Dildo Patent and talks about the patenting process

    For sex toy inventor Steve Callow, sexual pleasure is serious business. His company, Perfect Fit Brand manufactures a wide variety of unique sex toys, known in the trade as “adult novelties. Key to Callow’s success is his intellectual property (IP), the designs of his innovative products, which he rigorously protects with patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

    As an outspoken critic of copycat manufacturers and the distributors and retailers who sell their products, Callow has written a series of op-eds for adult novelty trade publication, XBIZ Premiere on the subject. See the online November and December 2019 issues for his articles, “Protecting Innovation: Why is Intellectual Property Theft Tolerated?” and follow-up, “Supporting Innovation: Could Creating an Innovation Council Protect Intellectual Property?”

    “IP theft is killing innovation,” says Callow. “Lost revenues caused by stolen IP has a direct effect on the industry’s ability to grow. Companies that make dupes rob innovators of their deserved revenue and thus discourage new inventors from entering the marketplace.”

    While battling the copycats can be nearly as time consuming as applying for and securing a patent, if you believe in your product, the bottom line is get that patent!

    One of Perfect Fit Brand’s greatest hits is the Zoro™ strap-on dildo. A sleek, one-pieced molded unit, it remains unique in the market. Designed ergonomically for comfort, and access to genitals, it is also a great alternative for couples for whom ED is an issue. To patent the Zoro™ was a no brainer.

    Another among many patented products is the Bumper® Thrust Buffer™–a giant soft donut of a penis ring designed to help ease sex in cases where either the male partner is too long, or to soften the contact between partners who have less "cushion for the pushing,'" such as seniors and those with more prominent pelvic bones. 

    This past December, Callow finally received the official patent package for the Zoro™. Below he answers a few questions about the patenting process for both the Zoro® and The Bumper® Thrust Buffer™.

    Zoro Patent

    The patent for the Zoro® was 499 pages! Who knew patents were so voluminous?
    Yes! This utility patent had a 499 page "envelope" and was the result of significant back and forth with the USPTO. Our lawyers even went to the trouble to qualify me as an established inventor–a multiple patent holder–and expert in sex toy design, which will help us greatly in future patent apps

    How long did it take to get the Zoro® patent?
    We started the development of the patent application in September 2014 and filed in early 2015.  So it took about five years.

    What were the major hurdles?
    The biggest hurdle was proving that the molded base plate design was significantly better in terms of performance and comfort and that was not an “obvious” improvement to existing types of strap-ons. 

    A little patent 101:  “Utility patents” cover functionality and not physical looks. If a new patent application is not functionally different than an old patent’s function, let’s say it has three strap holes instead of two, or it looks different and has some sort of feature that is an improvement, the USPTO considers existing artwork and assesses if the new application is really an update to an existing patent, or what they call “an obvious improvement” to existing artwork. If the latter, they will deny the petitioners claim.

    Initially, they considered our invention as an “obvious improvement” to an old patent, but I felt strongly that it was a significant new concept. I provided the required support materials (including customer reviews) and also pointed out that if our design was merely an “obvious” improvement, why had no one else attempted to file a patent for it? The USPTO reconsidered, then reversed their original denial and approved the patent.

    Zoro Patent schematic

    You mentioned having long phone conversations. What was the issue you were discussing and how was it resolved?
    We had many issues to address, as our patent application had very broad claims, and some of these had already been previously covered in existing artwork (patents).  We focused on creating the specific language that covered my invention appropriately, while not competing with other (mostly expired) existing patents claims. We also registered the name “Zoro®.”

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  5. Should You Have Sex With Your Roommate?

    Should You Have Sex With Your Roommate?

    Men's Health sexuality editor Zachary Zane (the same writer who gave us the rave "The Jack Daddy Is the Daddy of All Masturbators" rave review) taps a few of his experts to discuss the pros and cons of shtupping your roomate. Read the story on here.

    Men's Health Should you have sex with your roommate?

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  6. A Little Throwback Love for Our Bull Bag Buzz from

    A Little Throwback Love for Our Bull Bag Buzz from

    A little throwback for ya. Hilarious Bull Bag Buzz feature on

    The Bull Bag by Perfect Fit Brand

    "When it comes to male sex toys, the focus is always on the meat rather than the potatoes. I decided to put my nuts in the Bull Bag to find out if there is a whole new world of pleasure I'm missing out on."

    "Balls are crazy. They're always there, flopping to and fro underneath the shaft, but they exist somewhere on the periphery of our consciousness, an essential but rarely acknowledged component of the whole, much like George Harrison's role in the Beatles..." Continue reading the review on

    Below, Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow explains the Bull Bag Buzz. Check out the Bull Bag Buzz for yourself here


    #sextoys #cbt #perfectfitbrand 

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  7. Sex Therapist Says Our Toys Will Change Your Life!

    Sex Therapist Says Our Toys Will Change Your Life!

    In another throwback HuffPo story, "12 Sex Toys That Sex Therapists Say Will Change Your Life," Stephen Snyder, a sex therapist in New York City and the author of Love Worth Making: How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Term Relationship recommended two of our most unique products, The Play Zone Kit and The Bumper. Here's what he had to say about each. 

    The Bumper by Perfect Fit Brand“The Bumper is made by a company called Perfect Fit. This very soft silicone device fits over the base of a man’s penis, reducing penetration depth. Ideal for men with very long penises who can’t thrust freely for fear of hurting their partners — or for couples craving a different kind of thrusting sensation. This video shows how it works.”

    Play Zone Kit with Xact-Fit Cock Ring System

    “Again from Perfect Fit, this Play Zone Kit takes the guesswork out of selecting a cock ring. You get a full set of silicone cock rings of various sizes stacked on a conical tower, so you can experiment with which ones work best for you.”

    Pretty sweet! Thanks Stephen!

    Read the full article on HuffPo. More about Stephen Snyder here.


    @SexualityToday #sextherapist #huffpo #cockring #perfectfitbrand 

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  8. The Jack Daddy Is the Daddy of All Masturbators – Men's Health

    The Jack Daddy Is the Daddy of All Masturbators – Men's Health

    Whoo-Hoo! Men's Health, the men's magazine with the biggest readership on the planet, just gave our ROCCO™ Jack Daddy a big ol' rave review. It's just one of 5 new products from the brand spanking (hello!) new ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand line of innovative, great looking and even better feeling toys.

    We're not that surprised, really, as it is a pretty damn amazing stroker, but nice to see it down in black and white. Thanks Zachary Zane!

    Here's a screenshot...

    Men's Health Jack Daddy Quote

    And here's the bottom line:

    Men's Health Jack Daddy Quote

    Read the full, very thorough review on

    ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand

    Check out the ROCCO™ Jack Daddy and the full ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand line for yourself here or just tap the Perfect Fit Brand logo up top. •

    ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand Jack Daddy



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  9. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Trippy art from our favorite dominatrix

    A quick and dirty (ish) post to display a handful of terrific photos of our favorite dominatrix, Lyra Lethe, aka Domina Lyra. Take a scroll, then read our "Interview with a Dominatrix," where Lyra discusses everything from her work, which "specialize in dark, creative rituals that provoke transformation and catharsis," to the soundtrack in her dungeon to her fascination with ancient gods and mysticism.

    FFollow Lyra Lethe on Instagram @lyralethe

    All photos by Lyra Lethe.

    Photo courtesy of Lyra Lethe

    Photo courtesy of Lyra Lethe

    Photo courtesy of Lyra Lethe

    Photo courtesy of Lyra Lethe



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  10. Boss Talk: How Copycats are Killing Sex Toy Innovation

    Boss Talk: How Copycats are Killing Sex Toy Innovation

    Copycat manufacturer's and their supporters are killing sex toy innovation.

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO, innovator and inventor Steve Callow has a plan to battle intellectual property theft and support innovation in the adult novelty biz.

    The following post by Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow first appeared as an Op-Ed column in the December 2019 issue of adult novelty industry trade XBIZ Premiere. Titled, "Supporting Innovation: Could Creating an Innovation Council Protect Intellectual Property?" it is essentially the "part 2" to his a previous article, "Protecting Innovation: Why Is Intellectual Property Theft Tollerated?" which appeard in the November XBIZ Premiere. You can read it on Erotic Intent here.

    In an effort to continue to share insights into the sex toy biz, we thought we’d share an edited version here on the Perfect Fit Brand blog, Erotic Intent.

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow XBIZ Op-Ed Dec 2019

    "Supporting Innovation: Could Creating an Innovation Council Protect Intellectual Property?" by Perfect Fit Brand CEO and inventor, Steve Callow.

    As many people say, there is no sense in whining about something unless you have a potential remedy.  In my last opinion piece titled “Protecting Innovation” in the November issue,  I made an argument that the small Innovation companies are being robbed of their rightful revenue by intellectual property (IP) theft. In this article I will present one potential way to seriously address this issue in a meaningful way.  I feel it is simple and uses good judgement and teamwork as the engine. 

    To recap, I looked at the real cost to Innovators and the number of cost savings an IP thief or, if you prefer, “designer who is inspired,” has to gain by just copying it.  Copying ground-breaking innovations typically happens after the innovation has proven itself, and all the hard and costly development work has been completed.  I also suggested that there is a general acceptance of this practice and that the first tier of buyers are usually well aware of the IP theft or “inspiration”, and purchase and sell the knock-offs without much fight.

    I also described the usual list of research and development (R&D) costs, both time and cash investment, that go into innovating a single product.  Honestly, being a copycat is a great business model, because they take someone else’s  idea and design, and build their copy or “inspired” version after it is proven, without having to spend any the innovators costs, while reducing risk substantially as the product is already proven.  What do they eliminate?  Years of R&D, prototyping, direct sales efforts, training effort, public relations expense, etc.

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