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  1. Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow featured in XBIZ Premiere Magazine

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO  Steve Callow featured in XBIZ Premiere Magazine

    Check out this nice feature on Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow in this month's issue of XBIX Premiere Magazine! Pretty sweet!

    Perfect Fit's head honcho never set out to be a sex toy celebrity. “I was walking down a street in Toronto and somebody I’ve never met came up to me and asked if I was Steve Callow,” remarks the CEO. If Steve had chosen to become a known face, he might not have originally planned his fame to center around an anal douching product. As luck (or rather the niche market) would have it, that's exactly how Callow and his business nabbed a spot on the LGBTQ map. “I said yes, and they then went on to tell me how the douche system I invented had changed their sex life forever and how grateful they were,” recalls Callow. “They didn’t ask for an autograph but I was still touched!”...Read the full story here.

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow on the cover of XBIX Premiere Magazine June 2017 issue

    XBIZ™ is the adult industry's leading publisher of business news and information.


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  2. VIDEO: Why some guys feel sad after sex

    VIDEO: Why some guys feel sad after sex

    From Interesting video. From a gay website, but surely PCD happens to everyone, not just gay men.

    Queerty - Why some guys feel sad after sex

    Watch the video on and stick around for other Queerty videos, like the hilarious recent Cazwell music video, "Cakes."


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  3. Q: What's the Best Way to Shave My Balls?

    Q: What's the Best Way to Shave My Balls?

    For those you like 'em soft and/or slick, some handy (ballsy?) advice from Men's Health UK on the shaving of the family jewels.

    Q: What's The Best Way to Shave my Balls - Men's Health UK

    Men's Health says:

    "Should I shave my balls?" If we had a pound for every time we get asked this question we'd be able to pay off the budget deficit and have change left over to buy Chelsea. Seriously – ball shaving is a national obsession. So for all of you desperately in search of a ‘smooth set' here's my sage advice.

    What’s the best way to shave my balls? 

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  4. 7 Things to Remember When You Watch Porn

    7 Things to Remember When You Watch Porn recently ran a great little article by Don Shewey, author of the wise new book, "The Paradox of Porn: Notes on Gay Male Culture."

    On his publisher's website, Shewey says, "Based on my twenty years of experience as a sex therapist/educator and pleasure activist, this book-length essay explores the topic of pornography from a unique, specifically gay male perspective, surveying in depth what’s valuable and what’s problematic about the ubiquitous forms of erotic imagery we encounter on a daily basis."

    Don Shewey - The Paradox of Porn: Notes on Gay Male Culture

    Buy Don's book on Amazon.

    Below is the introduction from his article for followed by a link to the story.

    At the non-traditional seder I attended at Randy’s house a few years ago. I don’t recall whether the canonical four questions were addressed. I only remember the rather startling question that Mathew posed out of the blue: “Why are gay men so bad at having sex?” Since more than half the men in the room had been to bed with Mathew, it took a few minutes to ascertain that he wasn’t making an accusation but sharing a genuinely philosophical inquiry. I had plenty to say in response, from my perspective as both an active-duty slut and a gay male sex therapist. 

    Many forces stand in the way of gay men’s healthy sexual and emotional development – external shunning and internalized homophobia, religious- and/or family-based shaming, consumer-capitalist encouragement to treat each other and ourselves as commodities – all of which converge in the paradoxical pleasuredome of pornography.

    Porn has done gay men a great service by providing resonant images that validate our desires, liberating us from ignorance, opening up possibilities, activating our erotic bodies and our imaginations, allowing us to vicariously enact experiences beyond our reach, and giving us a safe way to navigate through times of fear and loneliness. At the same time, porn has done us a great disservice by distorting our ideas of what constitutes normal bodies and normal sexual functioning, liberating some inhibitions but installing others in their place, enslaving us to libidinal impulses at the expense of our health and mental well-being, luring us into dark pockets of obsessive-compulsiveness that leave us isolated and shut down, and modeling a culture of sexual behavior that is so narrow, mechanical, and emotionally bankrupt that we hardly know how to treat each other as human beings. 

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  5. What I Learned About Kink Communities at the UK's Biggest Fetish Market

    What I Learned About Kink Communities at the UK's Biggest Fetish Market

    If you're not already a fan and regualr reader of Karley Sciortino's Slutever blog, get into it. Witty, frank, and funny, she and her contributors cover sex on many fronts, from advice to commentary, to personal stories.

    Here, on the Slutlever blog Rants, Feelings and Opinions page, contributor Rosie Solomon discusses attending the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, and what it taught her "about BDSM, consent, and the importance of finding a community of fellow freaks."

    Slutever blog by Karley Sciortino

    Rosie writes:

    The first time I attempted to attend the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (hereafter, the BBB) with a group of friends, we were defeated by the snows of February. The market had been rescheduled and we were in the centre of town with a whole Sunday stretching out before us. This led to a group trip around the Bullring in all-out fetish gear, attracting weird looks from the Sunday morning shoppers and a comment from a child that, in my floor length latex-and-leather coat and catsuit, I looked like a female Batman. Batman comments aside, our outfits drew much confused attention from the Birmingham public. But the month after that, when the BBB went ahead, we were not out of place at all. This is the story of my first foray into the world of kink, and of how I discovered the importance of finding your local kink community. 

    My hands were clammy as I gripped my girlfriend’s...

    Read the full post here.

    Read more on the Slutever blog here.

    Slutever blog posts

    Get Karley Sciortino's book, "Slutever" here and watch her Vice TV show, "Slutver" (she interviewed Buck Angel, talked about the Buck-off™ by Perfect Fit Brand) here.

    Slutever by Karley Sciortino



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  6. We need to talk about 'top privilege'

    We need to talk about 'top privilege'

    As annoying as those "We need to talk about..." headlines are, here is an interesting post from writer Rembrand Duran the UK's Gay Star News. Comment on it on our social media @PerfectFitBrand.

    Gay Star News: We need to talk about 'top privilege'

    Duran writes:

    There has been a long time understanding between ‘The Gays’ (the male gay community, that is) that we are divided into three main categories: top, bottom, and vers.

    There’s also vers top or vers bottom, but we won’t get into those specifics here.

    Throughout history it’s believed that we have coexisted, for the most part, in peace and harmony.

    However, when you take a closer look, you’ll start to see underlying issues that separate us and how sexual positions can affect our lives in very real and impactful ways.

    Everything from Fleeting to poop shaming to HIV contraction rate, we start to see that we tops have a kind of privilege that our vers and bottom sisters do not have.

    Read the full article on Gay Star News.



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  7. What’s The Difference Between Kink And Fetish?

    What’s The Difference Between Kink And Fetish?

    Thanks to Dr. Dick's Sex Advice for turning us on to this great little article by UK writer, and kinktress Cara Sutra. Here from her Fetish Friday series, she offers thoughts to tuck away and spring next time a dinner party gets dull.

    Cara Sutra Kink Fetish post

    Cara writes:

    With increasing awareness of and interest in BDSM, much of the related jargon and terms have made their way into common parlance. Two such words are ‘kink’ and ‘fetish’. They’re often used interchangeably, but as they are two different words it’s natural to wonder what the actual meanings are. What’s the difference between kink and fetish?

    What Does Kink Mean?

    Wikipedia describes kink in the following way. 

    …And Fetish? 

    Meanwhile, the Wikipedia page for fetish states: 

    So, Is There A Difference Between Kink And Fetish? 

    Reading the above descriptions from Wiki, and drawing on my own experience of both, I’d say there’s a distinction between kink and fetish. However, there’s also a definite overlap. You have a fetish for something, and you’re a kinky person because of that fetish. Or, you’re a kinky person with kinks who enjoys kinky activities. 

    Or, you’re vanilla with no kinks, no desire to act kinkily and without any fetishes. 

    At least, that’s my understanding. 

    How I Understand It...

    Read the full article on the Cara Sutra blog here.

    Cara Sutra's a Perfect Fit Brand fan. Read the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review of our "The Bumper" here and her 10 out 10 review of our Play Zone Kit here.



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  8. Playing It Safe

    Playing It Safe

    In this informative article in the recent issue of Sexual Health Magazine, Sunny Rogers tell us why it's important to be dilligent about your sex toy hygiene.

    Yes, we think it is a must read, but looky there, an nice big juicy Peferfect Fit Brand add, too!

    Sexual Health Magazine: Playing it Safe, Why Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean is Key

    On page 22 of the July issue of Sexual Health Magazine. Read it here.

    The Sex Expo

    Meet the people behind Sexual Health Magazine at The Sex Expo September 22-23 in Brooklyn, NY


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