1. VIDEO: Fetish Flashback - Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur"

    VIDEO: Fetish Flashback - Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur"

    Easing into the new year with a little video flashback. Sexy, cool, and jaw-droppingly chic, Duran Duran's 1980 video for "The Chauffeur" from their "Rio" album is the definition of "erotic."

    Heavily influenced by the fahion photography of Helmut Newton, the video features a topless Perri Lister, who some may know as the former girlfriend (with whom she had a son) of Billly Idol. (That's her in his "White Wedding" video, among others.)

    From Wikipedia:

    "Directed by Ian Emes, a British animator and film director from Birmingham known for his work with Pink Floyd, The Chauffeur is one of two non-single tracks on Rio to have its own music video. None of the band appear in the video. It is a moody black-and-white piece inspired in part by Liliana Cavani's 1974 film, The Night Porter, and the photography of Helmut Newton. A woman in an erotic costume is driven in an Austin Princess limousine by a uniformed chauffeur. Elsewhere, another woman dresses herself carefully in lingerie and walks through the streets of London towards a rendezvous in an abandoned multi-storey car park. The chauffeur, (Perri Lister), then removes her chauffeur uniform to reveal a topless blonde in an open-bust corset and performs a sensuous dance to the accompaniment of the instrumental coda of the song — clearly a homage to Charlotte Rampling's topless "Dance of the Seven Veils" in The Night Porter."

    Below a couple more fetish-tinged Perri Lister videos, "White Wedding" and, testing your 80s' pop trivia knowledge, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" by her short-lived pop grop Boomerang, which featured two former Kid Creole & the Coconuts dancers.



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  2. These Girls Give "Sex-Positive" a Whole New Meaning

    These Girls Give "Sex-Positive" a Whole New Meaning

    If you've not yet come across, or should we say cum across, the Twitter feeds for London porn stars Sophie Anderson @SophieASlut and Rebecca More @more_milf, get on them. (They'd love it!)

    Sophie Anderson on Twitter

    These partners in crime, proudly call themselves "dick destroyers," and regulary hit the streets looking for cock. When this dynamic dick destroying duo get together, it's nothing but trouble.

    Frankly, "cock" never sounded so good as so laciviously enuciated by a British accent: Classy and downright filthy at the same time.

    Sophie Anderson on Twitter

    What is so fun about these gung-ho (emphasis on "ho"!) ladies' tweets is the delivery. At once pneumatic, hilarious and over-the-top, for lesser stars, the delivery might fall flat, but from Sophie and Rebecca, it becomes utter comic genius.

    With tweets titled "We got dick, cancel the Uber," "fucking let’s get out and slag out in town" and "Good morning sunshine come lick my cunt" you'll be binge watching from the first. Trust.

    Sophie Anderson on Twitter

    And don't miss the lipsynch tribute by two male fans in Spain. Too funny.

    We'll leave you with this short post for now, but we hope to be back with a little Q&A with these ladies in the new year. Enjoy, and share.

    And thanks to Chi Chi LaRue for tuning us on the Sophie and Rebecca! •



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  3. 10 Great Intimate Gifts to Start the New Year with a Bang!

    10 Great Intimate Gifts to Start the New Year with a Bang!

    Spare yourself the last minute gift shopping insanity and pick up something for your honey or your hottie right here via the Perfect Fit Brand online store.

    To help you out, below we've listed–in no particular order of preference–10 of our favorite toys. Something for everyone. Truly. So point, click, order and relax. You're going to make someone, perhaps yourself, very happy.

    Thanks for shopping at Perfect Fit Brand. We truly appreciate your business. We've got loads of great stuff lined up for 2019, including partnerships with gay porn legend Rocco Steele and sex-positive educator Nina Hartley. Follow us on social media for the latest news @perfectfitbrand.

    And if you've got a great photo of your gift or the gleeful unwrapping of it, please post with #perfectfitbrand and we'll share it on our Instagram @perfectfitbrand.

    Have a great holiday!

    Perfect Fit Brand Male Masturbator

    1 The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator

    One of our newest toys, the Perfect Fit Masturbator is one classy-looking, yet very effective stroker. Made of super flexible SilaSkin™. Comes with or without handles. More about the Masturbator and photos in our blog post, "The Art of Stroking." Get yours here.

    Zoro Strap-On by Perfect Fit Brand

    2 Zoro and Armour Knight Molded One Piece Strap-Ons

    Innovative, practical, and sleek, the Zoro and Armour Knight one-piece strap-on dildos are a great gender-free gift. Both lines are ergonomically designed to so that the pelvis—vs the genitals—absorb the thrusts of penetrative sex, while an opening below the dildo allows for stimulation of the genitals during penetration. And, the Zoro is a perfect solution for couples for whom erectile dysfunction has been a hindrance to penetrative sex. Read the very first Erotic Intent blog post, "Dildos, Strap-Ons, and Pegging: An Anal History." Shop the Zoro and Armour Knight here.

    Buck Off FTM Stroker by Perfect Fit Brand

    3 The Buck-Off™ - the Official Buck Angel® Stroker

    The now legendary Buck-Off stroker, designed by sex-positive activist and educator Buck Angel in collaboration with Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow, is the first product designed specifically for transmen who are have started transition, are on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), and have some clitoral growth. As Buck says, "Loving your new body is what it’s all about.” Watch "Funny Men Buck and Steve & New Toys From The Buck Angel® FTM Line." Shop the full Buck Angel® FTM Line here.

    Kiss-X by Perfect Fit Brand

    4 The Kiss-X

    For transmen who’ve not yet begun transition, but want to stroke, the Buck-Off’s little brother, the Kiss-X, is for you. Shop the full Buck Angel® FTM Line here.

    The Bumper with Donut by Perfect Fit Brand

    5 The Bumper

    Providing more “cushion for the pushin’,” literally, The Bumper™ is a system of two parts: The Bumper™ Thrust Buffer™ and the Donut Buffer. Either one can be used independently or together to create a thick and protective cushion during penetrative sex when thrusts get too deep. Made of ultra-soft SilaSkin material, the Bumper™ is also irresistibly soft and comfortable. The Bumper™ also acts as a sexual health aid to lessen the chances of a bruised cervix. Shop The Bumper™ here.

    Play Zone Kit with Xact-Fit Cock Ring System

    6 Play Zone Kit

    One of our greatest hits, the Play Zone kit is a collection of nine incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ black soft-touch silicone cock rings, jauntily stacked on a 4” bright orange traffic cone. You’re sure to find your perfect fit cock ring—or rings! A total of 14 sizes are now available in separate 3 ring sets. Read "7 Myths About Cock Rings That Actually Aren't True" in Men's Health featuring The Play Zone Kit here. Shop the Play Zone Kit here.

    Ergofló Enemas

    6 Ergoflo Enemas

    The first product release by Perfect Fit Brand, the Ergoflo Enemas are the most innovative, efficient, and thorough anal douche kits on the market. From the Ergoflo Pro shower mounted system to the Ergoflo Impulse travel douche, Ergoflo products are designed to setup and be ready to use in seconds. Shop the full Ergoflo line here.

    Fat Boy Sport by Perfect Fit Brand

    7 Fat Boy Extenders

    A Perfect Fit Brand classic line, the Fat Boy Extenders are made of our proprietary silicone/TPR blend, making them super soft and stretchy so as to give both partners pleasure. For the receiving partner, the Fat Boy adds girth, while for the wearer, it also acts as a stroker.

    About the Fat Boy Sport, UK-based sex & relationship coach Rachael McCoy said, “We both actually loved it! Even though it was a bit naughty that my man’s cock was so massive, it felt really, really good!” Check out her video at "Rachael McCoy Of Inspiring Sexuality Gleefully Reviews The Fat Boy Sport." Get yours here.

    Bull Bag by Perfect Fit Brand

    8 The Bull Bag & Bull Bag Buzz

    If you look at photos from our pop-up shop within Mr. S. Leather during the 2018 Folsom Street Fair, you’ll notice lots of photos of happy customers holding a Bull Bag. For good reason. This fun, slightly kinky toy not only provides unique cupping and stimulation to a man’s scrotum, but also makes for an intriguing packaged under street clothes. For extra stimulation, try the Bull Bag Buzz, which vibrates thanks to a bullet contained in the toy. Read "Finally, the Vibrating Ball Sack You’ve Been Waiting For" on See what the buzz is all about here.

    Cruiser Ring by Perfect Fit Brand

    10 The Cruiser Ring

    Another toy that’s fun under street clothes is our Cruiser Cock Ring. Super stretchy and extremely comfortable, the Cruiser Ring provides a gentle, but firm restrictive grip to your cock during sex. Under clothes, its beefy design is not only comfortable and stimulating, but package-enhancing. Check out our selection of cock rings here.

    Thanks again for shopping at Perfect Fit Brand. Be sure to explore the various categories. Maybe you'll find a new toy with which to ring in the new year.



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  4. FKIN (A)rt FRIDAY


    For Berlin's Pornceptual, Pornography is a Kinky Cabaret

    A few weeks ago FKIN (A)rt Friday hipped you to the smart, erotic and exotic art/sex/culture magazine, PHILE. This week we invite you to check out Pornceptual, a magazine, website and party based in Berlin, which, if you liked PHILE, will be right up your dark back alley. Way up.

    Pornceptual Magazine

    Don’t let the subtle tagline–“A visual study of unusual pornography”–fool you, Pornceptual feels fresh, edgy and free. For a quick taste, check out—and follow!–their gorgeously kinky Instagram page.

    Pornceptual Instagram

    Pornceptual Instagram

    Pornceptual Instagram

    “Pornceptual presents pornography as queer, diverse and inclusive,” states the website. “We aim to prove that pornography can be respectful, intimate and artistic, while questioning usual pornographic labels. ‘Can art succeed where porn fails – to actually turn us on?'"

    Uniform porn by PORNCEPTUAL

    One would have to answer with a resounding “Yes!” The projects, art, videos and parties are joyfully sex-positive, mixed and not only inclusive, but inviting. Going to Berlin? Plan that trip to include–or around–the next Pornceptual party.

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  5. Sex & Body Postive "Shape of Beauty" Series Launches

    Sex & Body Postive "Shape of Beauty" Series Launches

    Just in from AVN News, comes the announcment of a new erotic series titled "Shape of Beauty." Devoted to showcasing and mirroring sex positive imagery and fanstasies of its fans and viewers.

    AVN Shape of Beauty

    From writer Robert Neuwave:

    Adult Time, the new web destination created by Bree Mills and Gamma Films, has announced the release of a new online erotica series, "Shape of Beauty," featuring stories that celebrate the well-rounded plus-size talents of adult’s most alluring BBW stars. 

    The first episode, which launches today exclusively at and is free to watch for all Gamma Films members, treats fans to the considerable charms of curvy goddess Karla Lane as she lights up a hot boy/girl scene with partner Alex Duca. The full site is slated to launch in the spring of 2019. 

    "It was truly an honor to perform in the first scene for this amazing new project… I’ve been performing for 13 years, but I definitely felt the pressure to do a great job and represent plus-size performers to a company that’s new to the genre,” said Lane. “I’m excited to see the overwhelming outpouring of support from fans and models even before the official launch date.” 

    Shape of Beauty

    Series producer Bree Mills brought "Shape of Beauty" to life with two cross-continental crews: one in Montreal, directed by François and Freddy Licious and led by a team that includes mainstream fashion videographers and BBW enthusiasts; the other in LA, comprised of Mills and members of her core Gamma Films crew members. 

    "Some of the most beautiful women on earth are plus-size models, and they have been marginalized for far too long within our industry,” said Mills. “I was extremely moved after directing last year's 'The Weight of Infidelity' featurette with Karla, not only because of her beauty, sexual performance, and acting skills, but because of the outpouring of support and interest from other curvy performers and their fans.

    Read the full article here.



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  6. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    Love it or hate it, social media has increasingly become a battle ground for free speech.

    For those out there who are social media abstainers, or don't care about social media: time to care. Love it or hate it, social media has increasingly become a battle ground for free speech. Many are familiar with the shady censorship tactics of Facebook and Instgram. Many of our friends have been censored from time to time.

    Artists who've been featured here on FKIN (A)rt Friday, such as photographer Ron Amato and NYC mulitmedia artist Gio Black Peter have both had their social media accounts either suspended or deleted, and along with them artwork, comments, relationships and thousands of followers.

    Gio Black Peter by Bruce La Bruce

    Above: Gio Black Peter by Bruce LaBruce. Read the "Bruce LaBruce is the Migraine of the Masses" interview on Techno|Grafia[s].

    Gio recently had two mobbed showings of his exhibition "The Violators," populated by art that had been censored from the internet by Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

    In a statement on "The Violators" website, he says, "To date I've had 10 instagram accounts ( it's why there is an x at the end of my instaname), 15 Facebooks, 2 youtubes and 4 vimeos. One account was deleted for posting a photo of 2 topless friends sunbathing." Read the full statement here.

    Armor by Ron Amato

    Above: Armor by Ron Amato. See the full series at

    Amato, who's also battled censorship of his fine art photography, says, "In my experience, queer art, specifically male gay art, is disproportionately targeted on social media platforms as explicit or pornographic. I am in constant danger of having accounts shutdown unjustly because of the narrow, bigoted perspectives of ‘community standards.’”

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  7. When Sex Is More Than Just Sex

    When Sex Is More Than Just Sex

    Psychology Today examines why humans make sex so complicated

    A fascinating read from Psychology Today. In "When Sex is More than Just Sex," writer Gurit E. Birnbaum, Ph.D. says, "For most people, sex is much more than just sex. Sex becomes complex because we make it so to distance it from its animalistic and deadly connotations. The association of sex with relationships adds to this complexity because relationships are complicated for so many people."

    Read the full article here.

    Teaser image: Franz Von Stuck "Adam and Eve" 1920. Wikimedia Commons



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  8. Perfect Fit Brand Partners with Gay Porn Superstar Rocco Steele

    Perfect Fit Brand Partners with Gay Porn Superstar Rocco Steele

    “ROCCO” line of sex toys to launch early 2019

    Perfect Fit Brand is proud to announce the January 2019 launch of their newest sex toy line, ROCCO, in partnership with gay porn superstar Rocco Steele. 

    A passionate advocate, Rocco frequently uses his platform as a porn star and personality to educate his followers on the importance of HIV awareness, and a fulfilling sex life for all men in the gay community.  

    Rocco Steele by Men.comRocco Steele by

    "I am very excited about my partnership with Perfect Fit, " says Rocco. "I believe that the combined reach that we both have could make an impact and help guide men, young and old, to embrace their many diverse sexual interests.”

    “We, too, are very excited about our collaboration with Rocco,” adds Perfect Fit Brand CEO, Steve Callow. “We admire his likeminded commitment to keeping man-to-man sex hot, smart and fun, and frisky, regardless of age.” 

    Perfect Fit Brand will announce the partnership with Rocco Steele at the ANME 2019 sex toy and adult novelty trade show in Los Angeles, January 13 - 14. Attendees visiting the Perfect Fit Brand booth can meet Rocco and get the first look at products from the Rocco line.  

    ANME attendees, fans and friends are invited to join Rocco and Perfect Fit Brand on the evening of Monday, January 14 to celebrate the launch of the ROCCO line at a special party at Micky’s West Hollywood (8857 Santa Monica Blvd).  

    Perfect Fit Brand hits include the ergofló enema system, Hump Gear fuckable butt plug, Fat Boy extenders, Bull Bag Buzz and Play Zone Kit of Xact-Fit cock rings kit and the Perfect Male Masturbator. •

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  9. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    An interview with the creators of Phile Magazine: The International Journal of Desire and Curiosity

    For the edition of FKIN (A)rt Friday, we are lucky enough ot have an interview with the creators of the fascinating sex/art/culture magazine, Phile.

    They describe Phile as "a biannual journal exploring sexual subcultures, trends, and communities both obscure and well known from an overarching, sociological point of view."

    Phile Issue No. 3 Fall 2018 features Ana Benaroya, Andrew Griffiths, Annie Sprinkle, Ashkan Sepahv and Carlos Saez, D. Alex Pitagora, Ebecho Muslimova, Elizabeth Olear, Elizabeth Stephens, Fan Wu, Gregory Blunt, Huw Lemmey, Ion Birch, João Gabriel, Joseph Kadow, Julian DuFour, Lexi Minoa, Lindsay Dye, Mark Blower, Molly Matalon, Peaches, Prem Sahib, Robert Anthony O’Halloran, Robert Yang, Samantha Sutcliffe, Sholem Krishtalka, Sophia Larigakis, Valeria Herklotz, and Zack Kotzer. That’s a lot of culture! 

    The new issue of Phile is available to order online and shipping now to to cool art/book shops across North America and Europe. Go to to order and view a full list of stockists (bottom of the homepage).

    Now meet the creators of Phile. Images below are spreads from the new issue. ..

    Phile Magazine issues 3 2 and 1

    Some may consider Phile a fetish magazine, but you present its contents sans labels, as more of a buffet of interesting, unusual or just downright curious sexual practices for the pleasure and edification of your readers. Was this the original intention?

    Yes, that was always our intent. Since the subject of sexuality is so expansive and our desires are unique to each one of us, we wanted our content and the flow of the magazine to reflect that range. Our content is by and for everyone. Presenting writing and artwork from an overarching perspective is a crucial part of our practice and identity.

    Who are the people behind Phile and can you tell us a bit about the background of each? 

    The creators and Co-EICs of Phile are Mike Feswick and Erin Reznick. Mike is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in New York. His work explores desire, erotica and sexuality. As mentioned, he ran Up & Coming magazine and has worked in the sex industry in various ways for the past decade. Mike is the art director of Phile. 

    Erin is a producer and curator based between Toronto and Berlin. She has written for various magazines and has worked with an array of artists and musicians to create performances and cultural events around the world. Erin is the managing editor of Phile. 

    We also work closely with our designers Julia Troubetskaia and Tom van Ryzewyk who are also based in Toronto. They work collaboratively with us on the visual identity of Phile and create everything with us including the promotional posters, merchandise and the layout of the publication.

    Spread from Phile Issue No. 3 Fall 2018Spread from Phile Issue No. 3:  Left photo by Handcuffed. Right photo by PP LePoo.

    Spread from Phile Issue No. 3 Fall 2018Spread from Phile Issue No. 3: Carlos Saez - Human Appearance Optional

    How did Phile begin? As an idea? Collection of art you wanted people to see? Was there a manifesto? 

    We started Phile over two years ago after discussing the importance of sharing underrepresented stories. We wanted to create something that explored sexuality in a way that allows people to express themselves more freely. We consider Phile as an evolution of a previous project that Mike started in 2011 called Up & Coming. Up & Coming was a quarterly erotic pan-sexual magazine with the intention of showing various body types, genders and sexual practices. After becoming fast friends, we decided to start Phile as a larger, international publication that explores sexuality from an overarching perspective.

    Spread from Phile Issue No. 3 Fall 2018Spread from Phile Issue No. 3: Molly Matalon - Penny Pincher

    How do you cull and curate the art, content, writers for each issue? Is it a long process?

    The stories we share come from research, personal experience, conversations and submissions. Sometimes we think of a concept for a piece, commission the most appropriate writer and then think of a compatible artist to create work based on the writing. Sometimes the artwork comes first. In any case we commision people to create work based on their own personal experience. This keeps the content fresh and relevant, and allows our contributors to share their authentic stories.

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  • Hunky Husbands vs. Heteronormative Haters

    Hunky Husbands vs. Heteronormative Haters

    Big ol' hunks of burnin' love, Rick and Griff, are married, happy, and a voyeur's candy box, but get beyond the snapbacks and muscles and these babes in broland have something to say.

    Billing their Instagram page as "The misadventures and comedic stylings of two (often nude) husbands from Atlanta." The duo, who have and audience of over 270,000 Instagram followers, usually keep it cute and flirty. However, they recently reposted a photo from a year ago, along with a clear-eyed comeback to a hateful comment. Thanks to Queerty's Instagram feed for the tip.

    Rick and Griff

    Here's the full photo. Sweet, ain't it? View more of Rick and Griff @ick_and_the_griffopotamus

    Here's the post:

    A year ago when we posted this pic, someone made the presumptive comment “Wow! They’re in a monogamous relationship. Strange for gay men.” The commenter himself was gay.

    • We politely pointed out to him that the only facts about our relationship anyone can gather from this one picture is that we’re in the same room, we celebrate holidays, and are kissing. Whether we’re monogamous, monogam-ish, open, polyamorous, celibate or even asexual is not discernible, nor is it his business. We told him his comment not only insults gay men, but anyone out there who chooses a form of non-monogamy for their relationship. His response? “that’s why gay men can’t have real relationships, because they’re all sluts and can’t commit to one person.”

    • His comments illustrate a problem within gay culture: the need some gays have to adhere to heteronormative ideals and shun those who don’t. We’re all socialized to believe certain things about love, relationships and sex. We’re told that some relationships are “good,” “normal,” and “acceptable,” while others are deviant and unnatural. Heteronormativity goes further and assumes that queer people want to be just like straight people. It also rewards the gays who ‘mimic’ heteronormative standards. And why is this a “goal” to live up to? Are heterosexual, ‘monogamous’ relationships the gold standard of success?

    • This way of thinking also discriminates against folks in the sex industry, or who are into BDSM, have premarital or extramarital sex or sex for non-reproductive purposes, cross-generational partners, people who use sex toys… basically, everyone who has a sex life that heteronormative society considers “weird” or abnormal. It says only one way is “right,” and illegitimizes all others.

    • Bottom line: no relationship is the same or perfect, but all are valid as long as it works for the ones in them. The rules that work for one do not automatically work for another...but one sure way to fail at ANY type of relationship is to enter into it with rigid rules and bad communication and expect it not to crumble under pressure. Love is love, and everyone is free to find it on their own terms.

    Check the Instagram post to read the comments.



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  • XBiz Awards: 2016 Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year and 13 Nominations
    AVN Awards: 10 Nominations
    Storerotica: 3 Nominations