Perfect Fit Brand Celebrates our 10th Anniversary

From the Zoro® to the Wrap Ring, 10 years of award-winning sex toys for and by sex toy lovers

At the close of 2021, Perfect Fit Brand celebrated 10 years as a leader and innovator in the sex toy and sexual wellness industry. We wanted to share some highlights of our past decade in the biz, including our greatest hits, some fancy awards, innovations, events, new staff members and our new, environmentally friendly initiatives. But first, a little background.

Perfect Fit Brand logoEstablished in 2011 and helmed by inventor, designer and CEO Steve Callow, Los Angeles-based Perfect Fit Brand is a manufacturer of innovative, high quality, and easy to use sexual health aids and sex toys for the entire gender and sexuality spectrum. Callow founded the company based on the principle that sex toys should not only look and feel great, but must, above all, perform. For Callow, “There is only one level of performance that meets our standard: amazing!”

With proprietary materials like SilaSkin™ and PF Blend™, engineering teams in the US and Canada, years of research, and enthusiastic armies of focus group testers, Perfect Fit Brand has invented, tested, designed and delivered some of the most unique sex toys on the market today. Below are a few of our greatest hits of the last decade–your greatest hits, really, since our customers determined this list! 

The Zoro by Perfect Fit Brand

The Zoro® Strap-On

Winner of the 2018 XBIZ Couples Sex Kit/Toy of the Year Award, and recently featured in Glamour magazine, our ergonomically designed strap-on/dildo combo is more of a step-in than a strap-on. The innovative Zoro® resembles a jock strap, except that instead of a jock, it is a continuous, solid, one-piece, body-contoured, velvety soft silicone all-in-one base and dildo.

Learn more and shop the Zoro® here

The Jack Daddy by Perfect Fit Brand

The XPLAY® Jack Daddy Stroker

Men's Health, the men's magazine with the biggest readership on the planet, called our Jack Daddy “the Daddy of all masturbators,” and it’s easy to understand why. This best seller product was retooled from the ROCCO version to the new XPLAY® line. Customers love the large opening – a groundbreaking design. The thumb loop is so practical you’ll want it added to all of your toys!

Learn more and shop the XPLAY® Jack Daddy here.

The Fat Boy™

The Fat Boy™

Consistently one of our top 5 best-selling products since it was introduced, the Fat Boy ultra-real feeling cock sheaths are designed to give both partners intense, eye-rolling pleasure and explosive orgasms. Four different models: Ultra fat, Thin, Checker Plate, and Micro Rib Sheath. The Fat Boys are made from our own super soft SilaSkin™ which makes the sheaths not only extremely comfortable, but reversible and easy to clean. The Fat Boy arrives erect and ready to play, thanks to sharp packaging which doubles as storage.

Learn more and shop the Fat Boy™ here.

XPLAY Breeder Sleeve by Perfect Fit Brand

The XPLAY® Breeder Sleeve 

The hot penis sleeve was a best-selling product on Amazon for seven straight weeks before going out of stock after its release. An earlier version first appeared in the ROCCO line, but we since updated this popular sleeve for the XPLAY® line. Fitting snugly to the penis, the Breeder has a textured interior and exterior, tapered girth, and exposed penis head for maximum stimulation. Very popular with couples, especially women seeking girth, but also an explosively effective solo masturbator.

Learn more and shop the XPLAY® Breeder Sleeve here.

The Play Zone Kit™

The Play Zone™ Kit

Truly innovative and perfect for the cock ring novice, the Play Zone™ Kit is a set of 9 incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ Cock/Penis rings stacked on a bright orange mini traffic cone. Our Xact-Fit™ 0.1" incremental cock ring sizing system is the most precise on the market. Wear ‘em solo, stacked, or in combination—cock ring, ball ring, shaft rings! Super strong, but soft to the touch, Xact-Fit™ rings stretch just enough to get on and off, but otherwise provide a comfortable (no pulled pubes!) and effective fit. A total of 14 Xact-Fit™ rings sizes are available in single size 2-packs and 3 ring kits of M, L, XL and mixed.

XPLAY Wrap Rings by Perfect Fit Brand

A future greatest hit? Surely it's our wildly popular XPLAY® Wrap Rings. The first of their kind, the flexible, comfortable, and fun, rings comes in two models, the rings are then hot new sex toy for couples, throuples, groups and parties. Our CEO Steve Callow give you a “Wrap Ring 101” here.

Lear more and shop the XPLAY® Wrap Rings here

PFB Media Hits

With hit toys, come media hits. Below are 5 clips from over the years and links:

"If you're looking to experiment with strap-ons, this is a good place to start." – The Best Sex Toys Worth Buying, According to Shoppers - Glamour (featuring the Zoro®) 

"The fact that this selection looks like something you'd find in a baby's nursery isn't lost on me, but rest assured it's a very adult toy. " – 8 Sex Toys for Couples To Insert Some Fresh Buzz Into Your Relationship - Well + Good UK (featuring The Play Zone Kit™)

"Ideal for men with very long penises who can’t thrust freely for fear of hurting their partners — or for couples craving a different kind of thrusting sensation." – 11 Sex Toys That Sex Therapists Say Will Change Your Life - Huffington Post (featuring The Bumper® Thrust Buffer™

"Not sure what size ring to use? A kit like this one from PlayZone lets you experiment with until you find right one." – How to Use a Cock Ring - (featuring Perfect Fit Brand CEO, Steve Callow) 

"The Buck-Off is designed to look like a small penis when you put it over your clitoris, so it not only feels great but can also help relieve dysphoria" – The 9 Best Sex Toys for Trans and GNC Folx - Cosmopolitan (featuring the Buck-Off™, also featured in Them, Forbes, EsquireCosmopolitanViceHuffington Post, and The Advocate.)

Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow with Awards

And with all those frisky customers and rave reviews, come awards. Perfect Fit Brand has been honored with over 70 awards and nominations to date, including the XBIZ 2018 LGBT Pleasure Products Company of the Year Award, the 2017 XBIZ Specialty Product/Line of the Year Award, the 2017 “Outstanding Innovation “O” Award, and the 2016 XBIZ Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year Award. That's Steve above the 2018 XBIZ Award and previous awards from XBIZ, AVN, and East Coast News. See a complete list of awards and nominations here.

Steve Callow on Patents in XBIZ Premier

Steve Callow is not only an award-winning inventor and owner of over 13 patents and many more trademarks, and but also an advocate for the protection of intellectual property and support of innovation in the adult novelty biz. He was featured in a series of articles about protecting intellectual property and patents in XBIZ Premier (the leading industry trade for adult novelty products), which we also featured in our “Boss Talk” series on this blog. 

Tap the links to read “Boss Talk: Intellectual Property Theft in the Sex Toy Biz,” “Boss Talk: How Copycats are Killing Sex Toy Innovation,” and “Boss Talk: Patent Power!” where Steve shows off his big … 500 page Zoro® strap-on patent. See a list of Steve’s Perfect Fit Brand patents and trademarks here.

More about Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow at

Above: Perfect Fit Brand Rocks a Huge Booth at IML 2018

When not being written up in the trades, you’ll find Perfect Fit Brand at trade show like ANME/XBIZ, the biggest for the pleasure product and adult retail industries and the New York Sex Expo, as well as annual party events, like International Mr. Leather (IML) in Chicago and the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, where Perfect Fit Brand had the biggest tent of the fair in 2017. See Folsom photos here.


Saving the best news for last, if you’ve not met him as our Brand Ambassador over the years, Wellington Nacimento has officially joined Perfect Brand as our Brand Manager. Also joining the team is Sonia Wareham in Customer Support.

And finally, we’re pleased to announce we kicked off 2022 by launching our initiatives to minimize our impact on the environment by reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging by 89% and Carboard by 100% and our partnership with One Tree Planted. (For every order processed by Perfect Fit Brand, a tree will be planted by One Tree Planted.) 

One tree planted certificate to Perfect Fit Brand

Thank you for buying our products, supporting us in the media and making is possible for us to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Here’s to another 10 years. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Thank You!

Steve, Wellington, Sonia and the Perfect Fit Brand team. 

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