Hug a Tree, ‘Cause we’re Going Eco-Friendly!

Perfect Fit Brand is slashing plastic packaging by 85% by end of 2022

Our first post of 2022  briefly introduced Perfect Fit Brand’s new eco-friendly initiatives, including our partnership with the One Tree Planted organization. (For every $1 we donate, OTP plants a tree.)

Perfect Fit Brand listing on the One Tree Planted organization partners page

Above: Perfect Fit Brand listing on the One Tree Planted organization partners page

Below, our CEO and inventor Steve Callow explains in depth the new challenges and rewards of going green and how your support can allow us to further expand our efforts to repair and care for the environment:

I’m glad you are visiting our blog and am grateful for the opportunity to explain some of the things we are doing at Perfect Fit. Clearly it is beyond appropriate that as a leading manufacturer we would be looking into addressing how our manufacturing and products impact environmental issues.  

We are making major changes here at Perfect Fit and our continued success relies entirely on your support, as you, our customer is the reason we exist in the first place. We need your help to make these changes work for all involved. We heartily welcome your feedback and questions, which you can send directly through our contact form on this page.

Zoro® 7.0 sneak peek

Above: A sneak peek at the forthcoming Zoro® 7.0 in the current packaging. We'll share some sexy behind-the-scenes photo in the next Erotic Intent post. Shop the current line of Zoro®s here.

It is just a matter of time before every company will be judged by their environmental impacts. Ground zero for this assessment is what you require of our products as a customer and how you feel when making a purchase.  In addition, there will eventually be federal and state requirements for all imported and domestically manufactured consumer products. As always we strictly comply state and federal laws regarding manufacturing and shipping. 

The eventuality of legal requirements isn’t the reason why Perfect Fit has taken the big step of developing an environmental policy. The reason is that I also live in this world and I see how much waste my company actually does generate. Knowing that the children of my siblings–and their children and children’s children–will have to live with the environmental consequences of our actions today resonates with me deeply.

This is the right time to take action. Every day counts. Tomorrow is already too late. So, therefore, I am compelled to put everything on the line. Our environmental policy is dramatic and it is actually a business risk. So let me explain what we are doing: 

As with planning any initiative, there are various degrees of change you can effect. This area of environmental science is growing fast and has already identified many of the metrics and objectives an environmental policy should consider. Since we contract our manufacturing to companies to produce our products, we had to be realistic in what we can actually do to minimize our negative effects on the environment.

In brief, what we determined was the most significant issue we could address would be the use of single-use plastics. In our case: packaging—specifically, clamshell style packaging (two pieces of plastic, hinged on one side, enclosing the product). Because they represent such an obvious waste of plastic, we chose to eliminate the use of clamshell packing for all future products. 

You can imagine this was not an easy decision. In fact, it’s a risk, particularly when it comes to a retail setting. Because our products are so unique, we rely on customers being able easily see, pick up, and thoughtfully examine our products as they shop. A clear plastic clamshell easily provided this visual access. By moving from a clamshell to a cardboard box, we lose the visual assurance granted our consumer by a virtually invisible packaging.

While boxes are made of paper and recyclable and thus far gentler on the environment, they come with hidden costs. They weigh more than plastic, consume considerably more energy to produce, contribute to deforestation and higher fuel consumption to ship. Plastics also come at a cost, but my personal viewpoint is that I’d rather not kill more trees to achieve a reduction of single-use plastic packaging, which it surely would, as we have little availability to true FSC certified paper sources in China, where our products are made.

[FSC® certified paper is paper that has been harvested in a responsible manner. FSC is the acronym for the Forest Stewardship Council®, an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.]

XPLAY Gear Ribbed Ring

Above: Former and current, new poly bag packaging for our XPLAY® RIBBED RING. Shop the full line of XPLAY cock rings here

So, we had to consider other approaches. In the end,  we decided to replace almost all of our clamshell packaging with high quality ziplock, fully printed poly bags, like the XPLAY® RIBBED RING pack above.

This means a major and immediate switchover for over for 150 products! In many cases the products will not be as easy to check out in the new poly bags as they were in the clamshells—a real concern when it comes in-person shopping.

However, we hope that our customers will appreciate our ongoing initiative to use more eco-friendly packaging. In most cases, our packages will be clearly marked, “This package reduces single use plastics by XX%*,” with the asterisk pointing to a QR code that takes the customer to our website. Though still in development, this standalone website will list the various changes Perfect Fit Brand has made in our packing, along with an estimated reduction in plastic used for each package.

You may have caught the “almost” in the previous paragraph. We are going even further with some packages. Two examples will soon be seen in all new packaging for our XPLAY® PRO SHOWER enema kit and Zoro® strap-ons. 

For the XPLAY® PRO SHOWER enema kit, we are eliminating plastic packaging by 100% by replacing the giant clamshell (we all hated it) with a beautiful high quality storage bag (which sells separately for $30). The bag will come with a cardboard sleeve necessary to hang the kit and display the information and images of the kit. 

XPLAY Pro Shower Douche new packaging

Above: The new XPLAY® PRO SHOWER DOUCHE storage bag. Shop the full line of anal douching products.

Same for the Zoro® packaging, but with some newly added features. The new Zoro® pack is a permanent semi-rigid storage case made from a soft heather grey fabric. The case comes with a zipper which can accommodate a TSA-style lock (not included), so owners can discretely secure their pegging secrets–an added capability I was particularly excited about providing!

The quality of all these new cases for all of our more expensive, signature products is excellent, a luxurious unexpected upgrade. Each is custom engineered specific to its actual size and embroidered with the product logo on either the strap or case. 

The XPLAY® 6. 9 and 12 Ultra Wrap Ring Pack

Above: The new packaging for the The XPLAY® 6. 9 and 12 Ultra Wrap Ring Pack. Shop the full line of XPLAY® Wrap Rings here.

While all of this is exciting new, please be aware that we are in the transition phase, as we move from the old packaging to the new. Though this new environmentally friendly packaging may reduce your ability to see the products as easily as before, we’re asking our retailers to make unpackaged samples available in their Perfect Fit Brand displays.

All Perfect Fit Brand products made since the Chinese New Year (January 22) are now shipped in our new packaging. By the end of the 2022, we are expecting to have reduced our use of single-use plastics by over 85%! 

“Amazing is Our Standard,” remains our tag-line and attitude. Same amazing toys and sexual-heath aids, in sweet, new, eco-friendly packaging. We think being on the forefront of environmental awareness is an amazing place to be.  

Please reach out to use with your comments, feedback, and questions via our contact form on this page. For the latest on our eco-friendly initiative, new packaging, products and news, please follow us on social media. Instagram/Twitter @perfectfitbrand 

We thank you for your support. 

Here’s to a better world and cleaner oceans. 

Steve Callow, CEO Perfect Fit Brand Inc.

Perfect Fit Brand CEO and Inventor Steve Callow