FYI: 7 Sexy News Stories for January 2022

Frisky lesbian dolphins, sex over 70, bottoms vs tops, and more January news from around the web, paired with a hot little (or not so little) sex toy. Enjoy!

As we roll into the end of the month, we thought we'd share a culled collection of some of the most interesting and fun sexuality and sex advice articles from around the web. We thoughtfully paired the news in each with an appropriate Perfect Fit Brand sexual wellness product to compliment the respective story. Enjoy, share, shop! 

Lesbian Dolphins

“In today’s science news we probably could have already guessed, lesbian dolphins are a thing. Specifically, new research has found that female dolphins are equipped with large clitorises and are not afraid to use them—on each other, most of the time.” More from Johnny Levanier About the frisky dolphins here.

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The follow up to our commercial and media sensation, the award-winning Buck-Off™ FTM compact stroker, and a boon to trans men suffering from gender dysphoria. The Kiss-X is similar to the Buck-Off™ FTM Stroker, but with a smaller hole for people with smaller parts.

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These Countries Had Most Tops and Bottoms in 2021 According to Grindr"Grindr has released statistics from the sexual exploits of the millions of gay, bi, trans, and queer folks who use the app each month to reveal which countries have the most tops, bottoms, and versas.” Mikelle Street spills the stats on Out Traveler here.

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This newer version of the Ergoflo offers the same amazing deep cleaning, low-pressure technology and comes fully assembled for immediate use.

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New York Times - The Joys (and Challenges) of Sex After 70

The cover story from the January 16 New York Times Magazine, writer Maggie Jones focuses on seniors with fulfilling sex lives. “I spent 3 years (off & on) on this. With each interview I marveled at people's openness to sex and to change into their 80s & 90s. It was a such a privilege to be let into their lives.” Read her story on the New York Times website.

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Popsugar Popsugar  Love  Dating Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex 20 Brutally Honest Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

“Sex is a learned skill. So, the more you do it, the better you'll get at it, right? Wrong. As the famous Vince Lombardi quote goes, ‘Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.’ This universal truth is so important when it comes to sex, because it's a topic that can sometimes be a sensitive subject between you and your partner.” From Your Tango writer Bob Alaburda, “Here's what you might need to hear about your performance in the bedroom, but aren't.” He shares his advice here.

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Men's Health These Are the Kinks and Fetishes Americans Fantasize About the Most Screenshot

"So, you like it when your partner spreads your limbs, ties you to the bedposts, and talks dirty to you. In case you were wondering, you're not alone: People are pretty kinky, according to the latest sex research.“ Writers Zachary Zane and Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D. get into it here.

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These innovative butt plugs feature a tunnel hole that goes all the way through the plug – clearing the way for various play including lube insertion, fingers, watersports and toys.

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unpublished Tight ≠ Good Sex"From porn to pop culture, it’s no secret that women’s naughty bits have been grossly stigmatized. Vulvas are expected to be “neat,” the overall scent is supposed to resemble roses or rock candy—anything sweet and distinctly feminine, really—and, more than anything, vaginas are expected to be tight.“ Writer Lexy Berry explodes the stigmas surrounding women’s sexual health.

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Gizmodo Sadly, 'Covid Dick' Is Real “It seems we can add sexual dysfunction to the long list of unexpected and unpleasant effects of the coronavirus. Thankfully, this doesn’t appear to be a common occurrence, and there are some potential remedies that those afflicted can try.” Writer Ed Cara reports here.

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We hope you've enjoyed this round up of some of the most interesting sexuality articles on the web and appreciate you taking the time to visit the Perfect Fit Brand Erotic Intent blog.