The top #5 bestsellers of March are

#1 - Fat Boy™ Thin 5.5"
#2 - Play Zone™ Kit
#3 - Fat Boy™ Original Ultra Fat 5.5"
#4 - Fat Boy™ Checker Plate 5.5" Sheath
#5 - THE XPLAY® JACK DADDY - Stroker

"Wife Loved It And It Helped Tremendously
with My ED. - May 24, 2021."

Customers reviewed this product as a powerful gear  
to aid in ED and boost their sex lives.

Becomes Part Of Your Anatomy.
What Could Feel More Natural Than That!

No Hands Required To Guide.
No Bulky Attachment Point At The
Base For Deeper Penetration

After winning product of the year awards on its debut seven years later,
Men's Health nominated it as one of the top products in 2017.

We've worked hard not to tamper with
its original design. It's a winner.

Men's Health has rated it the
number #1 masturbator 3 times in a row.

You will be blown away by how good
the large opening feels.

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Sex Toys For Couples

Turn up the intensity on your intimate play with these fun sex toys for couples. Perfect Fit Brand carries a wide range of revolutionary toys for couples to enjoy together, or alone. “Amazing is our standard” and we don’t settle for second best. Founder, Steve Callow, has invented, tested, designed, and delivered some of the best sex toys on the market today. Here at Perfect Fit Brand we encourage exploration and play in hopes it will lead you to experience meaningful and positive connections with your partner, and your own body.

 Named “Best Sex Toy” by Men’s Health magazine, our Fat Boy sheaths gives the wearer added girth, while providing your partner with a totally new experience. Satisfied customers report soaring arousals and out-of-this-world orgasms, both alone and with their partners. It’s no wonder it’s been a best-seller since it’s introduction.

 Our Armour Knight strap-on was specifically engineered to feel as though it’s simply an extension of your body. “Comfortable strap on” is no longer an oxymoron. It makes for effortless and exhilarating play sessions. The innovative, patented base design is extremely supportive and transfers thrusting energy to the pelvis. And, because of its unique one-piece molded design, there’s no bulky attachment at the base so you can both enjoy deeper thrusting, comfortably! We are thrilled to find out that the Armour Knight has been instrumental in assisting men with erectile dysfunction reconnect with their partner.

 When it comes to comfort, The Bumper® is a must-have toy for couples. The Bumper® and its counterpart, The Bumper® Thrust Buffer™, give delicate female parts a bit more “cushion for the pushin’.” Thrust away, without fear of hurting your partner. Designed to reduce discomfort and lessen the chances of bruising the cervix, these remarkable products result in more enjoyable and intimate play sessions.

 Who doesn’t need a good cock ring in their toy box. Our Xact-Fit cock rings offer the most precise sizing system on the market with 14 different sizes in .1” increments. Our customers love the Xact sizing options. Feeling truly adventurous, or just not sure which size to choose? Our Playzone kit comes complete with 9 different sizes and a convenient orange storage cone. Use them as rings, ball rings, cock & ball rings, or stack ‘em!  Endless possibilities, loads of fun.

 Feel confident when exploring anal play with your partner when you use our XPLAY® Pro Shower Douche or Ergoflo® douching systems. Designed for a quick, thorough clean, you’ll be “next level” clean exploring a new level of fun.