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  1. VIDEO: The "Bull Bag" Reviewed by OhBoyReviews

    VIDEO: The "Bull Bag" Reviewed by OhBoyReviews

    British Perfect Fit Fan Damien, now based in Glasgow, is a good lad.

    Not only does he support his local sex toy shop with purchases of Perfect Fit Brand toys, he also posts charming and utterly thorough reviews of his purchases.

    He's previously reviewed our The Boss masturbator and our Play Zone™ Kit (9 incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ cock rings on a bright orange traffice cone).


    So, here's one of his we missed, of our Bull Bag.

    Check out the Bull Bag™ or Bull Bag™ Buzz (below), which is armed with a vibrating bullet, and more "Ball Stimulation" toys here.

    The Bull Bag Buzz by Perfect Fit Brand

    Thanks, Damien!!!

    For more OhBoyReviews visit Damien on:




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  2. Pix from ANME + the ROCCO™ launch party

    Pix from ANME + the ROCCO™ launch party

    Perfect Fit Brand was in the house big time at the recent adult novelty aka sex toy trade show, ANME, which took place in Los Angeles January 13-14.

    Below a few snaps shot at or around the Perfect Fit Brand booth and from the ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand line launch party at Micky's West Hollywood.

    Rocco Steele Buck Angel Nina Hartley at ANME Perfect Fit Brand booth

    Rocco Steele, Buck Angel, Nina Hartley at ANME Perfect Fit Brand booth. Each have their own line of products in collaboration with the Perfect Fit Brand. Watch this blog for the latest news.

    Rocco Steele at Perfect Fit Brand ANME booth

    Rocco Steele working ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand at our ANME booth

    Elle Chase and Buck Angel

    Sex educator and "Curvy Girl Sex" author Elle Chase with Buck Angel

    Nina Hartley at Perfect Fit Brand ANME

    Perfect Fit Brand collaborator, sex educator and adult industry legend, Nina Hartley at the Perfect Fit Brand ANME booth

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  3. Penguin Sex and Stolen Artifacts: Museum Tours Through a New Lens

    Penguin Sex and Stolen Artifacts: Museum Tours Through a New Lens

    A recent New York Times article discusses the trend toward more honest and frankly far more fascinating art museum tours. The tours reveal details previously considered scandalous about works of art and objects.

    From same-sex behavior among penguins to eroticism in the ancient world to the questionable provenance of particular works, stolen as well as purchased



    NYTimes Penquin Sex and Stolen ArtifactsRead the article here.

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  4. ROCCO by Perfect Fit Brand Previews at Trade Shows

    ROCCO by Perfect Fit Brand Previews at Trade Shows

    “We’ve been working day and night preparing for ANME and XBIZ,” said Perfect Fit Brand inventor and CEO Steve Callow in anticipation of the XBIZ and ANME adult novelty or sex toy trade shows finishing up today in Los Angeles. "Not only do we have 10 new models of a virtual Perfect Fit Brand classic, the Fat Boy Sheath, we’re thrilled to be debuting prototypes from ROCCO™, our collaborative line of products with gay porn god Rocco Steele.” 

    Rocco Steele Buck Angel Nina Hartley at ANME Perfect Fit Brand booth

    Above: Rocco Steele, Buck Angel, and Nina Hartley at ANME Perfect Fit Brand booth. All three are collaborators with Perfect Fit Brand on branded lines of products. ROCCO by Perfect Fit Brand will was previewed at ANME, the Buck Angel FTM Line by Perfect Fit Brand has been doign the business for nearly two years and a new line with Nina Hartley was announced at ANME.

    “The ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand is our premiere gay offering,” explains Callow. “Championed by Rocco Steele himself, with product ideas, innovations and designs by Perfect Fit, this line of products expands well beyond the categories we currently manufacture in our Perfect Fit lineup. Our initial launch features some major innovations that we believe men will love.” 

    The ROCCO™ line, to be available Spring 2019, will initially consist of 7 brand new products, expanding to 25 over the next 18 months. Here is a rundown of the first five ROCCO™ products, which will be introduced by Rocco Steele himself exclusively at the Perfect Fit Brand booth at ANME and XBIZ: 

    The ROCCO™ 3-Way Wrap Ring - A revolutionary product, this is a cock ring, ball ring and cock and ball ring all in one. Made of our proprietary SilaSkin™ which is known for its incredibly soft, stretchy and extra strong properties, the ROCCO™ 3-Way Wrap Ring can be wrapped multiple times around your cock and balls

    The ROCCO™ Big Breeder - This stunning product is Perfect Fit Brand’s first open ended sleeve. Made of SilaSkin™ the design uses the proven architecture of our Fat Boy, but uses an updated conical shape for the base and balls, features a ribbed texture, and tapers to a fat base to add to the pleasure of the receiver. 

    The ROCCO™ Jack Daddy - A beautifully designed masturbator with design features you won’t find anywhere else, including an innovative thumb grip and extra-large opening/tunnel, that is actually perfect for the average sized man. 

    The ROCCO™ Steele Hard 1.4” & 1.75” Cock Ring – A big beefy cock-ring, it is ultra-soft and stretchy, with a fat flat band shape that ensures comfortable restriction, while producing a steel hard erection. 

    The ROCCO™ Cum Clean 3” & Cum Clean 5” – Two premium anal douches, the 5” of which uses proprietary air valve technology invented by Perfect Fit Brand.

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  5. The Signs and Symptoms of Porn Addiction

    The Signs and Symptoms of Porn Addiction

    In a recent article on the Men's Health UK website, writer Annie Hayes lays out the warning signs, consequences and therapy steps for porn addiction.

    Men's Health Porn Addiction

    She writes:

    "In the same way a dependence on alcohol or drugs unleashes a tidal wave of physical, psychological and social difficulties, so too does an obsession with X-rated screen time. While ‘porn addiction’ isn’t actually a recognised disorder, the men (and women) who feel they have no control over their browser history would no doubt say otherwise.

    "“There are definition issues with it,” says Anand Patel, GP and sexual health specialist. “Some people define it as more of a compulsion; ritualistic behaviour. An itch you have to scratch and there’s no rational reason why, like people who have to wash their hands three times otherwise the plane’s going to crash. It can be a self-soothing thing for anxiety..."

    Read the full story on

    You might also like our post about the fascinating book, "The Paradox of Porn: Notes on Gay Male Culture," which delves into the pros and cons of porn for gay men.

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  6. VIDEO: Fetish Flashback - Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur"

    VIDEO: Fetish Flashback - Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur"

    Easing into the new year with a little video flashback. Sexy, cool, and jaw-droppingly chic, Duran Duran's 1980 video for "The Chauffeur" from their "Rio" album is the definition of "erotic."

    Heavily influenced by the fahion photography of Helmut Newton, the video features a topless Perri Lister, who some may know as the former girlfriend (with whom she had a son) of Billly Idol. (That's her in his "White Wedding" video, among others.)


    From Wikipedia:

    "Directed by Ian Emes, a British animator and film director from Birmingham known for his work with Pink Floyd, The Chauffeur is one of two non-single tracks on Rio to have its own music video. None of the band appear in the video. It is a moody black-and-white piece inspired in part by Liliana Cavani's 1974 film, The Night Porter, and the photography of Helmut Newton. A woman in an erotic costume is driven in an Austin Princess limousine by a uniformed chauffeur. Elsewhere, another woman dresses herself carefully in lingerie and walks through the streets of London towards a rendezvous in an abandoned multi-storey car park. The chauffeur, (Perri Lister), then removes her chauffeur uniform to reveal a topless blonde in an open-bust corset and performs a sensuous dance to the accompaniment of the instrumental coda of the song — clearly a homage to Charlotte Rampling's topless "Dance of the Seven Veils" in The Night Porter."



    Below a couple more fetish-tinged Perri Lister videos, "White Wedding" and, testing your 80s' pop trivia knowledge, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" by her short-lived pop grop Boomerang, which featured two former Kid Creole & the Coconuts dancers.




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