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  1. FKIN (A)rt Friday - Wild and Wicked Erotic Art of Felipe Novoa

    FKIN (A)rt Friday - Wild and Wicked Erotic Art of Felipe Novoa

    Discover the wild and wicked erotic art of Felipe Novoa

    Illustration by Felipe Novoa

    Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

    All images in this post are posted by permission of Felipe Novoa.

    (Posting bit early, to beat the holidays. Enjoy!)

    Meet Felipe Novoa, a professional illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Bogotá, Columbia. His singular mix of urban art, lowbrow style, mischief, humor and eye-popping colors has made him popular not only with fans of his illustrations, stickers, pins and T-shirts, but as a commercial artist.

    Totto backpacks featuring art by Felipe Novoa

    Above: Totto backpacks featuring art by Felipe Novoa

    His work has appeared on everything from luggage and clothing to a recent, very cool ad campaign for Columbian beer, Cervesa Poker. He’s also been a featured artist in Columbian art magazines, Bacanika and Cartel Urbano and been published in two books by UK-based Stickerbomb (UK).

    Below Felipe Novoa tell us more about his work, particularly his erotic art, which is what really caught our eye.

    Felipe Novoa

    Above: Felipe Novoa

    Illustration by Felipe Novoa

    Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

    When and why did you become an illustrator?

    Everything has been a process. When I was a child, I loved to draw my favorite TV characters and I also drew the things that I saw around me. After a while I interested in graffiti and urban art, at that point I created my monkey brand, and officially became an illustrator while studying graphic design at university.

    Illustration by Felipe Novoa

    Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

    What is your process? Do you draw by hand on paper first or go straight to your computer?

    At the beginning I drew everything by hand, then I traced that on tracing paper, scanned and applied the color digitally. I was saving money for a while and 3 years ago I was able to buy an iPad and now I do the whole process on it. I use two programs, Medibang Paint and Procreate. 

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  2. 5 Holiday Gifts That are Gonna Give it to You!

    5 Holiday Gifts That are Gonna Give it to You!

    5 great suggestions, all of which are certain to set bows a-poppin’ and gifts a swappin’!

    When it comes to holiday gifting, some say it’s better to give than receive. Getting’ it vs. givin’ it, as it were. Then again, the right gift can swiftly flip a gift top to a gift bottom. In our case, literally! So, just in time for last-minute gift shopping, we’ve pulled together a short list of 5 great gifts, one or all of which are certain to set bows a-poppin’ and gifts a swappin’! Happy Holidays from Perfect Fit Brand!

    Perfect Fit Brand Fat Boy™

    The Fat Boy™

    Arriving erect and ready to play, thanks to sharp packaging which doubles as storage, our ultra-real feeling cock sheaths are designed to give both partners intense, eye-rolling pleasure and explosive orgasms. Four different models: Ultra fat, Thin, Checker Plate, and Micro Rib. The Fat Boys are made from our own super soft SilaSkin™ which makes the sheaths not only extremely comfortable, but reversible and easy to clean. Learn more and shop the Fat Boy™ here.

    Perfect Fit Brand Play Zone® Kit

    The Play Zone™ Kit

    While not necessarily discreet, there aren’t many toys which appear to be so deceptively innocent, but such is the case for our Play Zone™ Kit. A set of 9 incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ Cock/Penis rings stacked on a bright orange mini traffic cone, our Xact-Fit™ 0.1" incremental cock ring sizing system is the most precise on the market. Your lucky gift bottom will while away the hours exploring the myriad uses for this supremely versatile addition to your war chest. Wear ‘em solo, stacked, or in combination—cock ring, ball ring, shaft rings! Super strong, but soft to the touch, Xact-Fit™ rings stretch just enough to get on and off, but otherwise provide a comfortable (no pulled pubes!) and effective fit. The Xact-Fit™ Kit is the perfect gift for the cock ring newbie. Check the Xact-Fit™ ring size chart and shop the Play Zone™ Kit here.

    Perfect Fit Brand XPLAY® The Breeder

    The XPLAY® Breeder Sleeve

    A proven 5-star reviewed product in a previous line, the Breeder has been newly retooled for our XPlay® Line of toys. The stimulating sleeve straps under the balls to give the wearer a fatter, textured, and cushioned shaft. Not only does it stay put, thanks to the strap and tapered girth, but the head of the penis is left exposed, allowing for additional stimulation and ejaculation. The added girth for the receiving partner and stroking sensation for the wearer have made the Breeder a favorite with couples. As a bonus, the Breeder works as an extremely effective masturbator. Learn more and shop The XPLAY® Breeder Sleeve here

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