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  1. VIDEO: How to Hook Up with a Trans Guy

    VIDEO: How to Hook Up with a Trans Guy

    With over 539,000 YouTube subscribers, sexuality vlogger Arielle Scarella's weekly "Arielle" show is a big hit.

    Arielle Scarella YouTube Channel

    She recently welcomed superman trans activist Buck Angel to her show.

    They discussed everything from how to have sex with a trans man with a vagina to gender dysphoria and the Buck Angel® Line FTM by Perfect Fit Brand.

    Watch Buck and Arielle chat, laugh and play with our Buck-Off, its smaller, tighter brother, the Kiss-X and our eye-popping Fun Boy packer.

    Order the Buck-Off™ Buck Angel FTM Stroker, the Kiss-X, and the Fun Boy at

    Subscribe to the "Arielle Scarella" YouTube channel here and while you're there, check out other episodes. Reall great stuff.

    Also, Arielle recently tweeted: "Over the past year YouTube has been KILLING ads on MOST (around 79% of my videos) If you'd like to help fund my LGBT educational content, please donate to my Patreon page." Help her out. We need shows like this!

    Follow Arielle on Instagram @arielle_scarcella and Twitter @ArielleScarcell


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  2. Oh Boy Reviews Tackles THE BOSS

    Oh Boy Reviews Tackles THE BOSS

    British Perfect Fit Fan Damian reviews our cheap and cheerful stroker, The Boss for his mostly sex toy–but occasionally food testing–YouTube channel, Oh Boy Reviews.

    FYI, Damian buys all his own toys. We did not send him The Boss. He's just a devoted Perfect Fit Brand fan by experience!

    He's clearly smitten by The Boss.

    “I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a lower cost stroker, but also maintaining that good quality toy. It really is good.” says Damian. “And for the price you’re paying, it is absolutely spot on. It's nice and stretchy. Nice and easy to clean. It looks good. It feels good. And it’s amazing. And you’re going to be guaranteed to get off with this toy.”

    Here's the review.

    Watch more reviews by Damian on his Oh Boy Reviews YouTube channel.

    Order The Boss here.

    The Boss by Perfect Fit Brand


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