A Definitive Guide for Ball Stimulation

Playing with the testicles, commonly known as balls, can be incredibly pleasurable and even provide health benefits. These two oval-shaped glands, located within the scrotum sack, hang between the legs. Stimulating the balls improves circulation, which can increase sperm production and even boost testosterone levels. Testosterone also plays an important role in the development of male reproductive organs, muscle and bone mass, body hair, and more. It’s also linked to physical, mental, and sexual well-being. If you weren’t thinking about ball stimulation before, I’ll bet you are considering it now!

In addition to simply stimulating the balls, there is allure around ball stretching as well – using devices, or simply your hands, to physically (and gently) encourage your balls to hang lower, which has been known to enhance sexual pleasures, including orgasms. We’ll dive into a bit more about how ball play works, tips and benefits associated with this enjoyable pastime, pros and cons of stimulating and stretching, exciting play gear that’s available, and more.

If you’re even the teensiest bit curious about how to stretch your balls, look no further. Ball play can range from a simple massage of the testicles to employing the use of ball stretching toys. Regardless of which method you use, keep in mind that it should always be pleasurable, not painful.

Prior to a testicle massage, make sure those hands are warm! While you’re at it, warm up those testicles, too. This can be achieved via a warm bath, sauna, or even a warm towel. Using a massage oil try gently massaging around the scrotum, gently squeeze the scrotum and testicles, pull them down and away from the penis, or simply rub them in a manner that feels right for you. The benefits of a message are many, including enhanced erections, increased libido, stress relief, increased sperm count, and more.

Ball stretchers come in many forms. There are metal stretchers, leather rings, simple cock rings, and even parachute-type devices that attach to the balls and have hooks to hang extra weight from.

There are two main types of ball stretchers: metal ball stretchers and leather ball stretchers. These devices are often collectively known as ball weights, so if you’re looking for information on these adult toys you will find them under both of these names.

Many metal ball weights are two-piece devices made to ensure the best comfort and effectiveness. These ball weights consist of two parts and they are worn directly above the testicles. These stretching devices are specially designed to provide targeted ball stretching and they can be adjusted perfectly.

It’s vital that you find a ball weight that fits you, and this is why measuring is so important. When choosing a metal ball weight, there are several things to take into account. First and foremost, internal diameter. After this, pay attention to the external diameter, weight and the design you want.

Another advantage to this type of ball weights is that they can be worn combined with other weights, so you can always add pressure and adjust the amount of weight you wish to apply. This way, you can have more rapid results and more intense stimulation, in case you wish to use ball stretchers for sexual purposes.

Leather ball stretchers are made to be comfortable and to provide some stretch to your balls. While these ball stretchers are not as effective as the metal ones they still give good results, particularly to people who don’t want to have really low hangers.

Leather ball stretchers are also a good choice for those who prefer the feeling of stretching over the long-term results. Since stretching gained through leather stretchers is not as pronounced these devices are great for those who wish to try ball stretching but don’t want to permanently change how their testicles look.

Leather ball stretchers are not as rigid as the metal ones, which makes them more flexible and often more comfortable. This is great news for those who find sturdy ball stretchers too limiting or uncomfortable. At the same time, keep in mind that leather ball stretchers, particularly the long ones, can be somewhat difficult to put on and can get snagged on the hairs, causing discomfort.

The toys listed below are both fan favorites, and ours.

The SilaSkin™ Ball Stretcher 2.0 by Perfect Fit Brand® is the most user-friendly stretcher on the market. If you’ve never tried a ball stretcher before, this is perfect for beginners. The sensation that the extra weight provides is just… woah!

When you’re ready to really bring out your inner animal, try the Bull Bag™ or the Bull Bag™ XL. Just stretch, then gently release over your scrotum. In addition to providing .75” and 1.5” of stretch respectively, these bad boys add extra weight, swing, and provide for some extraordinary sexual stiumlation. These will definitely give you an extraordinary sack, no bull!

Bull Bags:- When you’re ready to really bring out your inner animal, try the Bull Bag™, or the Bull Bag™ XL. They provide a .75” and 1.5” stretch respectively. These bad boys add extra weight, swing, and provide for some extraordinary sexual stimulation. They will definitely give you an attention grabbing sack, no bull!

The Bull Bag™ Buzz, similar to it’s bull-ish counterparts, is a triple threat with an added vibrator.

Wrap Rings: Perfect Fit Brand™ introduced the world’s Wrap Rings in 2019, and quickly amassed a loyal following. They perform not only as a cock ring, but a ball ring/stretcher, or shaft ring. Enthusiastic customers note they outperform other combo products for fit and comfort.

The XPLAY® Thin Wrap Ring and the XPLAY® Ultra Wrap Ring come in various cord lengths. They have been carefully engineered, balancing material characteristics with stretch. The Ultra ring is thicker, with added stretch. They come in various cord lengths. Simply wrap to adjust tension!

Ribbed Rings:- These rings have a ribbed surface for enhanced pleasure. Perfect Fit Brand™’s original Ribbed Ring sets the standard for durability. If you’re looking for a superior, long-lasting ring that won’t break, this is it. Made from a proprietary material it’s super comfy – never harsh or scratchy.

The XPLAY® Ribbed Ring & Ribbed Ring Slim are smaller, with 33% less material. The end result? A stretchier ring with gentle restriction. Try a combo pack!

Adjustable and Fitted Rings:- After extensive research, Perfect Fit Brand™ did away with traditional cock ring sizes. There simply weren’t enough options in the market to provide everyone with an ideal fit. Xact-Fit™ changed that. With a difference of only 0.1” (2.55mm) between ring sizes, and 14 sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect fit!

Made from a plush, soft-touch silicone the Xact-Fit™ rings are incredibly strong and durable. Each ring is stamped with its size – no more guessing! Silicone ball stretching at its finest!

The Xact-Fit™ Play Zone™ is a great starter kit complete with 9 Xact-Fit™ rings and a sexy orange traffic cone for storage, designed specifically for your Xact-Fit™ rings. This is a great way to try out different sizes and find out what works best for you. Stack ‘em for even more fun!

If you’re a no nonsense, one-stop-shop kind of person, the Speed Shift may be just what you’re looking for. It’s full of surprises, and perfect for first-timers. The Speed Shift adjusts to 17 different sizes for a perfect fit, every time. It features a quick-release tab, and allows for easy adjustments, even while in-use!

Cock Armour:- Looking for the ultimate in luxury for your cock? Look no further than the Cock Armour. It simply defies categorization. This unique ring incorporates all the traditional features you’d expect, with the added benefit of unrivaled comfort. Anatomically designed, it gently hugs your torso and pushes your gear out from your body – enhancing your penis and scrotum. It’s super stretchy, making it easy to put on and take off. Once in place, enjoy long play sessions with prolonged erections. It even stimulates the perineum for added pleasure. Armour Up is a slimmed down version of Perfect Fit Brand™’s best-selling Cock Armour.

If you’re ready to step it up a notch, check out the Armour Tug Lock with added butt plug for added stimulation. This 3-in-1 cock ring, ball strap, and butt plug is sure to make an impression.

Like the Armour Up, the Armour Push is a slimmer, thinner version of Perfect Fit Brand™’s Cock Armour. An extra bottom ridge provides a bigger lift, pushing your gear out and away from your body. Don’t be afraid to put your best package forward with this gem.

Looking to further intensify your experience? The Armour Tug Standard adds a whole new level of “woah” with a unique ball tug your boys are sure to enjoy. This slim version provides added bulge, enhanced erections, and intense orgams.

Cock & Ball Ring:- Made of  SilaSkin™ the Cock & Ball is super soft and stretchy, yet pleasantly restrictive. This unique cock ring & ball stretcher combo adds extra weight to your balls for an unbelievable experience. It’s gentle, yet firm. And, one-size accommodates even the most robust parts.

The pros are plentiful. Though they may vary from person to person (just like the reasons someone may want to practice ball stretching) one of the top-rated reasons for ball stretching is to prolong an orgasm. The reason for this is that orgasms last from the time semen leaves the testes to the time it travels to, and out of, the penis. The longer the journey, the longer the orgasm.

Improved stamina is another pro. By stretching your balls, you’re essentially training your body how to respond to sensations in a whole new way. This can lead to longer play sessions. No complaints, right?!

Some simply like how low-hanging balls look or feel, making them more prominent. The act of stretching, or the way stretchers look when worn can itself be a turn on.

If you’re into kink, ball stretching devices are a great addition to your toolbox. Use them in gentle bondage, or other play.

While ball stretching has lots of pros, there are some cons and cautionary tales associated with this popular act. The last thing you want is to cause any sort of testicular injury when stretching, so take note. Using too much weight too soon may send you on a trip to your doctor’s office, or worse yet, a surgical table. If you’re looking to stretch your balls beyond your naturally gifted hanging length, it won’t happen overnight. This is a slow, gradual process. Slow and steady wins the race.

If you’re into enhanced orgasms, longer stamina, or even kink, ball stretching may be just the thing you’ve been looking for (that you didn’t even know you wanted). There are a variety of stretchers on the market to suit your fancy made from a variety of materials, including metal and leather to super-soft and stretchy silicone. Whatever your motives, whether you’re motivated by stamina, mind-blowing orgasms, or simply the visual of lower-hanging balls, there are clearly ample benefits. Are you ready to give it a try?