How to make every day a sex positive day

Sex positivity is not just a buzzword – it leads to better mental and physical wellness.

What is sex positivity?

In essence, sex positivity removes shame, judgment, and stigma from gender identity and sexual orientation and preferences. In a broader context, it includes body positivity, reproductive equity, sex education and protections for sex workers.

How can you add sex positivity to your daily life?

Get ready for adventure! Becoming more sex-positive is an exploration of both yourself and the world around you. Here are some actionable ways to add it to your daily life:

  • Ask - Do you sometimes have an adverse reaction when you read or watch something about sex? If you do, gently ask yourself why it makes you uncomfortable. Untangling the feelings you have will allow you understand where the negativity is coming from. This will help you begin to respond without shame or judgment.
  • Explore - Explore your sensuality and your body. Learn about how your body works. What gives you pleasure? Try a vibrator or penis sheath with stimulating textures to up the pleasure quotient.
  • Educate - Educate yourself by reading books or articles about other sexual practices. You don’t need to practice them yourself, but by learning about them, you will understand how and why others enjoy them.
  • Communicate - Communicate your sexual needs and preferences with your partner(s). Let them know how to give you pleasure.
  • Be Clear - Be clear with consent.
  • State - State your boundaries. These could include what you are willing to do or try, how frequently you want sex, and telling your partner(s) no if something makes you uncomfortable. 
  • Practice - Practice safe sex. This includes birth control and prevention of STIs, as well as ensuring the emotional, physical, and psychological safety of yourself and your partner(s).
  • Respect - Respect others’ pronouns. Medical research has shown that using someone’s preferred name can reduce depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation. That’s a big positive impact you can do every day!
  • Visit - Visit a sex therapist if you need professional help to recover from sexual trauma or need more help to practice sex positivity.

Here are some sex negative traits we’d love to see kicked to the curb in 2023:

  • Making sexualized comments or objectifying someone sexually
  • Ignoring people’s pronouns
  • Using dead names
  • Judging others for their sexual practices, or for not having sex at all
  • Slut shaming
  • Victim blaming
  • Referring to hetero and cisgender as “normal”
  • Making jokes about people’s sexuality or gender, sexual dysfunction or disability

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For Pegging:

  • If you are new to pegging, try our Zoro strap-on. Its patented design conforms to your body, and the athletic-wear strap design is both comfortable, sexy, and quick to put on or remove. Plus, it’s hands-free play the whole way!


For Erectile Dysfunction:

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When Penetration is Painful:

  • Our Thrust Bumper provides the cushin’ for the pushin’! Basically, it’s designed for when the giver is bigger than the receiver, or when deep thrusting can cause pain.


For Anal Play:

  • Want to try anal play but don’t know where to start? Our butt plugs come in different sizes and shapes.
  • Our Xplay Anal Sleeve plug is hollow to allow the insertion of a penis or dildo, reducing friction and extending pleasure.

Here's to another year of loving ourselves and each other!

*Perfect Fit Brand Products are sold and intended for use strictly as adult novelty toys for entertainment. They are not intended for medical use and have not been clinically tested. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of these products. These products are Phthalate free, do not contain latex, and meet European EN71-3 toy safety standards.