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Bull Bag Buzz

Bull Bag™ - Newfound Pleasure

They have been there the whole time, your balls. We’ve discovered that this is the new bonus area! Some guys have discovered that they can be really fun to play with, other guys, don’t want them touched at all. We’ve developed a product that brings your balls into sex in a new way. By adding a soft pliable, strecthy and weighty sack around them you suddenly become more aware of them during sex. The soft sack adds a cushion to them, while also providing more slapping motion during sex. 

We’ve taken this whole concept one step further and added a three-speed vibrating bullet to the Bull Bag Buzz. The vibration is subtle on the balls and super exciting on the outside of the product as you push up against her. We think every man should experience this!  It’s newfound pleasure – without taking anything away from the pleasure you feel from intercourse, it simply adds another dimension!  And who doesn’t want a set of Bull Balls?

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