What Is A Penis Sleeve: The Definitive Guide

Just like a shirt sleeve, a penis sleeve is exactly what you’re probably picturing in your head right now, but without the buttons. Penis sleeves, sometimes referred to as sheaths, are hollow sex toys that are worn over the penis. They come in several shapes and sizes. Some even sport various ribbed or nubbed textures. They are specifically designed to enhance sexual pleasure for both the wearer and the receiver. Some add extra girth, length, or both! Some have a closed tip, some open. Some even come equipped with vibration, g-spot stimulators, or even a scrotum loop. Whatever your pleasure, they are sure to intensify any sexual experience. 

Fit is important when using a penis sleeve. Avoid buying a one-size-fits-all sleeve as it can significantly affect the fit, feel, and ultimately, your (and your partner’s) pleasure. Too big and it’ll slip around, too tight and it could cause damage. Properly designed, high-quality sized sleeves are your best bet. 

When selecting a penis sleeve from Perfect Fit Brand® we recommend choosing a length that is 1” longer than the length of your erect penis. If you’re between sizes, choose the longer length. Choosing a larger size will allow for more movement on the penis, which may speed your path to orgasm. Sleeves that are too large can also be less stimulating for your partner. Choosing a sleeve that is smaller will reduce movement of the sleeve on your penis, but it can make the experience more stimulating for your partner. For smiles all around, choose the size closest to your given length. 

It’s best to put your sleeve on when partially erect, allowing it to become fully erect while wearing the sleeve. Worried about it slipping off? No need. Perfect Fit Brand®’s penis sleeves include a scrotum loop that gently fits around your balls to help keep the sleeve in place. The loop also adds a gentle tug to your balls, which many find quite pleasurable. 

Simply put, penis sleeves enhance sexual pleasure, whether you’re playing solo, or with a partner. The extra length, girth, and available textures can provide new, stimulating experiences and add a little pizazz to your play. 

Penis sleeves can also have a significant effect on the sexual health and mental well-being of those who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE). Penis sleeves can help with getting and maintaining an erection. On the flip side, some find that penis sleeves reduce their sensitivity, thereby helping those with PE stay hard longer. 

Penis sleeves can enhance both the length and girth of your penis, not suggesting that you need it. After all, it’s not always the size that counts, but how you use it, right? That said, a little extra length and girth – top it off with some fun nubby textures – can greatly enhance your sexual play, whether alone or with a partner. 

While the advantages are simple (enhanced sexual pleasure), the results can be mind-blowing and highly orgasmic. 

There are as many penis sleeves on the market as there are socks. But, here are some of our favorites. 

The Breeder from Perfect Fit Brand® keeps your penis snug as a bug in a rug – gently cloaked in this extraordinary, fan favorite sheath. The open-tip design provides the natural feeling you desire, while the texture and enhanced girth are sure to stimulate pleasurable moans from your partner. 

Whether masturbating or penetrating, the Fat Boy™ Original Ultra Fat Sheath adds an impressive 1” girth to your penis for intense, eye-rolling pleasure. Want more? Slip your balls through the connected scrotum loop for a gentle tug. The stroker action of this bad boy will have you writhing with pleasure. If you’re into anal, slip it on, and slip in the backend to enjoy the thrill of a massive, yet remarkably comfortable hunk of penis! Women… this is the toy you didn’t even know you needed. Slide one on your mate, or even a vibrator, for some serious breathtaking orgasms.

Adding .7” of girth to your penis, the Fat Boy™ Checker Plate and Micro Rib Sheaths add an impressive intensity that is sure to satisfy any partner, regardless of gender or entry point. Slide your balls through the connected scrotum loop for an added twitch of pleasure.  

Our customers here at Perfect Fit Brand® unequivocally shout, “YES!” 

To be honest, a night with this is brilliant - we can just keep going and going. And no, it doesn't affect normal sex without it - it's just something quite different. Can't recommend highly enough. Good for solo play too - as a bonus! ~Anonymous (yet satisfied) Customer

When wearing a properly sized sleeve, you’re sure to amp up your sexual sensations while playing alone, or pleasuring a partner. Whether you’re simply looking for a little something extra to amp up your play, or are looking for a tool to assist with ED or PE, a penis sleeve may be just the thing you’re looking for. Penis sleeves come in innumerable shapes and sizes. Some even have stimulating textures. They are a fun tool to add to any sex toy box. Use it solo, with a partner, or even slide it over a vibrator! How well a sleeve performs lies heavily on finding the correct size and shape for your (and your partner’s) body. 

One-size-fits-all sleeves are not ideal. 

Instead, opt for sized sleeves and follow the recommended manufacturer’s guidelines to find your perfect fit. With the added benefit of assisting those with ED (by helping one get or maintain an erection), or PE (by potentially reducing stimuli), penis sleeves may very well be the king of the sexual toy kingdom.