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Sex Toys For Her

Whether you’re a cisgender female, trans, or in transition, these best toys for her are sure to be on your favorites list. We are proud to offer an incredible selection of innovative and life-affirming products that are suitable for both solo and partner play. Here at Perfect Fit Brand, our fun sex toys for her help you to create, and truly enjoy, a positive connection with your body. 

Experience the ultimate in clitoral stimulation with the Kiss-X™. This sex toy for her has been a significant win for Perfect Fit customers who have struggled with gender dysphoria. It was originally designed for transmen who were either not in medical transition, or those who were at the beginning of their HRT (hormone replacement therapy) journey.  

When it comes to comfort, The Bumper® could be considered the ultimate adult toy for women. The Bumper® and its counterpart, The Bumper® Thrust Buffer, give delicate female parts a bit more “cushion for the pushin’.” Designed to reduce discomfort and lessen the chances of bruising the cervix, these remarkable products will result in more enjoyable and intimate sex.   

Looking for a little more girth? Years after releasing our Fat Boy sheaths, they are still a best-seller. Once named “Best Sex Toy” by Men’s Health magazine, these provide a little extra something for both giver and receiver. An adult toy for her that is also pleasing to her partner. 

Our Zoro® strap-ons are built for comfort and ease of use. If you’re looking for a fantasy for her sex toy, this is it! It’s been engineered to feel as though it’s simply an extension of your body, making for effortless and exhilarating play sessions. No fussing around with straps, clips, and rings. The Zoro® line of products are an exciting addition to any collection. We’re thrilled to hear from customers that the Zoro® has also helped those with erectile dysfunction intimately connect with their partner.

 And, don’t forget about our XPLAY® Pro Shower Douche and Ergoflo® douching systems. Designed for a quick, thorough clean, you’ll feel ultra confident when exploring anal play, taking things to a whole new level of exploration and fun!