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  1. Meet the All New Fat Boys...

    Meet the All New Fat Boys...

    We are thrilled to introduce the new Fat Boy™ line of sheaths, which includes our classic Fat Boy™ Thin and the Fat Boy™ Ultra Fat–formerly known as our super popular Fat Boy Sport–plus two new textured models, the Fat Boy™ Checker Plate and Fat Boy™ Micro Rib. All are packaged in all new vertical storage packaging.

    The All New Fat Boy

    The two newest models, the Checker Plate and Micro Rib, are both designed and proven to give both partners pleasure. The Checker Plate texture is the most stimulating for the receiver, while the Micro Rib texture provides a more gentle stimulation. Both are available in three size options.

    Note: We no longer refer to the Fat Boy™ products as "extenders," but instead use the term "sheaths." And, FYI: We invented this category of sex toys!

    A Little Fat Boy™ History
    The Fat Boy™ was the first soft stretchy sheath ever conceived. It was born from the desire to have both partners reach orgasm while using an “Extender”. This innovation started an extender revolution, and the industry has aptly called this new concept “Sheaths.”

    To this day, 10 years after we first made the first sheath, the Fat Boy line is a best seller and continues to be recognized as one of the best sex toys made. Men’s Health named it one of the best sex toys of 2017!

    What made this possible, was the development of a remarkably soft, silky and stretchy material we call SilaSkin™. The first TPR/Silicone to ever be used in production, this unmatched and seriously senuous material has become a building block for many other award-winning products by Perfect Fit. 

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  2. Dating Advice from youtuber Trans Men's All Cis Gay Guys Should Hear

    Dating Advice from youtuber Trans Men's All Cis Gay Guys Should Hear

    One of the best queer blogs out there is Stories from dating app Hornet (25 million users). This recent post by writer Daniel Villareal offers cis guys welcome advice from 4 top trans FTM vloggers.

    A trans male friend recently told me that cisgender gay guys at bars will often hit on him without realizing he’s trans, forcing him to navigate awkward reactions when he tells them, he says. “Some guys will be like, ‘Oh, uh, sure, yeah, I guess I can try,’ or act like they’re doing me a favor if they sleep with me,” he said, “and I’m just like, ‘Forget it. I’m not your 101.” So with this in mind, I turned to a few YouTubers for some trans dating advice for gay guys who come across trans men in the wild world of relationships."...

    While the Hornet app allows users to identify themselves as trans on their profile, trans guys can find it difficult to decide how exactly to share their trans identity with someone they’ve met in real life. In fact, Ty Turner says many trans men reveal their identity as if it were a guilty, scary, secret confession rather than just another personal detail. 

    “It’s not a confession. You are not guilty, and it is not a scary thing to be trans or to date a trans person,” he says.

    Below is a sceenshot, link to the article and the first of the 4 videos. Kudos to Hornet for the post.

    Hornet Stories: 4 Trans Men YouTubers Offer Dating Advice They Think All Cis Gay Guys Should Hear

    Read the full post on Hornet Stories.


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  3. Have you played with ROCCO yet?

    Have you played with ROCCO yet?

    Meet ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand, the new line of sex toys designed by Perfect Fit Brand CEO and inventor Steve Callow and championed by namesake gay porn megastar Rocco Steele. 

    ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand

    Steve and Rocco are both deeply committed to inclusivity and maximizing the sexual health and pleasure of all gay men. The line’s motto “Think Big,” puts equal emphasis on both words. While “Think Big” is an obvious wink and homage to Rocco Steele’s famous cock, it also is a reminder that thinking is a big part of sex and sexuality.

    A passionate advocate, Rocco frequently uses his platform as a porn star and personality to educate his followers on the importance of HIV awareness, gay history, aging, and a fulfilling sex life for all men in the gay community.  

    "I am very excited about my partnership with Perfect Fit, " says Rocco. "I believe that together we can encourage men, young and old, to embrace their many diverse sexual interests.” 

    “We, too, are very excited about our collaboration with Rocco,” adds Steve. “We admire Rocco’s likeminded commitment to keeping man-to-man sex hot, smart, fun, and frisky, regardless of age.” 

    The great looking ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand line features several major innovations we know men will love. Below is a rundown of the first 5 products from ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand.  

    ROCCO by Perfect Fit Clonezone Soho launch

    See photos from the Clonezone UK launch here.

    “The ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand is our premiere gay offering,” explains Callow. “Championed by Rocco Steele himself, with product ideas, innovations and designs by Perfect Fit, this line of products expands well beyond the categories we currently manufacture in our Perfect Fit lineup. Our initial launch features some major innovations that we believe men will love.” 

    The ROCCO™ line initially consists of 5 brand new products, expanding to 25 over the next 18 months. Here is a rundown of the first five ROCCO™ products.

    ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand 3-Way Wrap

    The ROCCO™ 3-Way Wrap Ring - A revolutionary product, this is a cock ring, ball ring and cock and ball ring all in one. Made of our proprietary SilaSkin™ which is known for its incredibly soft, stretchy and extra strong properties, the ROCCO™ 3-Way Wrap Ring can be wrapped multiple times around your cock and balls

    ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand Breeder

    The ROCCO™ Breeder - This stunning product is Perfect Fit Brand’s first open ended sleeve. Made of SilaSkin™ the design uses the proven architecture of our Fat Boy, but uses an updated conical shape for the base and balls, features a ribbed texture, and tapers to a fat base to add to the pleasure of the receiver. 

    ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand Jack Daddy

    The ROCCO™ Jack Daddy - A beautifully designed masturbator with design features you won’t find anywhere else, including an innovative thumb grip and extra-large opening/tunnel, that is actually perfect for the average sized man. 

    ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand Steele Hard

    The ROCCO™ Steele Hard 1.4” & 1.75” Cock Ring – A big beefy cock ring, it is ultra-soft and stretchy, with a fat flat band shape that ensures comfortable restriction, while producing a steel hard erection. 

    COMING SOON: The ROCCO™ Cum Clean 3” & Cum Clean 5” – Two premium anal douches, the 5” of which uses proprietary air valve technology invented by Perfect Fit Brand.

    All ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand products come with a 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Shop ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand here or just click our logo up top.



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  4. How Extreme Surgery Unleashed Model Sophie Anderson’s Inner Cock Destroyer

    How Extreme Surgery Unleashed Model Sophie Anderson’s Inner Cock Destroyer

    Spotted another fun article to bring to your attention...

    As Dazed Digital writer Dominic Cadogan says in the introduction to this interview,

    "If you’ve been on Twitter in the past year or so, you’ll have come across the Cock Destroyers – porn/model duo Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson – whose indomitable (emphasis on Dom) presence is solidified in four simple words: ‘We’re Fucking Cock Destroyers’."

    Here's a screenshot of the post. Read the full interview on

    Sophie Anderson on Dazed Digital

    More photos of Sophie Anderson on her Instagram at @sophieanderson_sunshines and @SophieASlut on Twitter

    You'll also want to follow her partner in crime Rebecca More @more-milf (Instagram and Twitter).


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  5. 7 Myths about Cock Rings That Actually Aren't True

    7 Myths about Cock Rings That Actually Aren't True

    "I can do pull-ups without wristbands easily, but with wristbands I can do 25% more...I like to call cock rings 'gear for the sexual athlete.’ You might not technically need a cock ring, but it can make you better in bed."   

    A little throwback to some wisdom on cock rings:

    That's Perfect Fit Brand's CEO Steve Callow (above), as quoted in the recent Men's Health magazine article, "7 Myths about Cock Rings That Actually Aren't True"

    In the article, award-winning entertainment and lifestyle journalist, author and sexpert Carrie Borzillo debunks seven cockamamie cock ring myths, from "COCK RINGS ARE ONLY FOR OLD GUYS WITH ED" to "COCK RINGS ARE JUST FOR KINKY GUYS" to the ridiculous, "COCK RINGS WILL MAKE YOUR PENIS FALL OFF."

    "Most of the time, sex myths are just that — imaginary fables that have no basis in reality, like vaginas with teeth or that urban legend about the movie star who went to the ER with a gerbil up his butt. That's not quite the case, however, when it comes to myths about cock rings...

    Read the full article on

    Explore the Perfect Fit Brand cock ring selection--from the new Play Zone Kit and Stackit Rings, to new models of the Cruiser Ring, our innovative Speed Shift–with its adjustable quick release tab and seventeen (!) different size adjustments–and many more on our COCK RINGS page.

    Below Steve demostrates the Cruiser ring from the Perfect Fit Brand "How Does This Work?" video series.

    #cockring #perfectfitbrand #sextoys


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  6. Yogi Johnson Chong on how meditation helped him through trauma

    Yogi Johnson Chong on how meditation helped him through trauma

    While not directly about sex or sexualtiy, one can't deny that meditation and yoga are great ways to enhance and improve every aspect of your life, including sex, so meet author Johnson Chong as he shares some wisdom on the release of his new book, "Sage Sapien," with

    The interview is part of the Prepared series of Queerty conversations with models, trainers, dancers, and, well, people who inspire us to stay in shape–0r just sit on the couch ogling them instead.

    When asked, "When did you discover the power of meditation and yoga?" Johnson replies,

    "I was 19. By the time I was 21, I was really coming to terms with my identity as a gay person. I lived a very repressed life growing up. Meditation really helped me to remove myself from my story for a moment and it helped me to get perspective. It really helped me to look at my life. It helped me come to terms with who I am."

    Read the full post on

    Read the full post on


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  7. Product Spotlight: Xact-Fit™ Cock Rings

    Product Spotlight: Xact-Fit™ Cock Rings

    The Xact-Fit™ cock ring sizing system by Perfect Fit is the first designed to fit you perfectly–without too much pull, and just enough restriction to give you an impressive erection.

    Xact-Fit cock rings by Perfect Fit Brand

    The incredibly popular PlayZone has proven our revolutionary Xact-Fit™ 0.1" incremental cock ring sizing system is the most precise on the market. Super strong, but soft to the touch, Xact-Fit™ rings stretch just enough to get on and off, but otherwise should provide a very comfortable (no pulled pubes!) and effective fit.

    The Play Zone kit of cock rings by Perfect Fit Brand

    All 14 Xact-Fit™ rings sizes are now available in single size 2-packs. 3 Ring Kits of M, L, XL and Mixed are also available.

    Don't know your size? We recommend you start with the Play Zone Kit, which features 9 incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ rings on a bright orange mini traffic cone.

    Each Xact-Fit ring is stamped with its size so no more guessing! Stack the rings for additional fun. Check the chart below to find your size. Listed in inches and millimeters.

    Click the Xact-Fit™ size # to purchase an Xact-Fit™ 2-Pack of that size.

    Check out the Xact-Fit™ rings, the Play Zone Kit™ and our full line of innovative cock rings on our Cock Ring page.

    Read "Cock Rings: How to Choose 'Em, How to Use 'Em"




    Xact-Fit™ Size  














































































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