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  1. FKIN A(rt) FRIDAY


    In 1999 this 1st century silver cup depicting men fucking was the most expensive single piece of art ever purchased by the British Museum

    Every Friday Erotic Intent will bring you a piece of erotic art history, from ancient Greece and Rome on up to the present day. You can see some good examples of a of erotic art through the ages in our very first post, "Dildos, Strap-ons, and Pegging: An Anal History."

    Today we present the Warren Cup and its history by way of Wikipedia (quoted text). 

    In 1999 the British Museum paid £1.8 mil ($3,682,147 today) for this 1st century Roman silver drinking cup. At the time it was the most expensive single piece of art ever purchased by the museum. 

    Depictions of gay sex where far more common in ancient Greek and Roman art that one would guess from the dearth of gay erotic art from this period on display today. Much of it was destroyed due to homophobia and ignorance. In fact, the authenticity of the Warren Cup was brought into question due to the gay sex scenes depicted. 

    "The cup is named after its first modern owner, Edward Perry Warren, notable for his art collection, which also included Rodin's The Kiss statue and Cranach's Adam and Eve painting."

    The Warren Cup

    "Illustrated drinking cups, often in pairs, were intended as dinner-party conversation pieces. Roman artwork on pottery, glass and wall-paintings with sexual acts represented were popular and were intended to be seen by all sections of society. The Romans had no word for homosexuality and the images on the Warren Cup provide an important insight into this aspect of their culture."

    FYI: In ancient Rome there were many rules regarding sex, but as the article just noted, no word for or concept of homosexualty, nor did the Romans sort people into categories based on sexual preference. There was not gay or straight. Furthermore, there was no sex-shaming for sex itself. 

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  2. Senior Citizens Are Having the Best Sex of Their Lives

    Senior Citizens Are Having the Best Sex of Their Lives

    Though one has to ask since when did being 50 years old become considered "senior," this informative little article dispels some myths and recognizes some truths.

    The article quotes one of our favorite sexperts, Joan Price, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50: How to Maintain — Or Regain! — a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life” and the voice behind the popular blog Naked At Our Age.

    Seniors are having the best sex of their lives - NY Post

    Read the full story here.

    Speaking of seniors and not-so-senior folks, Perfect Fit Brand makes several toys that may appeal to those like the couples in the article. The Zoro® strap-on is great for pegging, but also for guys with a little erectile dysfunction. The Bumper® Thrust Buffer™ provides some extra cushion for the pushin' for those for whom penetrative sex is too deep or contact with a partner's pelvis is uncomfortable.


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  3. Jay Alexander: a proud "power-vers"

    Jay Alexander: a proud "power-vers"

    We'll be sharing posts from the great UK gay website, Mainly Male on the regular. Whet your appetite with this one, a Q&A the porn babe Jay Alexander. Thanks to writer Gareth Johnson and Nuno Lopes at Mainly Male.

    Mainly Male Jay Alexander

    More Mainly Male:
    IG @mainlymale
    TW: @mainlymale


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  4. No, I’m Not Gay, I’m Bisexual—Deal With It

    No, I’m Not Gay, I’m Bisexual—Deal With It

    Freelance sex and relationships journalist and editor Bobby Box recently posted on the Logo TV blog NewNowNext a welcome Opion piece on being bisexual.

    No, I’m Not Gay, I’m Bisexual—Deal With It on NewNowNext

    As many who've written about coming out as bi have noted in the past, Bobby shares his frustrattion at the lack of support, recognition or acceptance that his bisexuality is real from gay friends. It ain't a stepping stone to being gay, fellas.

    " men love to label—and sub-label—each other. The distinctions are even programmed into gay dating apps: top or bottom, masc or fem, bear or twink. Labels are powerful and ubiquitous. They unite and divide."

    Read the full article on the NewNowNext blog.


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  5. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    The breathtakingly sensuous, and frankly hot, art of Octave Tassaert

    Thanks to @babeland_toys posting of his breathtakingly sensuous "La Femme Damnee" ("The Cursed Woman") meet Parisian painter, Nicolas François Octave Tassaert. 

    La Femme Damnee - Octave Tassaert

    La Femme Damnee - Octave Tassaert

    Some basic background expediently delivered via Wikipedia, because it's really all about the art:

    Octave Tassaert (Paris, 26 July 1800 – Paris, 24 April 1874) was a French painter of portraits and genre, religious, historical and allegorical paintings, as well as a lithographer and engraver. He was the grandson of the sculptor Jean-Pierre-Antoine Tassaert.

    Unknown - Octave Tassaert

    Unknown - Octave Tassaert

    Octave's first artistic training came from his father Jean-Joseph-François Tassaert and his older brother Paul before he was apprenticed to the engraver Alexis-François Girard. Next, he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts (1817–25) from 1817 through 1825, under Guillaume Guillon-Lethière, but never won the school's Prix de Rome.

    La Femme Se Couchant - Octave Tassaert

    La Femme Se Coucher - Octave Tassaert

    Winning popular but not critical success, his works showing poor people's lives were felt melodramatic by critics but acclaimed by the public. His submission to the 1855 World Exhibition was well received by the critics, but Octave ceased to exhibit after the 1857 Salon, withdrawing more and more from the formal art world.

    L'enelevement de Europe - Octave Tassaert

     L'Enlevement d'Europe - Octave Tassaert

    Collectors of his works included Alfred Bruyas and Alexandre Dumas, fils, but in 1863 Octave stopped painting altogether and tried to become a poet (though none of his works are extant), selling all his remaining paintings to the dealer Père Martin. He declined into alcoholism, damaging his eyesight (he was treated at Montpellier in 1865, during which time he stayed with Bruyas) and finally committing suicide by inhaling coal gas[ in 1874.

    Unknown - Octave Tassaert

    Unknown - Octave Tassaert

    OK, so enough history. Enjoy the art, especiailly "The Cursed Woman"--one has to agree with the Babeland Instagram comment, "She look like she doin' fine."!

    As a bonus, two extra untitled paintings attributed to Tassaert are a bit randier than the above, but in the spirit of enthusiastic sex, voila!

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  6. H.I.V. Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient – New York Times

    H.I.V. Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient – New York Times

    Interesting, encouraging news from today's New York Times on HIV cure reasearch.

    H.I.V. Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient, a Milestone in the Global AIDS Epidemic - NY TimesRead the full article on the New York Times website.



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  7. Let’s Get Real About Sex Without Condoms

    Let’s Get Real About Sex Without Condoms

    Gay dating app Hornet recently posted an article on their Stories blog about the work being done by HIV information organization Avert to address the stigma surrounding the choice whether or not to have condomless sex.

    Hornet Stories: Let’s Get Real About Sex Without Condoms

    From Hornet's Senior Health Innovation Strategist Alex Garner:

    Sex without condoms is as old as creation, yet among gay men it remains a controversial topic, 40 years into the HIV epidemic. It’s refreshing that Avert, a long-standing HIV organization committed to providing quality information about HIV, has produced some terrific content around this topic.

    Avert created a thought-provoking video entitled “Gay Health: Getting Real About Sex Without a Condom.” Their efforts are grounded in the belief that “If we want to promote sexual health we need to help people understand their HIV prevention options not judge their choices.” The video simply and easily breaks down the issue and encourages people to engage in conversation around the topic of sex without condoms. Check out the video below.

    In addition to the video, Avert also conducted podcast interviews with writers and activists...

    Read the full story on and then hop back to the Stories homepage to check out more from one of the best gay blogs on the internet.



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