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  1. Behind The Scenes Pix from our Hot Toy Photo Shoot

    Behind The Scenes Pix from our Hot Toy Photo Shoot

    Featuring TikTok stars Adam + Alanna, hottie porn couple Lorenzo Flexx + Hank Coulter

    Just as spring was rounding the corner, the team from Perfect Fit Brand was heating things up in Chicago. Four models, renowned photographer Ross Haley, Perfect fit Brand Creative Director Wellington Nascimento and our CEO and inventor Steve Callow, threw down a scorching photo shoot for new marketing materials for our best sellers and new products to be unveiled Summer 2022. We thought we’d share a few BTS (behind-the-scenes shots) with you here in advance of the roll-out of our new visuals. 

    Lorenzo Flexx and Hank Coulter with photographer Ross Haley for Perfect Fit Brand

    Above: Woody (Hank Coulter) and Brut (Lorenzo Flexx) and with photographer Ross Haley at the Perfect Fit Brand shoot in Chicago. See the uncensored photo on Twitter @PerfectFitBrand.

    The photo shoot featured two hot (we’ll be saying “hot” a lot here) couples.

    Adam and Alanna on the Fridge

    First up were married fitness models and content creators, Alanna Jade and Adam Kubatzke. The two, who are known for their funny, sexy fitness videos, have over 1.8 million TikTok fans as well as thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. You can see one of the first official shots of Adam and Alanna on our homepage, teasing the soon to be available Zoro® 7.0 (Yes, that’s as in 7 inches!)

    Alanna Jade with the Zoro® 7.0 by Perfect Fit Brand

    Above: Alanna with the Zoro® 6.5 Strap-On 

    Our patented design is the first pull on molded base plate strap-on system in the world.  The molded base plate fits you like your favorite shoes – designed for the curves of your body, and with the ability to transfer pressure from hard pounding to your pelvis instead right on your genitals, our strap-ons set a new level of performance and comfort.

    Shop the full line of Zoro® strap-ons here.

    Above: Adam and Alanna play with our super-stretchy XPLAY™ Wrap Rings.

    Above: Adam and Alanna play with our super-stretchy XPLAY™ Wrap Rings. See the uncensored photo on Twitter @PerfectFitBrand.

    When we introduced the world’s first Wrap Rings™ in 2019, we knew the concept would amass a loyal following. It is a high-stretch factor and long cord length makes it a unique 3-in-1 product. Use as a cock ring, ball ring/ball stretcher, shaft ring, or any combination thereof. This product can outperform any other combo product for fit and comfort. This claim is enthusiastically backed up by feedback from our first Wrap Ring series launched in 2019.

    Our Wrap Rings™ come in various cord lengths to cater to your taste. They come in two styles – a thin cord, and a thicker cord with more stretch. They have been carefully engineered to balance material characteristics, stretch factor, cord length (a big factor in the number of wraps possible), and cross-sectional diameter so they can wrap easily and provide a wide range of tensions. We have adopted simple styling to produce a versatile and attractive-looking ring.

    Shop the XPLAY® Wrap Rings here.

    Links to Adam and Alanna’s social media can be found via their Instagram @adamandalanna

    Woody and Brut on the fridge

    The second couple was Woody and Brut, also known as Hank Coulter and Lorenzo Flexx, respectively. Both are known as stars with major adult entertainment studios as well as for their own content as a couple on their joint HankAndLorenzo JustFor.Fans page. 

    Woody wearing the Zoro® and Bull Bag™

    Above: Woody strapped into our Zoro® 7.0 strap-on AND our unique Bull Bag™ ball stimulator. See the uncensored photo on Twitter @PerfectFitBrand.

    By now, you know the Zoro®, but if you’re not familiar with our Bull Bag, you’ll want to check it out. Part ball stretcher and part ball weight, the Bull Bag™ is two scrotum toys in one. To put it on, you simply stretch the Bull Bag™ gently over your scrotum and release for added weight, swing, and sexual stimulation. It also makes a nice slapping motion and sound against your partner during penetration. For even more stimulation, try the Bull Bag™ Buzz, which comes with a built-in electric bullet, which provides an intense vibrating sensation. 

    Shop the Bull Bag here.

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  2. Hug a Tree, ‘Cause we’re Going Eco-Friendly!

    Hug a Tree, ‘Cause we’re Going Eco-Friendly!

    Perfect Fit Brand is slashing plastic packaging by 85% by end of 2022

    Our first post of 2022  briefly introduced Perfect Fit Brand’s new eco-friendly initiatives, including our partnership with the One Tree Planted organization. (For every $1 we donate, OTP plants a tree.)

    Perfect Fit Brand listing on the One Tree Planted organization partners page

    Above: Perfect Fit Brand listing on the One Tree Planted organization partners page

    Below, our CEO and inventor Steve Callow explains in depth the new challenges and rewards of going green and how your support can allow us to further expand our efforts to repair and care for the environment:

    I’m glad you are visiting our blog and am grateful for the opportunity to explain some of the things we are doing at Perfect Fit. Clearly it is beyond appropriate that as a leading manufacturer we would be looking into addressing how our manufacturing and products impact environmental issues.  

    We are making major changes here at Perfect Fit and our continued success relies entirely on your support, as you, our customer is the reason we exist in the first place. We need your help to make these changes work for all involved. We heartily welcome your feedback and questions, which you can send directly through our contact form on this page.

    Zoro® 7.0 sneak peek

    Above: A sneak peek at the forthcoming Zoro® 7.0 in the current packaging. We'll share some sexy behind-the-scenes photo in the next Erotic Intent post. Shop the current line of Zoro®s here.

    It is just a matter of time before every company will be judged by their environmental impacts. Ground zero for this assessment is what you require of our products as a customer and how you feel when making a purchase.  In addition, there will eventually be federal and state requirements for all imported and domestically manufactured consumer products. As always we strictly comply state and federal laws regarding manufacturing and shipping. 

    The eventuality of legal requirements isn’t the reason why Perfect Fit has taken the big step of developing an environmental policy. The reason is that I also live in this world and I see how much waste my company actually does generate. Knowing that the children of my siblings–and their children and children’s children–will have to live with the environmental consequences of our actions today resonates with me deeply.

    This is the right time to take action. Every day counts. Tomorrow is already too late. So, therefore, I am compelled to put everything on the line. Our environmental policy is dramatic and it is actually a business risk. So let me explain what we are doing: 

    As with planning any initiative, there are various degrees of change you can effect. This area of environmental science is growing fast and has already identified many of the metrics and objectives an environmental policy should consider. Since we contract our manufacturing to companies to produce our products, we had to be realistic in what we can actually do to minimize our negative effects on the environment.

    In brief, what we determined was the most significant issue we could address would be the use of single-use plastics. In our case: packaging—specifically, clamshell style packaging (two pieces of plastic, hinged on one side, enclosing the product). Because they represent such an obvious waste of plastic, we chose to eliminate the use of clamshell packing for all future products. 

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