The New Zoro® Strap-on Models are Out and They're Gorgeous!

The new models of the revolutionary Zoro® one-piece strap-on from Perfect Fit Brand are in stores now. Originally introduced in fetching lavender, the new Zoro®s in black are gorgeous, sleek, made from super luxurious soft touch silicone, and available in 5.5" and 6.5" lengths.

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on Perfect Fit Brand's blog, Erotic Intent

While talk and how-to guides about pegging* has been in vogue over the last several years–from the much discussed Broad City episode to that Ryan Reynolds scene in “Deadpool” to Ariana Grande’s "Dangerous Woman" single–pulling up to the bumper for the first time has not been without its speed bumps.

The promise of "mind-blowing, leg-shaking, eye-rolling, neighbor-panicking" orgasm not withstanding, even the most willing straight man will blanch when confronted with a dildo that looks like a penis. For her, maneuvering into the tangle of straps, buckles, snaps and o-rings of a conventional strap-on is laborious, and for both, the loss of spontaneity and sexual connection is a serious buzz kill.

Zoro by Perfect Fit Brand

The Zoro® by Perfect Fit Brand

Enter Zoro®, the ergonomically designed strap-on/dildo combo from unconventional sex toy manufacturer, Perfect Fit Brand. More of a step-in, than a strap-on, the innovative Zoro® resembles a jock strap, except that instead of a jock, it is a continuous, solid, one-piece, body-contoured, velvety soft silicone all-in-one base and dildo. And, to the relief of straight men everywhere, it doesn't look like a dick.

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