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  1. Product Spotlight: The Zoro®

    Product Spotlight: The Zoro®

    Product Spotlight: Patented and Potent, meet the revolutionary one-piece strap-on 

    With its innovative one-piece body-contoured shape, Zoro® is the better way to use a strap-on. The one piece construction, with our super luxurious soft touch silicone, disperses all thrusting energy off your genitals into your pelvis for more control and superior comfort.  The body-shaped molded design does not need a harness to keep it in place – instead a comfortable soft elasticized waistband is enough – and it’s included! 

    Product Spotlight: The Zoro

    Hop to our Strap-Ons page to check out the various models and video of Zoro® inventor and Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow introducing the very first model, in purple! Now availabe in black and clear (Zoro Knight) in 4.5" and 6.5" lengths.

    Zoro by Perfect Fit Brand

    Zoro by Perfect Fit Brand


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  2. FKIN (A)rt FRIDAY


    Meet the lovely, inclusive, LGBTQ loving artist, Felix D'Eon

    Tripping over the glorious queer art of Felix D'Eon whilst in a Twitter hole will stop even the most derailed ADD victim in their tracks. Vintage in feel, gracious and sensuous, D'Eon's art is a welome oasis in a digital world stobing by at seizure-inducing speed. 

    He aptly introduces himself on Twitter,  "I am a Mexican, latinx painter and activist dedicated to the art of queer love, romance, and sensuality." 

    Felix D'Eon

    Caption from his Facebook page: "The famed Edwardian pornographer, Felix d'Eon."

    Sweet, friskly, and lovely, this is feel-good art for everyone, wherever you fall on or near the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

    "The feeling of seeing oneself reflected in art is very important; this is something which I think straight people might take for granted," he told in an interview last year.

    From grand masterpieces (above) to figure painting, to tarot, shunga, and greeting cards, D'Eon's rich catalog is available to view and purchase online at Please do yourself a favor, and visit his website (just paging through the homepage slideshow is a delight), and don't miss the blog, to get a look behind the art. And buy some art!

    Felix D'Eon Love Is Love

    Above: Felix D'Eon "Love Is Love"

    From his website, here is his bio. 

    Felix was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to a French father and a Mexican mother. At a very young age, he and his family moved to Southern California, where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence. He attended college at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, and subsequently lived in San Francisco until 2010, when he returned to his native Mexico.

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  3. A Peek Inside the Adult Novelty (Sex Toy!) Biz

    A Peek Inside the Adult Novelty (Sex Toy!) Biz

    For an insight into the inner workings of the adult novelty (aka sex toy) industry, check two articles in the April issue of leading European erotic trade, EAN.

    Perfect Fit Brand - SHOTS EAN April 2019

    The first is on the landmark Perfect Fit Brand - SHOTS Europe distribution deal, which makes SHOTS the sole distributor or Perfect Fit Brand products for all of Europe.

    Steve Callow interview - SHOTS EAN April 2019

    The second is an interview with our CEO Steve Callow on the history of Perfect Fit Brand, the company philosophy behind the development of new products and the story of how the Buck Angel® FTM Line of products came to be, and what's next, particularly for the LGBTQ market.

    Read them both in the online version of the April 2019 EAN here or download the PDF version here. The story on the distribution deal and what it means starts on page 110. The interview with Steve is on page 168.



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  4. These Are Your 10 Top Gay Porn Stars of 2018

    These Are Your 10 Top Gay Porn Stars of 2018

    While you anticipate the release of the ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand line of toys coming this Spring, check Rocco and his bad self in the slideshow "These Are Your 10 Top Gay Porn Stars of 2018."

    Rocco Steele on

    @roccosteeleofficial @cutlerx_ @armond_rizzo1

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  5. Mainly Male interviews our CEO Steve Callow

    Mainly Male interviews our CEO Steve Callow

    A wee throwback from December 2018 from our buddies at Mainly Male.

    UK writer and author Gareth Johnson recently interviewed Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow for his (no longer live) entertainement an lifestyle news website. (Thanks, Gareth!) The two discuss Steve as a teen inventing masturbation devices, prostate stimulation, the sex toy biz and what he thinks your first sex toy should be.

    Here's the first Q&A:

    What was the first sex toy you ever used?

    The first toy I ever used, I made myself! I was always a very mechanically-oriented guy. I won science fair awards, and would build things all day long. After puberty, I started playing around making masturbation devices out of bicycle inner tubes and electric motors. I even made a dildo one day out dipping a dowel into melted wax — that’s how they taught me how to make candles in school! For years that dildo was in my closet!

    I was 20 when I bought my first sex toy — it was at the Pink Pussy Cat in NYC, from a lady behind the counter. I was so embarrassed to be in the store. Everything was behind the counter. My eyes were wide open with fascination. Not knowing what to buy, I bought the smallest thing I saw. It was a tiny tiny butt plug — about the size of my finger. The lady kept asking me if I was sure, she said it would be too small. I bought it anyway...

    Read the full interview here. (Sadly, the website is no more.)

    About MainlyMale
    "Immerse yourself in the world of gay men as we bring you stories and insights focusing on fashion, lifestyle, film, entertainment, health, and sex."

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    Mainly Male Steve Callow Interview



    #mainlymale #gaynews #sextoys

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