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  1. 12 Things Every Gay/Bi Man Should Know about Prostate Cancer

    12 Things Every Gay/Bi Man Should Know about Prostate Cancer

    "Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer (from Diagnosis to Recovery)" is the latest book from LGBTQ scholarly publisher Harrington Park Press and like previous titles from the imprint, such as "Transgender Sex Work and Society" and "LGBTQ Hospice and Palliative Care," the book is one of the first of its kind. 

    Gay & Bi Men Living with Prostate Cancer book cover

    The book, edited by Jane M. Ussher, Janette Perz B.R., Simon Rosser was written not only for the medical community treating gay and bi men with prostate cancer, but also as a supportive resource for gay and bi men diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is the most current and comprehensive book on the subject published to date, incorporating the tremendous new developments in cancer treatment from the past ten years. 

    Here, Dr. Simon Rosser and Dr. Bill West, coauthors of several chapters in "Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer,” answer 12 questions and offer advice to gay and bi men facing prostate cancer. Simon and Bill are married, out and living with prostate cancer.

    12 Things Every Gay/Bisexual Man should Know about Prostate Cancer 

    B. R. Simon Rosser and William West

    1. How common is prostate cancer in our community?

    Prostate cancer is the #1 invasive cancer for men and the most common cancer in the gay male community. One in seven gay men will be diagnosed in their lifetimes. Since gay male couples have two prostates, they have twice the risk than heterosexual couples or a one-in-three chance. 

    2. What are the symptoms of prostate cancer? 

    Prostate cancer typically develops without symptoms which is why it needs to be detected through a blood test (the Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA test) and by a doctor feeling for any abnormalities during a digital rectal (or finger up the butt) exam. Two common prostate problems should not be confused with prostate cancer. As we age, our prostates typically get larger which can lead to problems urinating. This is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. Prostatitis refers to when the prostate gets infected or inflamed.  

    3. So, what causes prostate cancer? 

    Older men, men with a family history of prostate cancer, and African American men are at greater risk of diagnosis and/or worse outcomes. Our research indicates that HIV positive men and bisexual-identified men have worse outcomes than HIV negative men and gay-identified men, respectively. Gay “lifestyle” factors – such as being gay versus straight, lots of sex or no sex, amount and rigor of receptive anal sex, smoking, drug and alcohol use, a history of sexually transmitted diseases and long-distance cycling – have not been associated with greater risk or worse outcomes. 

    4. So, why is prostate cancer in gay men an issue? 

    Different prostate cancer treatments have different effects on our sexual functioning. About 20 percent of patients treated with radiation experience radiated bowel, which makes receptive anal sex painful to impossible. Conversely, almost all men treated with surgery (and many with radiation as well) will have erection difficulties, after treatment, making insertive sex very challenging. Treatment can also effect penis size, ability to ejaculate, experience of orgasm, pleasure in receptive sex, and urinary problems during sex or at orgasm. This makes it important to discuss gay sex with your specialist as part of choosing which treatment will have the least side effects for you.

    5.  If I want to be checked for prostate cancer, what should I know?

    The typical test for prostate cancer involves both a blood test and a digital rectal exam. Because massage of the prostate may hypothetically affect the blood results, we recommend you refrain from receptive anal sex or other anal stimulation for 48 hours before the blood is drawn and make sure the blood is drawn before the digital exam.

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  2. What Is Spooning? Here's How to Do It — and Exactly Why It's So Awesome.

    What Is Spooning? Here's How to Do It — and Exactly Why It's So Awesome.

    If you've spooned, you konw how good it feels. Like charing your body and soul batteries. If no, check out this recent Men's Health article. And we give them points for being inclusive, running a photo of a gay couple, along hetero in the post.

    Men's Health Spooning article image

    Mario Abad writes, "If for some reason you haven't been cuddling with your partner after sex, you probably didn't realize that post-sex intimacy is just as important for many people as foreplay. Whether you struggle with intimacy issues or not, a little thing called spooning doesn't take much effort at all, and can actually reap some benefits for you and your partner. Sometimes some of us just want to be held, ya know?"

    Read the full article on


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  3. How Kink Made These People’s Sex Lives Healthier

    How Kink Made These People’s Sex Lives Healthier

    Enlightening article from Vice writer Laura Bell.

    Vice - How Kink Made These People’s Sex Lives Healthier

    "I had the pleasure of attending Vancouver's annual Hump! Festival a couple of weeks ago," she writes, "an alternative porn film festival that describes itself as a “celebration of creative sexual expression” and the brainchild of Savage Love columnist Dan Savage.

    "But Hump! Festival is so much more than just sitting down to watch strangers fist each other with PVC gloves. It’s a platform and event designed to normalize the kinky stuff and create an environment where discussions around safe and consensual kink play is encouraged. The curated program spans different body types, shapes, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes which are all linked by their shared spirit of sex positivity."

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  4. Brand Ambassador Wellington Rocks Mr. S Leather at Folsom

    Brand Ambassador Wellington Rocks Mr. S Leather at Folsom

    From The Sex Expo at the Brooklyn Expo Center Sep 22-23 to the Mister S. Leather during the Folsom Street Fair, Perfect Fit Brand Ambassador Wellington was in the house.

    Wellington and the Male Masturbator

    Perfect Fit Brand stocked and rocked Mr. S. Leather Folsom Street Fair weekend. Customers flocked to snap up classics like the Fat Boy Extenders and Bull Bag, Cruiser Rings and Armour Tug Lock as well as newer innovations like The Bumper and as exclusive Folsom Street Fair promotion with Mr. S. Leather, our newest product, the Perfect Fit Male Masturbator.

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator

    We named it so because we feel that this innovative new toy truly does fit perfectly. There are two models, one with handles and one without, both made from our proprietary, super silky feeling SilaSkin™.

    The model with handles is a fat round cylinder that has been molded to include handles on both sides of the toy to insure a controlled grip, perfect for times when the lube gets on the outside of the toy.

    The model without handles is an octagonally shaped cylinder.

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator is very cool looking! Both models are textured with a graphic chevron pattern to allow for a better grip; giant chevrons on the handled version, smaller chevrons on each of the eight sides of the octagonal version.

    Look for the Perfect Fit Male Masturbator to be available soon on this website, meanwhile, you can scoot over to Mr. S. Leather to snap one up from the Folsom Street Fair promotion.

    Below are a few phtos of happy customer and their shiny new Perfect Fit Brand toys.

    Happy Perfect Fit Brand Fan

    Happy Perfect Fit Brand Fan

    Happy Perfect Fit Brand Fan

    Happy Perfect Fit Brand Fan

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