PFBCares: Introducing Our Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Perfect Fit Brand 2022: 89% less plastic packaging and a partnership with One Tree Planted

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Here at Perfect Fit Brand, we want you to feel just as good about buying our sex toys as you do about using them. (Well, almost as good!) To that end, we are kicking off 2022 by launching our initiatives to minimize our impact on the environment and our partnership with One Tree Planted. Below we share a few steps we've taken towards becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

New, Lighter Packaging Reduces Plastic 89%, Carboard 100%

With the goal of eliminating most of our hard plastic clamshell and carboard packaging by the end of 2022, we are replacing it with our newly designed, lightweight poly bags. By doing so, we will reduce the use of plastic in our packaging by up to 89% and eliminate entirely the use of cardboard--100%! The lighter packaging will not only reduce the need for raw materials, but decrease the size and weight of the packages, allowing for more products to be shipped using less fuel.

New XPLAY Ribbed Ring Packaging vs Old

Above: On the left, the former Ribbed Ring package. On the right, the new, lighter, XPLAY® Mixed Pack Ribbed Ring & RR Slim packaging currently in production.

The reduced packaging size allows retailers to not only reduce their shipping costs and stock more products in less space, but to also promote an environmentally conscious manufacturer to customers.

Perfect Fit Brand will be proposing 99% reduction solutions for retailers who want to participate. More details on the proposed options will be released during the Perfect Fit Brand virtual ANME/XBIZ 2022 pleasure product expo happening Jan 24-28, 2022.

For Every Perfect Fit Brand Order, One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted logo

In addition to creating more eco-friendly packaging, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to support reforestation around the globe. For every order placed on, we donate $1.00, for which One Tree Planted will plant one tree. Already, donations from Perfect Fit Brand planted 159 trees in the United Kingdom!

One Tree Planted Certificate to Perfect Fit Brand

Above: This certificate is awarded to privileged and distinguished partners (Perfect Fit Brand!) of one tree planted whose contributions have been and continue to be essential to the reforestation, conservation, and protection of endangered forests around the world.

Care For, Keep Your Sex Toys Longer, the Planet Greener

Finally, one simple way customers join us in our efforts, is preserve your toys. Clean them according to the package instructions, then store them in one of our 100% cotton XPLAY® Gear Bags. The ultra-soft and sturdy cotton storage bags are 8” x 13” in size, and available in a 1-pack or 3-Pack. This small investment will go a long way to keeping your toys safe and clean, and busy for years. 

Xplay® Ultra Soft 100% Cotton Gear Bag 8"X13" 100% Cotton 3 Pack

For more information and updates, please visit and follow Perfect Fit Brand @perfectfitbrand on Instagram and Twitter.

About Perfect Fit Brand

Established in 2011, and helmed by designer and CEO Steve Callow, the California-based Perfect Fit Brand Inc. manufactures innovative sexual health products. With proprietary materials like SilaSkin™ and PFBlend™, along with engineering teams in the US and Canada, Perfect Fit Brand™ has designed and introduced many unique sex toys to the market. We have been honored with over 40 awards and nominations to date, including an XBIZ Specialty Product/Line of the Year Award and “O” Awards Outstanding Innovation Award for our Buck-Off® Buck Angel® FTM stroker.