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  1. Elle Chase's "Curvy Girl SEX" Shows No Shame

    Elle Chase's "Curvy Girl SEX" Shows No Shame

    Seeing certified sex educator, body acceptance and pleasure advocate Elle Chase at the recent ANME Founders trade show was a good reminder to make sure you know about her terrific book, "Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life."


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    On her website, Chase states that the book "...celebrates the sexuality of curvy women everywhere and is the first book of its kind to hit the market.  Curvy/plus-sized women are constantly de-sexualized in media and advertising, leading many to feel they aren’t sexy or have the right to be sexual. Nothing could be farther from the truth! This book aims to not just dole out sex positions, but to empower everyone who identifies as curvy, large, zaftig or fat regardless of gender expression and sexual identity , to take delight in sex, sex toys, and learn more about pleasure anatomy, consent and even erotica!.  I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who considers their body to be outside society’s idea of the aspirational body type, will find this book not just liberating and empowering, but will come away with the feeling that they have permission to create and enjoy a fulfilling sex life"

    Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase

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  2. A Very Sexy Beginner's Guide to BDSM Words

    A Very Sexy Beginner's Guide to BDSM Words

    A gem plucked from the web you might have missed.

    GQ's Sophie Saint Thomas introduces the piece:

    "The vocabulary of BDSM can be intimidating to newcomers (newcummers, heh heh). What is your domme talking about when she tells you to to stop topping from the bottom and take off your Zentai suit for some CBT? What, while we're at it, is a domme? So, let’s start with the basics: “BDSM” stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism, the core pillars of kinky fun. Beyond that, there’s a whole language to describe the consensual power exchange practices that take place under the BDSM umbrella. At press time there’s still no “kink” on Duolingo, so here’s a handy glossary of some of the most common BDSM terms, from A to Z...."

    Continute reading "A Very Sexy Beginner's Guide to BDSM Words" here.



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  3. PHOTOS: Perfect Fit Brand at ANME Founders

    PHOTOS: Perfect Fit Brand at ANME Founders

    A few photos from the recent ANME (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo) last week in LA. Our booth had couches!

    Perfect Fit Brand at ANME July 2018

    The Perfect Fit Brand booth at ANME July 2018. Look closely and you'll see our newest innovations like the Fun Boy and The Bumper sex toy + some brand spanking new products that are not yet available. Zoom in and anticipate!

    Perfect Fit Brand at ANME July 2018

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow with Buck Angel (collaborator with Steve on the Buck Angel FTM Line by Perfect Fit Brand) and Ashley Manta of Dope Magazine at our booth at ANME.

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  4. 4 Cock Ring Myths...Busted!

    4 Cock Ring Myths...Busted!

    Myth #1: Cock Rings are only for guys who can’t get hard. Though a cock ring can help with ED they are also fun for any guy who likes a performance advantage. Cock Rings will make your cock feel stiffer and make your testicles sit forward a bit making them more exposed for some extra sensations! Your partner may also really enjoy the additional stimulation of pushing up against a soft cushioning ring like our Cruiser Ring.

    Cruiser Cock Rings by Perfect Fit Brand

    Above: The soft, stetch Cruiser Ring.

    Myth #2: A Cock Ring must be tight to have any effect. Nope! A tight or stretchy style cock ring may actually be uncomfortable. For most people a properly fitted cock ring will be comfortable, will not bind and will give a mild restriction. The Armour series cock rings are designed to fit your body and don’t rely on a tight fitting ring.

    Play Zone Kit Cock Rings and Cone

    Above: Our Play Zone Kit of 9 incrementally sized rings, you'll not only find your perfect fit, but find myriad ways to combine the rings for loads of fun. UK reviewer Damien explains here.

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  5. Why I Choose to Pursue the Pervier Side of Life

    Why I Choose to Pursue the Pervier Side of Life

    If you're not reading and following Karley Sciortino, do! Her smart, funny, and frank discussions about sex in all its variations and kinks is good fun.

    You can find her brilliance in her "Breathless" column for Vogue in her recently released book, "Slutever: Dispatches from a Sexually Autonomous Woman in a Post-Shame World" and Vice Video show "Slutever."

    Slutever by Karley Sciortino

    Her latest "Breathless" column, "Why I Choose to Pursue the Pervier Side of Life" for Vogue begins prominsingly and more than delivers:

    I have a weird relationship with my tailor. He’s a smiley, petite, ancient Japanese man who speaks roughly seven words of English, but unexpectedly, over the past few years, we’ve grown pretty close. Maybe even too close? He fingered me, basically. Well . . . ish. It’s complicated.

    Read the full column here.

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  6. 10 Simple Strategies For Stronger Erections

    10 Simple Strategies For Stronger Erections

    Here’s what can kill your boner—and what can save it, according to Men's Health

    Always handy with a sex advice listicle, Men's Health recently posted this practical list of 10 things to avoid/do to optimize reliable wood.

    In a, uh, nutshell:

    1. Hit the gym

    2. Put the cigarettes away

    3. But keep a pot of coffee on

    4. Get a vasectomy

    5. Stay faithful

    6. Lose your gut

    7. Take it easy when you're thrusting

    8. Skip the taxi

    9. Yawn a lot

    10. Get plenty of sleep

    Read about why these things help on Men's Health here.

    And we'll add a #11: Get a cock ring!

    We've got loads. With our new X-act Fit™ cock rings, you are guaranteed to find your perfect fit. Check out our selection here.

    Perfect Fit Brand cock rings



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  7. The New-Age Kinksters Mixing BDSM with Energy Work

    The New-Age Kinksters Mixing BDSM with Energy Work

    A great little article from subsite Broadly ("For women who know their place").

    The New-Age Kinksters Mixing BDSM with Energy Work

    BDSM often includes violent sex (whippings can leave a mark), but some kinksters are adding "energy work" to their sexual routine. Energy work harnesses the world's "energy" to heal ailments. According to many new age people, energy inhabits the world. It's often known as "manna," Ki," "qi," or "chi." Mixing energy work with BDSM gives the fetish a spiritual element...

    Read the full article here.

    Visit Broadly at



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  8. VIDEO: The Play Zone Kit by OhBoyReviews

    VIDEO: The Play Zone Kit by OhBoyReviews

    Across the pond in the UK, we have a fan in reviewer Damien Black, who has so far thoroughly reviewed a fistful of Perfect Fit Brand products, including the Stack-It Rings, Play Zone Kit, Tunnel Plug, The Boss (stroker), and the Bull Bag (scrotal toy) on his OhBoyReviews YouTube channel.

    We previously posted his review of The Boss stroker. Now we want you to see his review of our Play Zone Kit--nine incrementally sized plush touch silicone X-act Fit cockrings on an orange mini traffic cone.

    We want you to see this because not only does Damien give the Play Zone a rave review, but he also does a great job of explaining the myriad ways you can wear the nine incrementally sized rings.

    With some being not so sure as to what to do with our little conucopia of cock rings, Damien explains,

    "With there being so many rings, you can really mix up your play session. You coudl go for one of the larger ones and wrap that around your cock and balls. You could go for a smaller one and put that around your teisticles and give them a bit of a stretch and then stick one of the smaller one just around your shaft to give you a nice firm, hard erection."

    And he goes the video:

    Clearly Damien digs the Play Zone Kit, and ends the video with a enthusiastic recommendation,

    "You really are getting a lot of bang for your buck. They are really, really durable and SO much fun, because there are so many different combinations of rings you can try. So you really are getting good value for money and as always with Perfect Fit, these are really a high quality, great silicone product. I absolutely love them."

    See Damien's other Perfect Fit Brand reviews and much on on his OhBoyReviews After Dark YouTube channel, Sex Toy Reviews playlist. (His first review was of our Bull Bag, scrotal toy.)

    Damain now has an Only Fans page--"Oh Reviews"–for more explicit video reviews, often of him demoing various products. For a hint of what's in store, visit his Instagram page @ohboyreviews.



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