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  1. What Makes a Great Strap-On?

    What Makes a Great Strap-On?

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO and Inventor Steve Callow asks and answers this penetrating question

    Perfect Fit Brand was founded on invention and innovation back in 2011. The company owns 15 patents and numerous trademarks. One of our most striking products is the Zoro® line of strap-on dildos. Sleek and sexy, the Zoro®s are as easy to put on and take off as stepping into a jock-strap or pair of panties. When he set out to re-invent the strap-on, the first question our CEO and inventor Steve Callow asked himself was what makes a great strap-on? Below, he answers and share some background on this signature Perfect Fit Brand product.

    Perfect Fit Brand CEO & Inventor Steve Callow

    Above: Perfect Fit Brand CEO & Inventor, Steve Callow

    As a sex toy designer as well as sex toy manufacturer for over 11 years, I can assure you that the opinions on the qualities of the perfect strap-on are as varied as those on what makes a great car. And as with cars, all that matters is your opinion—your personal preference. But as when shopping for anything, it’s often easier to know what you don’t want vs. knowing what you want.

    So when considering what make a great strap-on, consider what makes a not-so-great strap-on. As a strap-on user and experimenter myself, I know the sex toy market is littered with sucky strap-ons–but it’s those same sub-par strap-ons that have educated me on good and bad strap-on design—what works and what definitely does not work.

    Though I can easily jot down a list of what I think are the most desirable strap-on features, what I want in a sex toy might not be what pleases or are important features to someone else. I’d be pleased; someone else might be disappointed. For example:

    • You want a strap-on with interchangeable dildos, but must sacrifice extra time assembling the harness-dildo combo and put up with a less than securely fitting harness
    • You want to be able to swap out a very large dildo for a smaller dildo, but would have to tolerate a bulky harness meant for a big dildo
    • You want to use a solid, heavier dildo because they feel more realistic, but you must risk forfeiting spontaneity because you must constantly guide and adjust the strap-on

    The Zoro® Strap-On by Perfect Fit Brand

    Above: The Zoro® by Perfect Fit Brand

    When I was developing the Zoro® product line, my two pet peeves regarding strap-ons were the amount of time it took to put them on, and the annoying need to constantly align and guide them during use. Frankly, the distraction of adjusting the harness fit, then futzing with attaching the dildo was enough to kill the moment. 

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  2. Dildos, Strap-Ons, and Pegging: An Anal History

    Dildos, Strap-Ons, and Pegging: An Anal History

    With an eye toward the launch our new 7" Zoro® strap-on, a brief history of dildos, strap-ons and pegging, from 30,000 B.C. to the present.

    Zoro by Perfect Fit Brand w/Harmanus-Uppinko

    Above: The most beautiful strap-on ever made, the Perfect Fit Brand Zoro®. Available in 5.5" and 6.5" lengths. Shop for the most comfortable Zoro strap on here.

    When author, pleasure activist, and Good Vibes staff sexologist, Dr. Carol Queen released her 1998 hetero how-to video series, “Bend Over Boyfriend: An Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Male Anal Pleasure,” she had no idea she was tapping into the buttgeist of so many boudoirs. "Who knew there was so much interest?" she said at the time. But indeed, there was (and is). The video was a best-seller and the practice of women penetrating their men with a strap-on came swaggering out of the closet.

    Dominatrix Lyra Lethe wearing a Zoro

    Above: Dominatrix Lyra Lethe wearing our Zoro®. See more photos of this on Instagram @lyralethe

    In fact, it became so much talked about that, in 2001, the term “pegging” was unofficially coined by sex and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage. A 2021 article on titled "A hole new world: An absolute beginner's guide to pegging" states:

    First of all, pegging as we know it is not actually gay. But it does have kind of gay roots. The term was suggested by a reader of Dan Savage’s Savage Love column in 2001 as a way to describe heterosexual women fucking heterosexual men in the ass. “Boy prostitutes were sometimes called peg boys because they would sit on pegs to keep their assholes open between clients, so I suggest the word ‘peg,’” wrote contributor Paris P.  

    Savage initially brushed off the term, but it stuck around in the Savage Love community and eventually made its way into mainstream usage. Now it’s used to describe basically any instance of someone of any gender penetrating someone else in the ass with a dildo. 

    Various Zoro strap-ons

    Above: The Zoro® in black, the original Zoro® in violet, and the clear Zoro® Knight. Shop them all here.

    In celebration of the success of our revolutionary one-piece, "hergonomic," molded (no o-ring!) Zoro strap-on, we invite you to take a gander at a brief history of dildos, strap-ons and the depiction of pegging in the media throughout the ages.

    Note: This article was inspired by and contains (B.C.) highlights edited from a post on U.K. sex toy retailer blog, plus a few more contemporary (A.D.) bits of our own.

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