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  1. A Hilarious interview with Gay Adult Superstar and Total Cut-Up, Rafael Alencar

    A Hilarious interview with Gay Adult Superstar and Total Cut-Up, Rafael Alencar

    You have GOT to watch this just posted absolutely hilarious interview with gay porn superstar Rafael Alencar.

    Fans know the man has a sense of humor, but you really get to see it in, um, full swing, in this interview.

    Far too often we see an insanely sexy guy, begin to fantasize, only to have it all go flaccid the second he opens his mouth and we realize he zero sense of humor. Sexy bod? Great. Sharp, silly sense of humor? Fun. But it’s the combo of the two that makes most guys swoon.

    Raphael Alencar by Joe Oppedisano

    The best photo ever taken of Raphael Alencar, by Joe Oppedisano @joeoppedisano

    Excerpted from the press release:

    Amateur, fetish and porn star clip site IWantClips Ambassador Marc MacNamara has released an exclusive interview with gay adult superstar Rafael Alencar where he officially announces his retirement from porn.

    “Rafael is at the core an amazing human being. He is a smart businessman, but what most people don't know is that he is witty, quick and funny as shit, says MacNamara. "He has experienced more of this industry than anyone I can think of,” MacNamara said. “I learn from him every time he manages to formulate a sentence. This interview really shows off who he is and what he reveals will no doubt shock people.”

    Alencar, who is known for his large manhood and acclaimed on-screen performances, announces his retirement from porn as well as discusses his career and life in a compelling interview with the acclaimed filmmaker as part of his new interview series “NSFW With Marc MacNamara.” The series is expected to grow exponentially over the years with regular interview releases.

    A post shared by Marc MacNamara (@marcmacnamara) on

    In the insightful interview, Rafael expresses he is grateful for his time in porn and the success he has achieved, but feels it is time for him to move on. 

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  2. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    The erotic, kinky, and beautiful enema art of the mysterious "Julie Delacourt"

    A fortuitous stumble down a slipperly Google path, thanks to a tip on the Twitter feed of NYC dominatix @LyraLethe, dropped us smack in the middle of a treasure trove of gourgeous, kinky, erotic art. Very FKIN (A)rt Friday!

    Erotic art by Julie Delacourt

    Meet the artist "Julie Delacourt," in quotes because it is a presumed alias, according to a post on Dangerous Minds, which may belong to Richard Hegemann—a German artist who also worked under the names A. Hegemann, A. Hegener and P. Rollmann. Hegemann. Another alias that comes up is Gaggleman.

    Erotic art by Julie Delacourt

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  3. What Are The Benefits Of Using Sex Toys With A Partner?

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Sex Toys With A Partner?

    "If I wear a cock ring and my partner responds in a way that is unexpected (like they really like it), do I question my own abilities? Well, would you question your ability to run faster and longer with a good pair of sneakers instead of bare feet?...Guys who have already gone past this hurdle actually have another set of tricks up their sleeve. They know that sex toys can add to the experience."

    Bustle Image

    That's Perfect Brand CEO Steve Callow as he drops some wisdom and reassurance to those considering bringing sex toys into their relationships in the recent article, "What Are The Benefits Of Using Sex Toys With A Partner? Women Talk About How Their Relationships Have Changed".

    Read the full article on


    #bustle #perfectfitbrand #sextoys

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  4. 7 Totally Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gay Men - Manchic

    7 Totally Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gay Men - Manchic

    Just a quick post to thank Jorge Gallegos eorge and Chel Wardell at for including our newest toy, the Perfect Fit Masturbator on his classy blog.

    Love the "vase", but, hey, that masturbator's so classy, who can blame him?

    Check out "7 Totally Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gay Men" and get shopping.

    You can pick up a Perfect Fit Masturbator at Mr. S. Leather or right here on our website.

    Happy Valenines Day!

    And thanks again to @manchic and @chelwardellphoto

    The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator w/ GripsThe Perfect Fit Male Masturbator

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  5. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    18th Century Ottoman Art depicts Boy-Beloveds in a world before "homosexuality" was a thing

    Though depctions avaiable online are rare, in the ancient or even not-so-ancient pre-Christian Muslim society of 18th century Turkey, homosexual love was no big deal.

    Two Erotic Scenes by Abdullah Bukhari

    In a fascinating article titled "What Ottoman erotica teaches us about sexual pluralism" found on,  İrvin Cemil Schick discusses how in Turkey, as well as much of the Muslim world prior to the tyranny of Christianity, no one was freaking out over homosexual sex. 

    For one thing, there was no term for "homosexuality," until 1868. Wasn't even conceptualized as odd or negative. Same sex relationships were merely viewed in pre-modern times as merely a predilection or practice. Sexual relationships where not divided by gay or straight, but by penetrated or penetrator.

    Illustration by Abdullah Bukhari

    He writes:

    "Although there is no doubt that the vocabulary extracted thus far is not exhaustive, some clear patterns have emerged. In particular, it indicates that one can speak of three genders and two sexualities. First, rather than a male/female dichotomy, sources clearly view men, women and boys as three distinct genders. Indeed, boys are not deemed ‘feminine’, nor are they mere substitutes for women; while they do share certain characteristics with them, such as the absence of facial hair, boys are clearly considered a separate gender. Furthermore, since they grow up to be men, gender is fluid and, in a sense, every adult man is ‘transgender’, having once been a boy. 

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  6. This Valentine's Day, Put a Ring On IT!

    This Valentine's Day, Put a Ring On IT!

    What better way to prove you’re serious about your lovin’ than to put a ring on it?

    The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit Brand

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so what better way to prove you’re serious about your lovin’ than to put a ring on it? A cock ring, that is!


    And if he's new to cock rings, what better gift than the cheap, cheerful and dare we say cute, Play Zone™ Kit?

    Thanks to the revolutionary new sizing system developed by Perfect Fit Brand–offering a total of 14 Xact-Fit™ rings sizes where other manufacturers offer only 3 to 5 sizes in this same range–you and your partner are sure to find your perfect size ring or rings.

    The Play Zone™ Kit includes 9 of the incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ cock rings stacked on a bright orange mini traffic cone. With so many sizes, the Play Zone Kit offers myriad ways in which to wear and enjoy ring play with a partner: wear 'em as cock rings, ball rings, shaft rings or all three and more simultaneously.

    The Xact-Fit™ rings, made of plush soft touch silicone, were designed to be flexible and firm, yet velvety—no pulled pubes to ruin the moment.

    So, if you’re looking for something new and different for your honey, huzbear or sex buddy, this Valentine's Day, try the Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand.

    The Play Zone™ Kit costs  $39.95 and is available at sex toy shops, on Amazon, and at

    The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit Brand

    The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit Brand

    The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit Brand



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  7. FKIN (A)rt Friday

    FKIN (A)rt Friday

    East Village Artist Paula C's Colonial Porn & Butterfly Pussies

    For this special edition of FKIN (A)rt Friday, Erotic Intent wants you to meet East Village artist and longtime resident Paula C.

    An avid gallery and museum goer, her interest in art began pretty much when she realized what art was, took her to art schools and international residencies and made her a fixture on the 80s and 90s Downtown New York art scene.

    Below she generously shares her humorous, tongue-in cheek, and sweetly subversive Colonial Porn series as well as several painting from her Butterly Pussy collection and talks about art and life in the now virtually nonexistent East Village of the 80s and 90s.

    The paintings are small, from about the size of a dinner plate, to about 15 - 20 inches tall.

    All paintings are by Paula C. If you share, please credit Paula and the Perfect Fit Brand Erotic Intent blog.

    Colonial Porn series by Paula C.

    Colonial Porn series by Paula C.

    When, why and from where did you move to New York City’s East Village?    

    I moved to NYC in March 1979. In 1980, I moved to the East Village, where I still live. I moved from Oyster Bay, Long Island. I moved to New York City because that’s kind of what I was taught when I went to art school in Philly. That was their main objective, to teach you that you should move to New York City and try to become a successful artist. [Laughs] Kind of a weird trip, but that’s what one of the undercurrents of our education was.  I had been coming to New York since I was a kid, so I was in love with New York City ever since I was small. I started coming on school trips when we were in grade school and as a teenager I started to come into the city and hang out and then it was just inevitable that I would move to New York.    

    Colonial Porn series by Paula C. Man With Cock

    Colonial Porn series by Paula C.

    What was it like then?    

    The early 80s were a bit rough. Tompkins Park was a tent city. There was a lot of drug dealing around the East Village. It was tons of fun though, too. Even though the neighborhood was rough, the East Village, there were lots of openings and parties, clubs and free admission, free drinks. So, the early 80s were great. They were really fun, but there were a lot of friends getting mugged, women getting raped, there was a lot of horrible shit going on, also, in that period of time. But it was affordable. You could be an artist and run around the city and go out and get in for free and go to Studio 54 and places that were cool where we went to party.   

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