What I Learned About Kink Communities at the UK's Biggest Fetish Market

If you're not already a fan and regualr reader of Karley Sciortino's Slutever blog, get into it. Witty, frank, and funny, she and her contributors cover sex on many fronts, from advice to commentary, to personal stories.

Here, on the Slutlever blog Rants, Feelings and Opinions page, contributor Rosie Solomon discusses attending the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, and what it taught her "about BDSM, consent, and the importance of finding a community of fellow freaks."

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Rosie writes:

The first time I attempted to attend the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (hereafter, the BBB) with a group of friends, we were defeated by the snows of February. The market had been rescheduled and we were in the centre of town with a whole Sunday stretching out before us. This led to a group trip around the Bullring in all-out fetish gear, attracting weird looks from the Sunday morning shoppers and a comment from a child that, in my floor length latex-and-leather coat and catsuit, I looked like a female Batman. Batman comments aside, our outfits drew much confused attention from the Birmingham public. But the month after that, when the BBB went ahead, we were not out of place at all. This is the story of my first foray into the world of kink, and of how I discovered the importance of finding your local kink community. 

My hands were clammy as I gripped my girlfriend’s...

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