Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Gives THE BUMPER™ a 9/10!

Popular UK sex-toy reviewer Cara Sutra, and her dedicated Pleasure Panel recently reviewed The Bumper™ Thrust Buffer™ by Perfect Fit Brand and gave it a whopping score of 9 on a scale of 10!

The Bumper by Perfect Fit Brand

The Bumper™ is the newest of our highly innovative, necessary and pleasure-giving sexual health aides/sex toys.

Literally providing more cushion for the pushin', The Bumper™ is the first-ever adult product that cushions deep thrusts during intercourse, providing an opportunity for more passionate sex without restraint.

Receiving Partners who express discomfort during intercourse with a partner may find pleasure in the Bumper™’s ability to make sex more enjoyable within their comfort zone. Penetrating Partners will still have the feeling of full insertion and intimate contact with their partner without having to hold back. For women, this also acts as a sexual health tool to lessen the chances of a bruised cervix. The Bumper™ is a system of two parts: The Bumper™ Thrust Buffer™ and the Donut Buffer. CEO Steve Callow explains:

Pleasure Panel reviewer Petra Pan succinctly and thoroughly explains how The Bumper™ Thrust Buffer works and shares her experience trying it out with her husband in several positions. 

In the end, Petra says, "I’d happily recommend this to people suffering from painful penetrative sex. You won’t lose any sensation in your cock, and your cock will look harder and bigger. Yes you do lose some of the length [which exactly what The Bumper is designed to do] but if it makes sex more enjoyable then it’s worth it!"

Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel rating for The Bumper™: 9/10!

Read the full Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review here.

Thanks to Cara Sutra, the Pleasure Panel and Petra Pan!

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