Q: What's the Best Way to Shave My Balls?

For those you like 'em soft and/or slick, some handy (ballsy?) advice from Men's Health UK on the shaving of the family jewels.

Q: What's The Best Way to Shave my Balls - Men's Health UK

Men's Health says:

"Should I shave my balls?" If we had a pound for every time we get asked this question we'd be able to pay off the budget deficit and have change left over to buy Chelsea. Seriously – ball shaving is a national obsession. So for all of you desperately in search of a ‘smooth set' here's my sage advice.

What’s the best way to shave my balls? 

For starters, make the whole process easier by trimming hairs back a little with the help of a body hair trimmer, beard trimmer or – if you've a steady hand, nerves of steel or a pack of Beta Blockers handy – a pair of scissors. This will make the hairs much easier to shave with your razor. Sure, the makers of electric body groomers will tell you that their products can be used on your bits but in reality nothing beats a traditional wet razor for results.

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