What’s The Difference Between Kink And Fetish?

Thanks to Dr. Dick's Sex Advice for turning us on to this great little article by UK writer, and kinktress Cara Sutra. Here from her Fetish Friday series, she offers thoughts to tuck away and spring next time a dinner party gets dull.

Cara Sutra Kink Fetish post

Cara writes:

With increasing awareness of and interest in BDSM, much of the related jargon and terms have made their way into common parlance. Two such words are ‘kink’ and ‘fetish’. They’re often used interchangeably, but as they are two different words it’s natural to wonder what the actual meanings are. What’s the difference between kink and fetish?

What Does Kink Mean?

Wikipedia describes kink in the following way. 

…And Fetish? 

Meanwhile, the Wikipedia page for fetish states: 

So, Is There A Difference Between Kink And Fetish? 

Reading the above descriptions from Wiki, and drawing on my own experience of both, I’d say there’s a distinction between kink and fetish. However, there’s also a definite overlap. You have a fetish for something, and you’re a kinky person because of that fetish. Or, you’re a kinky person with kinks who enjoys kinky activities. 

Or, you’re vanilla with no kinks, no desire to act kinkily and without any fetishes. 

At least, that’s my understanding. 

How I Understand It...

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