Have you played with ROCCO yet?

Meet ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand, the new line of sex toys designed by Perfect Fit Brand CEO and inventor Steve Callow and championed by namesake gay porn megastar Rocco Steele. 

ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand

Steve and Rocco are both deeply committed to inclusivity and maximizing the sexual health and pleasure of all gay men. The line’s motto “Think Big,” puts equal emphasis on both words. While “Think Big” is an obvious wink and homage to Rocco Steele’s famous cock, it also is a reminder that thinking is a big part of sex and sexuality.

A passionate advocate, Rocco frequently uses his platform as a porn star and personality to educate his followers on the importance of HIV awareness, gay history, aging, and a fulfilling sex life for all men in the gay community.  

"I am very excited about my partnership with Perfect Fit, " says Rocco. "I believe that together we can encourage men, young and old, to embrace their many diverse sexual interests.” 

“We, too, are very excited about our collaboration with Rocco,” adds Steve. “We admire Rocco’s likeminded commitment to keeping man-to-man sex hot, smart, fun, and frisky, regardless of age.” 

The great looking ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand line features several major innovations we know men will love. Below is a rundown of the first 5 products from ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand.  

ROCCO by Perfect Fit Clonezone Soho launch

See photos from the Clonezone UK launch here.

“The ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand is our premiere gay offering,” explains Callow. “Championed by Rocco Steele himself, with product ideas, innovations and designs by Perfect Fit, this line of products expands well beyond the categories we currently manufacture in our Perfect Fit lineup. Our initial launch features some major innovations that we believe men will love.” 

The ROCCO™ line initially consists of 5 brand new products, expanding to 25 over the next 18 months. Here is a rundown of the first five ROCCO™ products.

ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand 3-Way Wrap

The ROCCO™ 3-Way Wrap Ring - A revolutionary product, this is a cock ring, ball ring and cock and ball ring all in one. Made of our proprietary SilaSkin™ which is known for its incredibly soft, stretchy and extra strong properties, the ROCCO™ 3-Way Wrap Ring can be wrapped multiple times around your cock and balls. 

ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand Breeder

The ROCCO™ Breeder - This stunning product is Perfect Fit Brand’s first open ended sleeve. Made of SilaSkin™ the design uses the proven architecture of our Fat Boy, but uses an updated conical shape for the base and balls, features a ribbed texture, and tapers to a fat base to add to the pleasure of the receiver. 

ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand Jack Daddy

The ROCCO™ Jack Daddy - A beautifully designed masturbator with design features you won’t find anywhere else, including an innovative thumb grip and extra-large opening/tunnel, that is actually perfect for the average sized man. 

ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand Steele Hard

The ROCCO™ Steele Hard 1.4” & 1.75” Cock Ring – A big beefy cock ring, it is ultra-soft and stretchy, with a fat flat band shape that ensures comfortable restriction, while producing a steel hard erection. 

COMING SOON: The ROCCO™ Cum Clean 3” & Cum Clean 5” – Two premium anal douches, the 5” of which uses proprietary air valve technology invented by Perfect Fit Brand.

All ROCCO™ by Perfect Fit Brand products come with a 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee.

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