Big Dick Energy: Explained

Big Dick Energy: Explained What is it? Who has it? Who does not?

What a headline! If you missed this curious, funny, and elightening article by Vice writer Emily Reynolds, here's a a snippet to, um, raise your interest, and link to the full article.

Fun Boy Packer 6.5 Inch Model

Meanwhile, mind you, Perfect Fit Brand is serving some pretty serious "big dick energy" in a variety of, um, packages. from our Fat Boy cock extenders to the Zoro strap-ons, the insane Fun Boy Packer (above) and an array of cockrings, to help you radate your own "big dick energy."

Reynolds writes:

Everyone is currently talking about "big dick energy." Ariana Grande quite possibly tweeted about Pete Davidson having a ten-inch dick, someone else said he had "big dick energy," and now it’s a thing. These are the times we live in. But what, really, is it? 

For someone reading the words for the first time, it may seem confusing. But understanding BDE is actually very simple and intuitive. 

Big dick energy is not mere confidence—though, a true big dick energy-haver is usually quietly confident—nor is it overcompensating. It's a self-assurance that radiates from deep within and can be felt for miles. It's an energy that immediately shifts the dynamic of a room. It is not actively seeking out debauchery or pleasure, but having it gravitate toward you. Big dick energy, as the best sexter I know put it to me last night, is inadvertently seeing yourself in the front-facing camera on your phone and not immediately wanting to die...

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Teaser photo: A bollard that kind of looks like a big dick? Photo: VICE



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