Mainly Male interviews our CEO Steve Callow

A wee throwback from December 2018 from our buddies at Mainly Male.

UK writer and author Gareth Johnson recently interviewed Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow for his (no longer live) entertainement an lifestyle news website. (Thanks, Gareth!) The two discuss Steve as a teen inventing masturbation devices, prostate stimulation, the sex toy biz and what he thinks your first sex toy should be.

Here's the first Q&A:

What was the first sex toy you ever used?

The first toy I ever used, I made myself! I was always a very mechanically-oriented guy. I won science fair awards, and would build things all day long. After puberty, I started playing around making masturbation devices out of bicycle inner tubes and electric motors. I even made a dildo one day out dipping a dowel into melted wax — that’s how they taught me how to make candles in school! For years that dildo was in my closet!

I was 20 when I bought my first sex toy — it was at the Pink Pussy Cat in NYC, from a lady behind the counter. I was so embarrassed to be in the store. Everything was behind the counter. My eyes were wide open with fascination. Not knowing what to buy, I bought the smallest thing I saw. It was a tiny tiny butt plug — about the size of my finger. The lady kept asking me if I was sure, she said it would be too small. I bought it anyway...

Read the full interview here. (Sadly, the website is no more.)

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