"Trivial Cahoots: Sex Toy History Trivia Quiz" via Autostraddle

Carolyn Yates at Autostraddle, the wesbite for "kickass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined ladies (and their friends)" recently posted this smart, well-researched sex toy history quiz. 

She introced the quiz thusly:

"You know that sex toys have been around since before that franchise blew up in 2015, and before rabbits and Magic Wands appeared on Sex and the City, and before doctors’ offices in the 1900s. But for all that they’re a fascinating way to look at technology, gender, sexuality, culture, censorship, human connection, innovation and the pursuit of really great orgasms, sex toys and their history are often overlooked. For this quiz, I encourage you to cheat. Knowledge is power."

30,000 year old dildo

Now, hop over to Autostraddle and take the quiz here and don't miss Yate's sex toy history book recommendations at the bottom of the post.

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