Let’s Get Real About Sex Without Condoms

Gay dating app Hornet recently posted an article on their Stories blog about the work being done by HIV information organization Avert to address the stigma surrounding the choice whether or not to have condomless sex.

Hornet Stories: Let’s Get Real About Sex Without Condoms

From Hornet's Senior Health Innovation Strategist Alex Garner:

Sex without condoms is as old as creation, yet among gay men it remains a controversial topic, 40 years into the HIV epidemic. It’s refreshing that Avert, a long-standing HIV organization committed to providing quality information about HIV, has produced some terrific content around this topic.

Avert created a thought-provoking video entitled “Gay Health: Getting Real About Sex Without a Condom.” Their efforts are grounded in the belief that “If we want to promote sexual health we need to help people understand their HIV prevention options not judge their choices.” The video simply and easily breaks down the issue and encourages people to engage in conversation around the topic of sex without condoms. Check out the video below.

In addition to the video, Avert also conducted podcast interviews with writers and activists...

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