VIDEO: How to Hook Up with a Trans Guy

With over 539,000 YouTube subscribers, sexuality vlogger Arielle Scarella's weekly "Arielle" show is a big hit.

Arielle Scarella YouTube Channel

She recently welcomed superman trans activist Buck Angel to her show.

They discussed everything from how to have sex with a trans man with a vagina to gender dysphoria and the Buck Angel® Line FTM by Perfect Fit Brand.

Watch Buck and Arielle chat, laugh and play with our Buck-Off, its smaller, tighter brother, the Kiss-X and our eye-popping Fun Boy packer.

Order the Buck-Off™ Buck Angel FTM Stroker, the Kiss-X, and the Fun Boy at

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Also, Arielle recently tweeted: "Over the past year YouTube has been KILLING ads on MOST (around 79% of my videos) If you'd like to help fund my LGBT educational content, please donate to my Patreon page." Help her out. We need shows like this!

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