Legendary Sex Columnist  Comes to Perfect Fit for Cock Ring Advice

Anka Radakovitch Asks
"What’s up with the new penis rings down there?"

Legendary sex columnist Anka Radakovitch came to Perfect Fit Brand's CEO Steve Callow for some cock ring advice for a recent column on Sexpert.com. A teaser from the post is below. Read the full article here.

Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand

The Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand

Cock rings are a favorite gay boy’s sex toy, but most straight women have no idea how these things work. Where do we begin?

Since I don’t have a penis, I asked Steve Callow, founder of Arousal Rings brand, Perfect Fit, what’s up with the new penis rings down there.

“We made the Play Zone Kit so it can be fun for a couple to experiment,” he says. The cock ring, now called an “arousal ring“, can be used in many ways on a guy’s junk. “How a ring is worn depends on the ring size, your equipment and the desired effect,” he says. The silicone ring is made in 14 sizes. We define Arousal Rings as a category containing three basic types of rings: The two most common ways to wear a ring is on the shaft, often called “penis rings” and then the other is around the base of the penis and scrotum (yup it goes under the scrotum and around everything), we often call these “cock rings.”...continue reading here.  

Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit BrandThe Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand


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