The XPLAY® 6. 9 and 12 Ultra Wrap Cock Ring Pack

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We have produced over one million SilaSkin™ products. This fantastic material is our proprietary blend of TPR and silicone. These customer favorites are legendary for their fit and comfort. Use them as cock rings, ball rings or stretchers, shaft rings, or in several combinations.

  • The WORLD’S FIRST wrapping cock ring.
  • Versatile wraps with endless possibilities!
  • 3-pack includes 6”, 9”, and 12” lengths in a thick wrap.
  • Endless possibilities with up to 16 wraps.
  • SilaSkin™ material is only available from Perfect Fit.


When we introduced the world’s first Wrap Rings™ in 2019, we knew the concept would amass a loyal following. It is a high-stretch factor and long cord length makes it a unique 3-in-1 product. Use as a cock ring, ball ring/ball stretcher, shaft ring, or any combination thereof. This product can outperform any other combo product for fit and comfort. This claim is enthusiastically backed up by feedback from our first Wrap Ring series launched in 2019.

Our new Wrap Rings™ come in various cord lengths to cater to your taste. They come in two styles – a thin cord, and a thicker cord with more stretch. They have been carefully engineered to balance material characteristics, stretch factor, cord length (a big factor in the number of wraps possible), and cross-sectional diameter so they can wrap easily and provide a wide range of tensions. We have adopted simple styling to produce a versatile and attractive-looking ring.

The XPLAY® ULTRA WRAP RING SilaSkin™ Mixed Pack


We have made over a million SilaSkin™ products. This fantastic material is our proprietary blend of TPR and silicone – only available from Perfect Fit. Legendary in its silky softness, resilience, and comfort it is a customer favorite for soft cock rings and ball stretchers.

Made of our ultra-stretch SilaSkin™ material, the mixed pack contains the 6” (2-3 wraps), 9” (3-5 wraps) and 12” (4-8 wraps) Cord length rings that was designed to wrap around the penis in the most fun and creative ways. The possibilities are endless!

Made of SilaSkin a proprietary blend of TPR and Silicone developed to provide superior stretch, comfort, and durability. Safe with water-based lubes wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. Not compatible with latex.  Store separately.

Perfect Fit Brand Products are sold and intended for use strictly as adult novelty toys for entertainment. They are not intended for medical use and have not been clinically tested. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of these products. These products are Phthalate free, do not contain latex, and meet European EN71-3 toy safety standards.


The XPLAY™  6.0/9.0/12.0 MIXED 3 PACK 




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Color Black
Size Medium
Material SilaSkin