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  1. It’s National Masturbation Month!

    It’s National Masturbation Month!

    It’s May!

    It’s National Masturbation Month!

    YES darling, there is such a thing.

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  2. Peg Me Pretty

    Peg Me Pretty

    New York, NY) April 21–Ladies with an attitude, fellas that are in the mood, pegging just got a whole lot easier thanks to the revolutionary new Zoro one-piece strap-on.

    While talk about pegging* has been in vogue over the last several years–from the much discussed Broad City episode to that Ryan Reynolds scene in “Deadpool” to Ariana Grande’s new single–pulling up to the bumper for the first time has not been without its speed bumps.

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  3. Finally, the Vibrating Ball Sack You've Been Waiting For

    Finally, the Vibrating Ball Sack You've Been Waiting For

    Balls are crazy. They're always there, flopping to and fro underneath the shaft, but they exist somewhere on the periphery of our consciousness, an essential but rarely acknowledged component of the whole, much like George Harrison's role in the Beatles.

    And like Harrison's songwriting credits as a member of the Fab Four, the world of ball-specific sex toys is sparsely populated. There are plenty of masturbators and cock rings out there designed to simulate penetrative sex and get a dong harder than the SATs after three pot brownies, but the focus is always on the meat rather than the potatoes. With the exception of some ball stretchers—including this one that allows you to hang a sneaker from your sack—male sex toys are very shaft-centric.

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  4. Prostate and Pegging

    Prostate and Pegging

    We are so happy that this topic has become more acceptable to talk about. The prostate and anus are very sensual parts of the body and they deserve attention! We designed the Zoro for getting pegged, it has a perfect shape for hitting the prostate and it's smooth Silicone finish is ultra-comfortable.
    The Armour Tug Lock is one of our most popular products - it creates all kinds of sensations on the anus and the prostate while you are having sex.

    I found this article which I thought had some good discussion on the topic.

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  5. Four Cock Ring Myths

    Four Cock Ring Myths

    Myth #1: Cock Rings are only for guys who can’t get hard. Though a cock ring can help with ED they are also fun for any guy who likes a performance advantage. Cock Rings will make your cock feel stiffer and make your testicles sit forward a bit making them more exposed for some extra sensations! Your partner may also really enjoy the additional stimulation of pushing up against a soft cushioning ring like our Cruiser Ring.

    Myth #2: A Cock Ring must be tight to have any effect. Nope! A tight or stretchy style cock ring may actually be uncomfortable. For most people a properly fitted cock ring will be comfortable, will not bind and will give a mild restriction. The Armour series cock rings are designed to fit your body and don’t rely on a tight fitting ring.

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  6. Caring for your Sex Toys

    Caring for your Sex Toys

    Caring for your sex toys will help them last longer. Our SilaSkin and PF Blend materials are porous. We recommend you always clean your sex toys before and after every use. Using a Sex Toy Cleaner will not only help preserve your sex toy but most of them provide disinfecting as well.

    The Fat Boy and other SilaSkin products will also benefit from being powdered after they have dried. Using a toy powder is best, but corn starch will also work. I recommend grabbing a large zip lock, and adding just a minimal amount of the poweder, say a tablespoon, the toy and shaking it all up!

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