Product Tips & Care

Zoro by Perfect Fit Brand w/Harmanus-Uppinko

Caring for your sex toys will help them last longer.

Our SilaSkin and PF Blend materials are porous. We recommend you always clean your sex toys before and after every use. Using a Sex Toy Cleaner will not only help preserve your sex toy but most of them provide disinfecting as well.

The Fat Boy and other SilaSkin products will also benefit from being powdered after they have dried. Using a toy powder is best, but corn starch will also work. We recommend grabbing a large zip lock, and adding just a minimal amount of the poweder, say a tablespoon, the toy and shaking it all up!

Store our products separately from one another and other toys. We recommend wrapping in each toy is a soft cloth before storing. Sometimes a sock is the perfect size!

BuzzFeed posted an article we think might be helpful to our customers, however we don't recommend using a condom however, as condoms often react with products and are weakened.

Check out "13 Incredibly Useful Tips Everyone With Sex Toys Should Know" on BuzzFeed and check back here for more Product Tips & Care specific to Perfect Fit Brand products.

Cock Rings facts

All our cock ring’s sizing and dimensions are always inner diameters, but one must consider the material and design of the ring.

The XACT-Fit rings are not intended to be worn stretched and in this case choosing the correct size is very important – in fact that’s the reason they were developed. 

Cock rings made of Silaskin™ have a very flexible stretchy factor, making the inner diameters irrelevant.

The Armour series has moderate to no stretch while being worn, so sizing is provided on the package. The Armour-up has a slight stretch depending on the way it can be worn, but the Cock Armour is very size specific.