The Bumper® Sex Toy Add-on Donut Buffer Cushion

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Perfect Fit Brand™’s Bumper® is the first-ever adult product that cushions deep thrusts during intercourse, providing for more passionate sex without restraint. Receiving Partners who have previously expressed discomfort during intercourse will find pleasure in the Bumper®’s ability to make sex more enjoyable. Penetrating Partners will still enjoy full insertion and intimate contact. For women, this can also act as a sexual health tool, lessening the chance of a bruised cervix. 

The Bumper® is a two-part system that includes (1) The Bumper® Thrust Buffer™ and (1) Donut Buffer. Made to be used independently or together. The Bumper® fits around the penis and is held in place by the testicles.

  • More cushion for the pushin’... literally!
  • Shock absorbing for deep thrusting and more passionate sex.
  • Made of our proprietary SilaSkin™ material, it’s ultra-soft and comfortable.  
  • Personalize your preferred cushion with the two-part system. 
  • Try previously avoided positions with renewed confidence.

The Bumper® add-on Donut Buffer is part of the Bumper® Thrust Buffer™ line-up. Designed to work with the Bumper® to reduce penetration depth of the penis, the Donut Buffer can also be used by itself in a number of applications.

When used, as intended, as an additional cushion for the Bumper®, the Donut Buffer can be stacked to create a greater reduction in the penetrative lenght of the penis or strap-on dildo.

Made of our incredibly soft and stretchy SilaSkin™ material, a blend of TPR and Silicone, it provides a large surface area for “bumping” into your partner.

The Donut Buffer can also be used by itself over strap-ons dildos to provide cushioning and prevent bruising from contact with the the dildo-harness attachment point, or as a cushion on the shaft of silicone dildos.

One Bumper® Donut Cushion is included with the Bumper® Kit (BP-01B/C).

Available colors: SilaSkin™ Black, SilaSkin™ Clear

Clean up: Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Safety: Safe with water based lubes. This product is not compatible with latex products. Please store separately.

Perfect Fit Brand Products are sold, and intended for use strictly as adult novelty toys for entertainment. They are not intended for medical use and have not been clinically tested. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of these products.

These products are Phthalate free, do not contain latex, and meet European EN71-3 toy safety standards.

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