Regarding our Silicone/TPR blends we use in our products. We wanted to develop a material that was softer and stretchier then the softest silicones. Our intent was to develop an extender that the man felt movement and pleasure from, as extenders usually pleasure the receiver. SilaSkin and PF Blend is a mix of TPR and Silicone and it is EN-71 compliant with NO pthalates nor toxic off gases or oils.

The SilaSkin material does many things a silicone product can not do, like stretch to fit and have a noticeably soft feel. Compared to silicone, SilaSkin stretches at least 6x more. Perhaps that is why the Fat Boy has won several product of the year awards.

In terms of comparing this to silicone, it will not be as durable, the blend does make it more susceptible to interactions with other materials, as both the TPR and Silicone oils/solvents could be reactive. SilaSkin is particularly reactive to latex oils.

Many TPR, PVC, and latex products run the risk of interacting with other products, as their oils and solvents in one product can melt another product. This is common attribute across many toys in the adult novelty industry. Silicone can be reactive with other silicone products. We always recommend you store your SilaSkin and PF Blend products separately - just wrap in a pouch or cloth.

Also we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products, and if you've bought this product in the last year we will be happy to replace it. We do have significant investment in new product tooling that's 100% liquid silicone molded, however a product like the Fat Boy could never be made of silicone, it wouldn't achieve our objectives.

I hope this adds some clarifications. We consider ourselves innovators and have been nominated for over 25 awards in the last 2 years, more than any other medium sized company. Innovations such as our TPR/Silicone blend help open the door to new and fun products. We promise to keep listening to our customers and helping educate in any way we can.

Steve Callow